21st Century Healthcare Management

Healthcare is one of the most important industries in the world. Unfortunately life throws us all a few curb balls from time to time in the form of sickness and injury. There is no way to get around it most of the times as accidents are never foreseen. Anesthesiology plays a vital role in healthcare and without it, treating extremely injured or severally ill patients would be impossible. Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the leading independent practices of anesthesiology specialization. See latest study on anesthesiology at http://www.medpagetoday.com/anesthesiology/anesthesiology/62062


This organization is also one of the largest independent practice of doctors/nurses who specialize in anesthesiology in the U.S. This Texas based organization has well over 80 physicians as well as over 130 registered nurses trained in the field. What types of medical facilities does (CAA) serves:


  • High Acuity Hospitals
  • Level 1 Trauma Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers


Another great feature of this exclusive organization is that all of it’s doctors and nurses are board certified or in the process of being board certified. This includes the areas of pediatric, cardiothoracic, obstetric anesthesiology. No stones are left unturned as this facility covers the broad area of the Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area. The billion process can be frustrating as well for patients, but (CAA’s) administrative team will support all patients/clients with the insurance carriers. All in all, Capitol Anesthesiology Association is by far the most advanced anesthesiology management team in the country today.

Visit CAA official Twitter @capanesth

Connect To Radio Stations Around The Globe With Radio Garden

A cool new internet and radio project has recently come out of Germany. Created by Golo Föllmer of Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany, Radio Garden is a project that connects people to radio stations from all over the world. It is available on the web. Just visit Radio.Garden or download the Radio Garden application for your smart phone. It is possible to enjoy the connections of Radio Garden in your car by connecting your smartphone app directly to your car’s digital system. This is of course if your car supports mobile app integration.


As soon as you access Radio Garden via your computer or over the phone a map of the world starts to appear and green dots slowly begin to populate the continents. These green dots represent radio stations found in cities and towns around the world. Scroll around the world to literally connect to radio stations as far away as Europe, Asia, Africa and all over your country wherever you may be located. The interface map can be described as a very simple version in look and feel to Google’s Earth program.


Creator of Radio Garden, Martin Föllmer says that his project helps bring distant voices from far off and isolated places such as the Faroe Islands and New Zealand closer to us. He goes on to say that it connects people and places. Radio Garden also allows people to explore broadcasting processes across the world and see what other people are listening to at any given moment. After all, aren’t we all a little curious on what people on the other side of the world are listening on their radio stations? Radio Garden makes that possible.


Radio has helped communication to cross borders and Radio Garden continues that mission by allowing people to access radio stations on a global level. If you are traveling abroad and want to reconnect with your favorite radio station, then Radio Garden is a perfect way to do that. The best part of Radio Garden is that it is free to use. Listen to some music from around the world, hear some funny languages and marvel at how interconnected and globalized the world has become now. You will be able to access both commercial, talk and college radio stations via Radio Garden.


Donald Trump Meets With Tech Leaders

Old Rivals Strike A Truce

President elect Donald Trump met with tech leaders to discuss ways to promote the American tech industry. This comes after an election in which the incoming President often bumped heads with the CEOs of many Silicon Valley companies. Trump often spoke of coercing tech companies into manufacturing their products in America and finding ways to shut down certain parts of the internet. However, it appears as if the meeting involved a sort of truce between Trump and tech leaders. The meeting ended with Trump offering the tech leaders a chance to personally call him.



The Bitter Rivalry

During the election Silicon Valley bumped heads with Trump on several key issues. Trump’s approach to internet surveillance and his opinions on the H1B visa program. Trump has stated that he wants to eliminate the H1B visa program as he believes tech companies are using it to exploit cheap labor and prevent Americans from working. His chief strategist Steve Bannon has also criticized the tech industry what he perceives is an overrepresentation of Asians amongst the leadership of Silicon Valley companies. However recent statements by big names in tech such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk may represent a shift in opinions.



A Better Outlook

The meeting between Trump and the tech leaders may represent a softening of Trump’s stances. During the meeting Trump claimed his administration will have no formal chain of command and urged tech CEOs to call him whenever they felt the need. There were some major names in tech missing from the meeting such as Twitter however. This news comes in addition to reports that he will have Elon Musk join an advisory team. Like many other tech leaders Elon Musk has criticized Trump in the past and voiced opposition to his policies. If Musk and Trump are able to work together perhaps the incoming administration can support the Silicon Valley as well.


