E-Governe Prepares Health Care Companies for Their Needs

E-Governe is a company that works to provide support to different health care companies around Brazil. They have been able to help many different companies with all of the options that they need to improve their functioning and to make things better for all of the patients that they have. When E-Governe works with a company, they are able to offer them all of their services. Each thing that E-Governe does is done so that health care companies will be able to be better for their patients and offer them the best services possible.


The support system that E-Governe creates for each of their health care clients is among the best options in the whole country of Brazil. They work to make sure that they can help people through the help that they provide to hospitals and health offices around the country. It is something that they have been able to do each time that they provide services to a new office. The ideas that E-Governe comes up with are innovative because they are made to help people who are using brand new technologies in the health care industry.


One of the best options that E-Governe offers to their clients is the option of storing and distributing pharmaceuticals. They have secure locations that are climate controlled for all of the medications that they store. Health care businesses can take advantage of each of these and that allows them the chance to make sure that they are getting what they need out of the options that they have. E-Governe’s healthcare storage options are among the best in the country and give people the assurance that their products will be protected.


The distribution aspect of E-Governe is also beneficial for health care companies. They can streamline the distribution with the stock and storage options that they have. E-Governe often sets up programs with their clients so that they can make sure that they are able to get their products as quickly as possible. E-Governe recognizes how important it is to have the right stock options and the availability of distribution for their health care clients. They want to be able to have the most efficient process possible for all of their health care clients and they know that stocking and distributing products is the easiest way to make sure that it is an option for the people who need the products.


E-Governe knows how important the health care industry is. They also know how difficult it can be for health care companies to get all of the options that they need. For this reason, they work to provide people with the specific options that they need to effectively run their health care companies. By doing this, E-Governe is able to provide their customers with everything that they need for their clients. They always work to make sure that they are supporting health care companies so that the health care companies will be able to support the citizens of Brazil with their medical support.

Renown Health, Nevada’s Top Not-for-Profit Healthcare Provider

Duane Johnson at nnbw.biz.com reports Renown Health has opened a new family practice clinic in the Summit Mall in South Reno to cater for primary care service and lab services in the area. This is Renown’s 12th primary care clinic in Reno. In a telephone interview with NNBW, Dr. McCormack, the Medical Director of Renown Health explained that the facility is intended to increase healthcare services in a more conducive and relaxed medical environment for its patients. There is the flexibility in the space for a conference room where staff can meet with patients on health care matters. The South Reno clinic has a staff of 11 and there are plans to bring a primary care physician and additional nurse practitioner in the nearest future. Renown Health is driven by the desire to provide the much needed primary care clinics in Northern Nevada for the growing population, improved economy and greater access to health insurance.

Renown Healthcare Group is a leading healthcare network in Northern Nevada and the only locally owned not-for-profit healthcare in Reno. It successfully operates a network of hospitals in Reno, private primary care doctors, urgent care centers, laboratory services, x-ray and imaging services and many other medical specialists. As a not-for-profit governed healthcare network, all earnings are reinvested into programs, people, and equipment to better serve their continuants. It also provides the local dwellers the opportunities to play various roles in the governing the group. Currently, the Group has community 150 members who serve on its boards and in other advisory capacities. Click here to know more.

Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH is the president and CEO of Renown Health Group, a healthcare network with 15 business campuses with four boards of trustees. The members of the boards provide guidance to the CEO and his team in the day-to-day operations of the group. The board members take pride in offering their time and talent to ensure the Group provides first class healthcare services for northern Nevada community.

Amazon Alexa Talks More Like Human With Pauses, Whispers, And Emotion

The digital assistant system of Amazon, Alexa is going to sound more like human with emotions, whispers, and pauses. Per the announcement from Amazon, the new skills will be added soon to enhance the total experience of the digital assistant from the online retailer. The new skills come in the form of Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and would even “bleep” out words.



The skills are handed over to the Alexa app developers, and it would help them to offer customized voice experience through their apps with better control on volume, emotion, and intonation. While Amazon allows considerable changes in modulation of the voice, there are limitations set by the firm to control the extremeness including high pitch. There are five speech standards, or SSML have been added to the system, and that includes whispers, emphasis, substitutions, expletive beeps, and prosody.



