NFL good for seasoned sports bettors, novices should focus on other sports

In the world of professional sports betting, few sports see as much money flowing through the coffers as NFL football. The NFL is perhaps the most popular sport in the United States, and it’s certainly the most popular when measured by average viewership of individual games. This makes for a lucrative combination for those seasoned professionals who are capable of winning year in and year out from betting sports. But just as new entrepreneurs are well advised to pick small, low competition industries in which to start their business, the same can be said for those new to sports betting. There are a lot of reasons to love betting on the NFL, but more often than not it won’t be the best choice for a novice looking to break into sports investing as a career.

Big money means big competition

There are two main features that distinguish the NFL from all other bets you’ll find in the sports book. The first is the very low number of games. Almost all games are played on Sunday or Monday and the vast majority of those will be on Sunday. Very rarely will a team play more than one time in a week. In practice, this means there are very few contests relative to other sports like the NBA or MLB. The relative scarcity of games means that there will simply be much fewer opportunities to find incorrect NFL odds. The best pros can handle this with super-accurate models and huge bankrolls that can pick out the tiniest edges and ride out the swings that come with making those bets. A new player will not have those luxuries.

The second distinguishing feature of the NFL is the enormous attention that single games get. This is a direct consequence of fewer games running. What it means in practice is that the lines will often be much closer to accurate because so much money and so much brainpower is going into analyzing each game. For these reasons it’s far better for new sports bettors to concentrate on lower volume, higher frequency sports like NCAA basketball or MLB baseball.

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Tesla Made More Money Than The Entire U.S Oil Industry

The Little Startup That Could

Last year Tesla managed to make $22 million dollars in profit while the American oil industry suffered a massive loss of $67 billion dollars. This uptick in profits comes as the oil industry contends with the lower gas prices recent years have given. Tesla’s business model, automated manufacturing and self driving features, is proving itself over other models. This success comes despite calls to support the oil industry to spur economic growth. When Elon Musk founded Tesla he did so with the goal of bringing alternative energy into the automotive industry. It seems as if he accomplished his goal.



The Growth Of Alternative Energy

The growth of Tesla is part of a general trend favoring renewable energy in the free market. Currently there are more Americans employed by the solar industry than there are employed by the oil and natural gas industry. Initially dismissed by many as a fad solar and wind energy are on track to take over the energy market. Despite the growth of alternative industry the political landscape neglects it. Indeed many politicians argue domestic oil reserves will generate jobs and increased GDP growth. However the general trend in the oil industry is towards a loss of revenue and jobs. Last year the oil industry shed 100k jobs.



The Tesla Miracle

While other automotive manufacturers like GM are experiencing job losses Tesla continues to expand its workforce. While Tesla currently employs 18000 employees worldwide it plans to add even more workers to its roster. At the Tesla factory in Fremont there are currently 6000 employees, but the manufacturer would like to add 3000 more. Outside of these deals Tesla is making investments into other companies with a focus on alternative energy such as the Gigafactory in Nevada. The success of Tesla signals a paradigm shift in American industry. The job creators of today aren’t the oil tycoons we are used to. They are green, socially conscious, and technically gifted prodigies.



The History of OSI Group: A World Leader In The Food Industry

Servicing the retail and food service industries, OSI Group is an American holding company of meat processors. The company sells a variety of products including different meats, poultry, fish vegetables, and dough products.

OSI Group originally opened in 1909 and functioned as a family meat market. Its location was Oakwood Park, Illinois until 1917 when the company decided to expand to the meat packing industry and moved to the nearby suburb of Maywood, Illinois. Today, it is located in Aurora, Illinois.

Today, OSI Group has 65 facilities across the globe including the continents of North America, Europe, and Asia. In America alone, the company has 18 plants spread out amongst several cities and towns.

OSI Group became McDonald’s first supplier of ground beef patties in the 1950s. In the 1960s, the company became one of four companies to exclusively supply McDonald’s with beef products.