How To Get Reliable PPC Management Service

Are you looking for a reliable search engine promotion and marketing specialist? Wondering how to go with a reliable marketing and advertising firm to deal with your advertising project?


White Shark Media is a top rated digital promotion and marketing firm that ensures online advertising and marketing services designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises.


White Shark Media has been recognized as one of the most reliable and prominent growing digital companies around. The company is absolutely committed to ascertaining their clients’ continued favorable outcome.


One of the quickest ways to generate traffic is with pay per click marketing (PPC). PPC advertising gives you the option to reach customers globally, nationally or locally. But it is imperative that you have a good understanding of how to use it before you get started. Doing trial and error will only waste your time and advertising budget. It is important to get the right guidance provided by trained PPC specialists.


Properly implemented and managed, pay per click advertising has the potential to produce a profitable return on your advertising investment. For many years, the company has been helping small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs reach their financial goals by providing them with affordable advertising solutions. Their growth derived from their reputation of engineering cost-effective marketing campaigns while rendering a first-rate customer experience.


Keyword research is one of the most fundamental aspects of designing a profitable pay per click campaign. Advertising experts are highly knowledgeable about keyword research and determining the best keywords to use in your ad campaign in order to attract the right audience for your product or service.


Running a prosperous digital marketing and advertising campaign requires dedication and innovation to attain tremendous growth in this competitive landscape, but White Shark Media is up for the challenge. With a team of highly-trained and experienced PPC advertising specialists, White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the industry.


The team at White Shark Media is well known for providing businesses with online advertising tactics and a top notch suite of proprietary advertising resources and tools. And their promotion and marketing services have really helped thousands of firms grow their firms.


One of their PPC specialists will evaluate your existing account and provide you with recommendations to immediately improve your results. Contact White Shark Media immediately to set up a consultation with one of their advertising specialists.


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Keith Mann – Founder and CEO of Dynamics Executive Search

For more than 15 years of professional experience, Keith Mann has worked in the search Executive industry. He is considered as one of the best experts in staffing, hedge fund compensation, and hiring strategy. For this reason, he decided to found the Dynamic Search Partners Company based in New York. He has worked as the director of the company where he performed duties of recruiting for the global financial companies based in the United States and other parts of the world. In 2002, he also worked to launch his Alternative Investment Practice Company. During that year, he also founded the Dynamics Executive Search when he identified that the hedge fund industry was rapidly growing as one of the fastest developing sectors in the economy.

In 2006, Keith Mann sought to have the practice expanded into an equity fund company. For this reason, he went forward to have the Dynamic Search Partners established as a search company with one of the exclusive dedication towards the alternative investment companies. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company and is responsible for the daily management of the Dynamics Search Partners Company. For the sake of hiring investment, Keith Mann assists his clients to develop internal and marketing strategies for their teams. Keith Mann is also responsible for the development of new platforms.

Keith Mann’s company works with companies in this region to develop searching solutions to professionals throughout parts of the United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. For all years, they work to fill more than three hundred clients in the world. The Dynamics Associates is the mother company of the Dynamic search Partners. For this reason, Keith Mann wanted to keep the name in a consistent manner to have their determination in high-end solution. The original idea to develop the company was conceived from alternative investment and specialization industry. Keith Mann was groomed to serve in this capacity to have the search industry work towards the development of certain specific industries in this arena. Because New York was the best area to have the company develop into solutions, he decided to have many other partners in the industry.

Creating a Better Banking Investment

Nextbank is situated in Dallas, Texas at the senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NextBank . The president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA) is Mary Pirrello in the 2016 to 2017 period. She has a lot of experience in the business of finance and banking and also has a role in leadership in different companies in her a whole career. In the year 2016 she started as the president of the company, her main activity in the company is to show direct relationships and business development for the national warehouse lending division.


Since in the year 2007 at the TMBA as the board and committee participant her contribution in the National Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) it entails the establishment of the MBA political action committee (MORPAC), additionally she was as well included in the graduation of the school of mortgage banking. In the year 2010 Mary Pirrello got the James Wooten Scholarship award from TMBA and was also declared as a Future Leader. TMBA has helped its staff equally in order to develop and advance the real estate and mortgage banking finance industry in Dallas, Texas. It has helped its members from the year 1917 and up to date.