Interestingly, the U.K. and German developers got “speechcons” introduced in their market. It would help the developers to add country specific phrases into the Alexa. Earlier this year, the online retailer launched the feature for the first time in U.S. with some limited words. Now, people in U.K. may experience “Bada-bing” or “Boom” in Alexa like how U.S. customers experience “gotcha,” “ahem,” and more. Experts suggest that the new advancement in the personal assistant system can add more fun similar to how Apple transformed Siri to a more engaging platform.



It was in November 2014, Amazon unveiled the digital assistance system through its smart speaker called Amazon Echo. The retailer behemoth focused on expanding the platform and created an option for app developers to add new skills. From the primitive stage in the initial days, Alexa grew as a highly useful digital assistance system with the addition of more than 12,000 skills until the date. Apart from voice interaction and providing various updates, the platform is also beneficial to control the smart devices. Most of the electronics and home appliances manufacturers are now supporting the Alexa platform.



The big four companies in tech are in a real fight to capture the digital assistant market which is reported to touch $15.8 billion by 2021. Apple Siri can’t integrate with Android devices; Microsoft Cortana is mostly trapped into the limited Windows platform; Google Assistant is struggling with its still-primitive smart speaker system called Google Home. This gives a greater opportunity for Alexa to capture the market by adding more skills and enhancing the experience.


Aura: The Next Step Towards Complete Security

Technology is continually advancing, be it in the entertainment sector, practicality for the consumer or even in weapons and mechanism for war. This week, a company named Cognitive Systems Corporation, founded in 2014 is already shaking up the news with their fantastic new release to the market.



They are a company focused on applying cognitive sensors into technology and allow it to surpass the existing equipment that exists today, for a wide variety of themes.



They have announced their newest contribution to modern home security systems, and it surpasses any functionality that a camera or a traditional movement sensor by mixing the best of both worlds.



It’s called “Aura:” A small white box that has the cognitive power to cover an entire house and warn if any trespassers are sneaking in. The gadget utilizes a base station inside the box and another receptor that is placed somewhere else in the house, away from the Aura box.



Now, the signals that the product emits will return to it and warn if there is any significant movement detected. It can also tell you who is moving; if you remember to register their smartphone in the system.



Aura utilizes Radio Frequencies (RF), and it successfully covers an entire house. Because of how the cognitive sensors have to detect movement anywhere within the walls of the building, the RF is the best option to be utilized as it travels the entire space and returns in a matter of milliseconds.



More information on how the Aura system operates can be found on their official website, https://www.aurahome.com/, or in a news article posted by Matthew Braga, a technology reporter, at CBC News: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/technology/aura-cognitive-systems-home-security-wireless-spectrum-1.4086660.



Aura will surely define a new way to look at the Home Security market, as there is a new way to protect a space without relying on cameras and other sensors that cover a small area. Because cameras cannot be placed in the bathroom, and that made it one of the most appealing places to use to sneak into someone’s house. Aura, however, is programmed to detect even the smallest spaces inside those walls.



But not everything comes without a bit of extra refinement. Manku and Hind, leading developers of the project, laughed at how Aura still has to be better adjusted to ignore minimal movements produced by pets. However, the rotatory circulation of a fan or the weaving of the curtains, for example, is always eliminated by the system.


Felipe Montoro Jens Talks Government Partnership with BNDES

Brazil’s economic progress is making headlines again. For the past few years, Brazil’s recovering marketplace has gotten the world’s attention. Once known for its instability, the Brazilian economy has endless options that could lead to success. One of the experts sharing his opinion and explaining the effects of Brazil’s latest decision is Felipe Montoro Jens.

For much of his career, Mr. Jens has worked for Odebrecht and its many subsidiaries. Currently, he’s the CFO of Odebrecht S.A. Many of his responsibilities at Odebrecht include planning and managing the company’s treasury, corporate, and project finance divisions.

The one other company he’s worked for is Terna S.p.A. (Enel Group S.p.A.) He was responsible project development and their structured finance area. He also holds a business administration degree from Fundao Getlio Vargas, in Brazil. He also attended the American Garvin School of International Management in the U.S., where he earned a Master’s in International Management.

As with any initiative, there are ups and downs. Not every decision made the Brazilian government is perfect. They’re trying to find the right balance of regulations and restrictions. Their latest decision to make concessions by partnering with BNDES involves basic sanitation in Brazil.

By introducing private initiatives, it limits the work productivity of public sector companies. In most people’s opinion, there’s no reason for private initiatives because both forms of management can achieve better results by working in a complementary way.