The company Glenmark was opened in 1973 by OSI Group. Here they would take specialty orders from restaurants and supplied meat to several different local grocery stores. Glenmark was sold to a separate company in 2011.

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When their ninth and tenth plants opened in China in 2013, OSI Group became one of the biggest suppliers of poultry in China. In the country, they process more than 300 million birds per year.

In 2016, OSI Group announced it bought a controlling stake of a private Dutch company that manufactures meat and other food products called Baho Foods. Baho foods has been in business for roughly 60 years and operates 18 plants throughout Europe.

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OSI Group has been featured in the Forbes List of Largest Companies twice. In 2011, the company placed 136th on the list with an annual revenue of $3 billion. Five years later in 2012, OSI ranked 58th on the list with a revenue of $6 billion.

In 2011, McDonald’s presented OSI Group with the U.S. Supplier Summit Quality Award. The award recognizes a company for its high standards in food safety and quality management. McDonald’s also announced the company was among their top sustainable suppliers of 2012.

In 2014, the American Meat Association presented OSI Group with the Tier Three Environmental Recognition Award. This award is presented to companies that go above and beyond environmental compliance by creating and implementing plant upgrades or environmental programs. They also won the Worker Safety Recognition Reward for their high level of safety performance that same year.


Managing Hair With A Simple System

Wen hair care is a conditioning cleanser which has been used by millions of people from different ethnicities. The products clean hair without stripping the strands of their natural oil. As a result, users have silky, shiny, full-bodied hair. Wen, which was created by Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN), is different from other products because it uses no sulfates which are typically used to create lather. sulfates are very harsh and cause damage to the hair shaft resulting in dryness and breakage. Sulfates also cause the hair to look dull and limp.

Wen uses all-natural ingredients instead. Popular Wen products contain ingredients like wild cherry bark, chamomile extract, rosemary extract, panthenol, and glycerin. These ingredients are used to moisturize, calm, condition, strengthen, and restore hair.

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Cleansing conditioners can be used in the place of several products such as shampoo, spray-in conditioner, and deep cleansing treatments. Besides cleansing conditioners, the Wen hair care system also comes with nourishing mousse, anti-frizz styling gel, and intensive hair care conditioners. The mousse contains botanicals to treat hair problems while maintaining control over unruly hair. The styling creme provides frizz control while providing body and moisture to hair. The intensive treatment is formulated with shea butter and sweet almond oil to create softer and more manageable hair.

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The Wen hair care system is great for people who suffer from dried out, frizzy hair. It can also be used on hair that suffers from color treatments or heat damage. Many customers have been happy with their purchase and continue to buy Wen online because it is healthier for their hair.

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Chris Burch And The Future Of Fashion And Technology

Chris Burch is someone who looks at the climate of the world. Among the things that he takes note of is the future of fashion and technology. While people may think that technology and fashion have nothing to do with each other, Chris sees how they are actually complementing each other. In fact, he is also observing how fashion and technology are growing together. He is seeing it on the runway and plenty of other areas. This goes beyond the smartwatch and other forms of what people call wearable technology. He sees the future of technology and is very sure that there is going to be a marriage of fashion and technology.


Chris Burch is also a serial entrepreneur who is experienced when it comes to starting successful businesses. He writes a blog that talks about many different topics which include technology and business. Among the pieces of advice that Chris gives in his blog are the types of things that managers and business owners can do that could actually bring about some major success in the company. As a matter of fact, Chris Burch assures people that mistakes are common and do not need to be avoided. As a matter, mistakes are how some people need to learn.


Chris Burch considers mistakes as the stepping stone to success. It also makes people easier to relate to. For one thing, no one wants to associate with someone who believes that he has never made a mistake. This prospect is rather intimidating at best. At the same time, it could bring resentment. This is why Chris Burch says that it is important for people to own their mistakes. For one thing, it shows honesty and brings out trustworthiness in an individual. As a matter of fact Chris Burch understands that a confident person is not afraid to make mistake.