NetBank is a commercial organization that assists its customers through concentrating on the three main key on business essentials, they contain Institutional services, Commercial Banking and Mortgage Banking. The corporate assist top and prominent organizations, well-known customers and business. These listed members are given improved financial and banking services, NextBank is entirely devoted to assisting its customers in bringing exceptional features at every chance.


Through the leadership of the company by recognized professionals with better experience, its goals are to deliver astonishing access to exclusive progressive solutions. Through mortgage, investment and commercial banking NextBank provide vibrant banking services to their clients.

Uber Receives State Order to Remove Self-Driving Cars In CA

Recently, the tech company, Uber had deployed it’s new line of self driving cars to carry passengers hither and thither about the sunny, chic, Pacific city streets. However, according to the Associated Press, Uber has been put on notice and told, or rather ordered, to cease and desist all autonomous car operations within the city by the state of California. This then begs the natural question, why? The reason for this business quashing has to do with the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Apparently, Uber had not been aware of the state’s licensing laws and had failed to obtain a permit for the use of automated, self driving cars. The Uber automated, self driving program had found its genesis in Pittsburgh around the beginning of this year. California was the next step in their plan to expand the service even further in an attempt to normalize the practice, naturally a wise business plan. For California, Uber chose to employ the Volvo XC 90 SUV for all of its transportation services.


Curiously, Uber had, prior to the state edict, released a public statement in which the company stated that it did not, in any capacity, wish to pursue the autonomous vehicular permit. This means that Uber was well aware of the fact that they required a permit but had simply decided that they were going to circumnavigate such bothersome legalities. Even after the Department of Motor Vehicles sent a message to the Uber that the company would face sever legal penalties if they did not promptly comply and obtain a permit. Uber, as previously mentioned, ignored the warning and was eventually contacted by the state government itself.


It is rather noteworthy that this is not the first time that Uber has fallen into hot water for its actions. Long before the permit incident occurred, Uber was caught via a roadside video camera illegally passing a red light stop sign. However, it was not determined whether or not the car was one of their self driving models or was piloted by a human employee. However, Uber remains quite upbeat and, one might even say, mischievously satisfied, about the whole affair. In a recent public statement Uber company adviser B. Tusk stated that Uber’s past troubles are often due to the company’s radical innovation and that things inevitably get worked out. It remains to be seen if this shall end up being the case, but one thing is certain, Uber’s future is certainly not going to be boring.

Virtual Reality: From Science Fiction to Your Living Room

The Future is Here


What was just being experimented with and considered science fiction only a decade ago has begun to slowly find its place in the modern video game and entertainment market and some business applications. Virtual Reality devices are all the rage right now, allowing users to directly interface with their games, movies, or training and testing programs for a fully interactive experience. Below, we’ll examine a few Virtual Reality products available now and give you some specs, pro, cons, and prices to help you decide the best Virtual Reality device for you.



The Best Virtual Reality Experience for You


Many different Virtual Reality devices have been launched already for use with mobile devices but Samsung’s official Samsung Gear VR is one of the best and most inexpensive on the market at only $99. Offering amazing experiences with different movies as well as a plethora of different Virtual Reality games and applications, Samsung Gear VR allows you to fully immerse yourself in your ‘virtual living room’ where you can use apps like Netflix and Hulu. For the price tag and capabilities this is a great option for Virtual Reality use on your mobile device. You can view specs, trailers, and purchase on Samsungs website at http://www.samsung.com/us/explore/gear-vr/



If you’re looking for a more immersive and professional Virtual Reality outfit then the VisionStation by Virtual Realities LLC may be more your reality. With the capability to mimic a desktop of up to 1920×1080 the VisionStation can run tasks like no other Virtual Reality device available on the modern market. The VisionStation can be used in business applications such as reviewing buildings or aerospace and automotive design as well as allowing for kicking back with full immersion in your favorite PC games or as a driving simulator. Your real world budget for a VR device better be high though as the Vision Station runs around $24,500.00 on Virtual Realites LLC’s website https://www.vrealities.com/products/featured/visionstation, though educational discounts are available.