Water conservation is the end goal of both management types. Private enterprise has more advanced resources than public enterprise. If the two could work together, using private enterprise’s advanced technology and public enterprise’s national network, the two could better manage the country’s water resources. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923

Lime Crime Cosmetics:Makeup For Fearless Colorful Unicorns

Looking for lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow, rouge and hair dye in loudly delicious colors like Wicked, Red Velvet, Riot, Cashmere, Pumpkin and Marshmallow? Then check out Lime Crime cosmetics. Created by the Unicorn Queen, fashion designer, model and rock & roll artist Doe Deere, this makeup line lets you make the loudest statement imaginable without ever opening your mouth. If you have the temerity to let your makeup do your talking, this brand’s for you. It offers the opportunity for a level of colorful, self-expression no other brand can match.


Doe Deere created the brand because she wanted to ensure she was seen at her rock & roll shows. Now millions of people from the four corners of the earth use it to make powerful statements of their own. Whether you’re going to a party, concert or to work, you too can wear makeup that makes you stand out in a crowd. Plus all the products in the makeup line are made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. It’s the kind of bold statement that let’s people know you’re confident in who you are and unafraid to show your inner unicorn.


While other cosmetics brands encourage you to try to blend in and please the fashion police, Lime Crime lets you be you in all your colorful glory. With the international success of the brand, Doe Deere has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams of owning their own companies and making their mark. Plus she’s always willing to give them the help, encouragement and guidance they need to make their unique brands a success. Doe Deere is now a role model for many women who believe their time has come. She’s a bold, brave modern woman that has dared to seek her fortune in the competitive world of cosmetics.


With her creation of the Lime Crime brand she’s creating a colorful future full of possibility for all women willing to defy the so-called ‘experts’ and dare to live their dreams. If you aren’t afraid to be seen, then this cosmetics line is made especially for you. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en



Susan McGalla Attributes Success At The CEO Level To Hard Work

In the business world, women like Susan McGalla are making their own mark. Like many other women, she has cracked that glass ceiling because of her hard work, tenacity and ability to overcome any challenge. She has stared down and conquered glaring inequities faced by many women in the corporate world such as sexism, unequal pay and lack of respect.


When McGalla first started out after graduating from Mount College, there were very few women in the board room. Today, not only is she proving that women can succeed in the board room, they can also successfully run their own companies. McGalla started her marketing and merchandising career at Joseph Horne Co. After an 8-year stint, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla moved through the ranks and eventually became CEO. She launched a number of initiatives to help women determined to succeed on the executive level. Wet Seal was her next stop. After a year, McGalla decided it was time to strike out on her own and accomplish her long-term goal of owning her own company.


Pittsburgh-based P3 Executive Consulting currently helps corporations achieve success in finance, personnel recruitment, location and other pertinent areas. She is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla attributes her success to hard work, passion and confidence. McGalla says no women should expect things to be served up on a silver platter. Regardless of the obstacles, women can achieve great things if she has the will and determination.


McGalla has no problem with making herself known. She says that the roadblocks that locked women out many years ago are nearly non-existent now. Thankfully, through legislation and changing attitudes, women have the ability to present themselves as formidable leaders in the corporate world. McGalla says she tries to be a positive role model for women rising up through the ranks. The opportunities are there, but women just have to assert themselves, according to Mcgalla.

Goettl Air Conditioning Believes In Second Chances

As they say, nothing is over until it is over. That has always been the belief of Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning. It has brought him a great deal of success along the way and he is proud of that fact. He is big on redemption, second chances, and getting things turned around. Not a lot of people in charge like to do that. When they see that something is not so rosy or something is tough, they would rather avoid it. They believe it is too big of a risk. That is not Ken Goodrich’s mentality. His approach is to keep at it, keep working on, and things will turn around.


By now, a lot of people are familiar with the story of Goettl Air Conditioning and how tough things were for them before Ken Goodrich took over in 2013. They were viewed in a very negative light by the public. They were losing money, employees didn’t care, and the company seemed to be on the outs. They were hanging on by a very, very thin thread. They could have easily folded. Many saw them as damaged goods. That is not how Ken Goodrich thinks, however. He looks at it and says, “Let’s get to work!”