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Facebook Messenger’s new Group feature

In a bid to increase privacy among groups of users accessing its site, Facebook was experimenting with a semi-anonymous social network. While the feature turned out to be a failure, the company has rolled out multiple features after the recent project. Facebook Messenger has now rooms that pop up in the Messenger’s application. The new feature is now as Rooms and has been released only to users in specific markets. Facebook made the release quite limited as a test, trying to observe if the messaging platform could encourage broader public conversations on specific topics.


Recent news and information revealed that Facebook was already experimenting with multiple Rooms on the Messengers app. Back in September, the company had a code within the Messenger app that referenced to the feature used by the firm name. The code further offered an explanation of how the rooms were set to work. The rooms work for several reasons, meant for public conversations and topics that interest several users. Each room comes with a link which can be shared by anyone on the messenger application.


The flexibility with the new feature allows users to create their rooms. Room members can perform several other functions such as invite members, set a nickname for the group, approve new members or configure notifications for the rooms. Facebook spokesperson stated that the rooms were a test, just a small section and did not comment further.


The Facebook rooms have now been increasingly launched to a wider scale of audiences in Canada and Australia. These countries are the principal places where social networking trials mainly due to their English-speaking users. According to Facebook, the feature is different from group chats as it focuses on talking about specific topics. Group chats, on the other hand, are usually joined by friends and family that users engage with frequently.


There are other Rooms set to operate as private to improve the features. These rooms allow others to join only when the administrator approves them. The rooms are going to work well for large Facebook groups connected by a common interest. It will help connect people focused on a specific interest about an individual subject. People will start sharing things they want to discuss via messaging instead of the formal structure through the Facebook Group.

Laidlaw’s Breach Of Contract In The Business Relationship With Remalda Therapeutics Corporation

In December of 2015, Remalda suffered losses following a breach of contract by their investment bank, Laidlaw & Company.

In the history of the relationship between Remalda and Laidlaw, Laidlaw was Remalda’s placement banking agent in December 2011 and May 2014 in the merger with Camp Nine Incorporation.

Remalda then agreed to increase its investors through a road show and introduction to investors, as organized by Laidlaw in April 2015.

Following a failure to deliver the services as previously agreed, Remalda sought to address the matter with Laidlaw. Laidlaw failed to organize a roadshow, and also it revealed confidential information about Remalda to a prospective investor.

On October 21st of 2015, Laidlaw filed a concern with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and in the letter revealed Remalda’s source of capital and nature of relationships with institutional investors.

In a bid to avoid the lengthy and costly court settlement procedure, Remalda’s Board of Directors arranged a meeting with its Chief Executive Officer, two recently appointed Remalda directors, Eitner, Messrs, and Ahern.

Matthew Eitner and James Ahern then proceeded to seek the right to appoint the majority of Remalda’s Board of Directors.

Without consent from Remalda, Laidlaw announced its intent to launch a proxy consent and appointment of five Remalda Board of Directors.

The announcement which was a violation of federal security laws prompted Remalda to seek a restraining order against Laidlaw.

On December 15th, 2015, the court issued a temporary restraining order against Laidlaw.

Remalda then sought to amend the complaint in the Nevada District Court in 2016. As part of its previous case files.

In a report released by Remalda to its stakeholders, Remalda assured its clients of increased and revived opportunities in the next 12 to 14 months.

Laidlaw is a brokerage and investment firm headquartered in New York. James Ahern is the Managing Partner of Laidlaw and Matthew Eitner, and James Ahern as the Chief Executive Officers.

If You Read This, You Will Understand How White Shark Media Became a Premier SMB Google Partner

As any website owner or small business owner knows, PPC, which stands for Paid Per Click and is the process of getting ads shown in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is a difficult process. Pay Per Click means that you get paid only when someone clicks on your ad. However, setting up campaigns, finding keywords that will be profitable and for which the price for each click won’t be high, and managing campaigns and analytics is a very confusing and time consuming process. That’s where White Shark Media comes into play.