At E3 this year Sony announced PlayStation’s own Virtual Reality Device, the PlayStation VR. This device allows for total immersion in your favorite new games and some select classics from the PlayStation Archive. Sony’s launch of the PlayStation VR marks the biggest advancement in VR use with console video gaming and has pushed other gaming companies into their own development of VR products. The PlayStation VR can be yours for around $500 and is available for order now on Sony’s website at https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/playstation-vr/.

Equities First Holding: Leading Name in Finacial Lending

Backed by some of the most successful and experienced team members, Equities First Holding is a leading name in financial lending institutions. The company provides a variety of security based lending services for small and large business groups. Encountering such tremendous success, Equities First Holding also provides lending services to individual investors.

Originally founded in 2002, the company has since risen above the ranks. Offering innovative lending solutions and investing opportunities, Equities First Holding has managed to create a buzz based on professionalism and long term relationships with both businesses and individuals. Focusing on finances, this expert company uses a variety of loaning options to help maintain and support young and old businesses and companies.

Individuals working with Equities First Lending can expect a positive investing or lending experience. This specialized company uses advanced studies of investments to dictate future placement of stocks, bonds and selctive treasuries. With the best interest of the businesses in mind, Equities First Holding is capable of reaching any mutual goal set by both parties.

Since its creation, Equities First Holding has worked tirelessly to financially assist businesses and businessman in need. Financially building a greater plan for the successful growth and expansion of each possible business.Equities First Holding offers low fixed rates and Non-Recourse Loans to all clients seeking lending assistance. Allowing the business to use finances freely and as they so choose, this private lending company works solely off the absolute best interest of the businesses. These innovative tactics have undoubtedly allowed Equities First Holding to remain a step above and beyond other lending companies. Using publicly traded shares around the globe, the company continues its growth, with over 9 total offices, a wide variety of intellectual information and research is put behind the choices made to clients working with Equities First Lending.


Amid the excitement, creative energy and, dare I say, suggestion of anxiety when planning a wedding or corporate event, magicians aren’t consistently the first thing you think about. However, magicians are becoming an ever more popular addition to wedding days and it’s no surprise when we have a look at what great value they are able to add

Having performed at so many weddings over the years, I thought I’d put together a quick record of the best 5 reasons why hiring an amazing magician for your special day is an excellent idea and, you should consider it if it hadn’t crossed your head.

After reading through, you understand why there are really so many top reviews for wedding magicians on Warble and why the demand is high. My only other advice is to reserve early to avoid disappointment!

  1. Fills the Lulls in the Schedule

Whether it’s in involving the service and evening meal while people are being photographed, or the period involving evening and the meal do, there’s bound to be some lulls in your day. Invariably, guests are standing waiting for the next element of the day to begin. This can be the perfect time to get a combination and mingle magician to go from group-to-group, entertaining your guests with brief sets of mind blowing magic. The quiet parts of the day, in this manner will become highlights.

  1. Talking Point

Magic can get your guests talking if there’s one thing for sure! It’s unavoidable you’ll to need to discuss it when you’ve seen the hopeless done in front of your eyes. This natural reaction to quality magic has many positive knock-on effects, which leads me to my subsequent stage…

  1. Adds to the Atmosphere

Personally, I love performing at weddings. Everyone is up with the magic, for a time that is great just adding to that particular feel-good vibe and party setting. Gasps of astonishment, laughter and applause are sure to ensue as your magician mingles through the area. A sure fire party newcomer.


  1. Magic Can Have It All

A great magician and mind reader will be a top all round entertainer. It won’t merely be the magic that brings you in, but the individual. Their act will most likely include aspects of priceless and humor crowd involvement, and that’s not to mention the fact the magic itself is going to be mind-blowing. The result: everyone has lots of FUN! That’s what you want to your wedding guests, right?

  1. Unique

Very few people have ever seen a magician live before. Much less right in front of their eyes. Magic’s constitutional ability to astonish means it’s definitely memorable and certainly will create a lasting impression on your own guests. It’s quite common the magic remains a talking point after the day itself – helping ensure individuals are speaking about your wedding for a long time. Now that’s the sign of a dramatic wedding!

Duncan William can offer, both, incredible magic and mind reading as well as performances at corporate events. To find out more – you can check him out here: http://www.magicduncan.co.uk