That is exactly what he did. He went to work on fixing the company and making it better with the help of his employees. He trusts them and he also knows they are going to do a great job as well. These are genuine and authentic people. They care about the customers and their ability to enjoy good, clean air conditioning. People are very smart, and they can tell when a company is doing all they can for the customer. Goettl Air Conditioning always puts the customer first and always will put the customer first.


Norman Pattiz: The Podcast Master

Podcasts present a unique advertising and marketing platform that if effectively utilized by businesses, can significantly reduce advertising cost while increasing brand awareness. In a series of studies conducted by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne, it was established there was a significant brand-lift impact for the brands from five major national consumer brands, which used the company’s network for advertisement. The results announced by the network’s founder and chairman, Norman Pattiz, showed that podcast advertisement created awareness of some of the brands by up to 60 percent especially for grocery and automobile products and services. Impressively, the study showed that in the case of a specific casual dining restaurant, the brand awareness increased up to 76 percent.



The study, which ran on PodcastOne network for 4 to 6 six weeks in 2016, carried specific messages including brand recall and purchasing intent. It was carried out in two phases: pre-campaign and post-campaign, with the customer receptiveness of the brand messages gauged during each phase. The customers were more willing to purchase the products after the podcast advertisements on PodcastOne podcast networks, which highlighted the effectiveness of the company’s multi-tiered approach to creation of brand awareness. The research independently verified PodcastOne’s focus of using podcasts as integrated advertising platforms whose impacts extend beyond the conventional advertising platforms.



Entrepreneurial Endeavors



Norman Pattiz, the founder and current executive chairman of PodcastOne, is a master of building audiences and transforming it into a revenue generating venture. With an eye for business opportunities, his timing when he launched PodcastOne in 2013 was impeccable. With strong conviction that the time was right for podcast network to take center stage, he has transformed the company into one of the world’s largest podcast network. The network’s annual download has surpassed the 1.5 billion mark and continues to rise. The National Radio Hall of Famer founded Westwood, Inc. in 1974 and built into the leading radio network nationally. At Westwood One, he built the network’s profile winning the rights to air The Super Bowl, NFL Football and both Summer and Winter Olympics. This was in addition to the several rights it acquired from reputable media houses to air several of their contents including CNN, CBS and NBC radios channels.



In addition to founding PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz also founded PodcastOne Sales. Both of these companies have grown into leaders in podcast networking especially in the marketing and sales segment. He also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.



Career History



Norman Pattiz has a stellar career in journalism, a journey that saw him serve in the administrations of Presidents Clinton and George Bush from 2000. While serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, he oversaw the launching of U.S nonmilitary radio services broadcasting across the numerous territories in different languages including Arabic and Farsi. He has also served in various capacities in his companies and others entities.

Learn more:





The Washington Capitals and The Ghosts of Playoffs Past

The Washington Capitals have had mediocre results in the playoffs in recent years, as the team has not made a Stanley Cup Final appearance since 1998 – a year in which Washington was defeated by the Detroit Red Wings, not winning a single game in the series. The 2017 Capitals seem increasingly likely to suffer yet another post season exit, this time, like last year, at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins. After losing Game 1, Game 2 of the 2017 Eastern Conference Semifinals started out promising as the Capitals dominated puck possession and shots on goal between the two teams in the first period; Washington tallied thirty-five shot attempts to the Penguins eight, but came away from it all with zero goals. The Penguins weathered the storm and surged back to win the game by a final score of 6-2. This placing Washington in a 2-0 deficit going into Game 3 on Monday night in Pittsburgh. It is certain that if the Capitals are going to be successful and win the series against the Penguins, three main things need to happen:

  1. The Capitals must find a way to cope with the speed of the Penguins by playing physical and fighting for loose pucks along the boards.
  2. Limiting opportunities for the Penguin’s superstar Sidney Crosby is a must. Crosby finished the first game of the series with two goals and finished the second with two assists.
  3. The Capitals need more consistent play from the whole team, but especially goaltender Braden Holtby. Arguably the best goalie of last year, Holtby has struggled this year against the quick-strike offense of the Pittsburgh Penguins, giving up two inexcusable goals in the second period of last night’s contest.

While discouraged Capital’s fans may understandably assume the worst, there still is hope. One must remember that this playoff series is the best of seven games. Almost all champions have faced adversity, but somehow found a way to become victorious. It is important to believe that the Washington Capitals will be no different – this time in a good way.