White Shark Media is a PPC management service that is a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner. This partner program includes only hand-picked businesses that deal with PPC management. It is a testament to their expertise and great value to their customers. It means that they have gone through Google’s very difficult and comprehensive training and certification process.



White Shark Media gives out free assessments to any small business that needs it. They will go through all of your needs and assess what types of growth you need and which are the best PPC strategies to make it happen. To their customers, they offer phone and email support. Each customer is assigned a special rep who is in charge of making sure that the company is doing well and is assured of its future progress. There’s no getting lost for its customers, because this special rep is always at their side. In addition, each customer gets their own special Adwords account so that they can understand what is going on more clearly.



If you visit their site, you will be greeted by a chat rep from customer support. You can immediately start chatting with the rep to help you understand what sort of service you can get. The reps are alway friendly and make everything seem simple and clear.



Thousands of customers say that they have benefited greatly from White Shark Media. You can read what their customers are saying about them on their testimonials page. For example, one customer said that their own sales increased by five times since they used White Shark Media. Another customer said that they made one and a half million dollars in sales since they started using them. You can also view, on the same page, case studies on any industry and service and see how White Shark Media has improved the business of their customers.

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Can Your Smart Phone Compete With Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa’s Nikon D500?

Do your smart phone photographs suffer from “red eye?” Do your friends think that you are possessed by the Devil, when they see your selfies? Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa discusses “red eye,” smart phones and his Nikon D500.

“Devil in Your Eye”

“When the Devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal,” he might have modeled for a couple of these bad “red eye” smart phone photographs. The reason why we see “red eye” is due to light bouncing off the blood vessels in your subject’s eyes.

One solution for the “red eye” problem is to take smart phone photos, without the flash. Another solution is to move closer to the subject.

“Weak Smart Phone Flash”

Just like most of the features of your smart phone, the flash is “serviceable,” but not ideal. The Nikon D500 has a flash that is quick, allowing you to capture the moment, perfectly. Most smart phone flashes are “way too long.”

Instead of a flash, you should look for external lighting. If you love selfies, just grab a little spotlight to use as an artificial light source.

“Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa’s Nikon D500”

Taking photographs is such a fun enterprise for Figueroa. When you have a couple of minutes, it can be easy enough to shoot a “selfie,” then you can share it on Social Media.

If you want to see some great photographs using a Nikon D500, just visit Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa’s Tumblr page. Who is Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa? Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur, treasurer, director and photographer.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for youth to relate to their elders. Mr. Figueroa is a mentor to Panama children. He teaches them the right way to spend their time.

Photography is a great way to communicate across generations. Mr. Figueroa’s Tumblr page is full of great images of life. He has animals, weather and people. You might even see a deer taking a picture. That is quite cool. You will also see Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa’s Nikon D500 camera on his Tumblr page.

If you don’t want the Devil’s “red eye” showing up in all your photographs, then you might try one of the aforementioned tricks. Control the light and you can get rid of this problem. You might not be able to compete with Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa’s Nikon D500 camera, but you can still have fun.

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Lifestyle Blogger Teri Hutcheon Loves Fabletics

Teri Hutcheon of A Foodie Stays Fit has recently raved about Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand, Fabletics. As CEO and founder of Fabletics, Hudson has run the successful brand for three years, offering women a subscription-based service in which they receive a different workout outfit each month for $49.95. Lifestyle bloggers around the world have been praising the fashion brand’s unique and convenient method for providing athletic gear to enthused shoppers.


Teri was naturally drawn to Fabletics as she, herself, is a woman who likes to stay active. She signed up as a VIP member on the Fabletics website, allowing her to receive a monthly outfit for a monthly fee. Like all VIP members, Teri filled out the survey on the website which includes questions about her workout and style preferences, and then each month, she logs on to the website to see a small selection of athetlic outfits picked out for her based on her preferences. Then, she selects the one she wants, and it is sent directly to her door.


The first thing that impressed Teri about Fabletics was the quality of the products she had received. Despite the fact that the prices are incredibly reasonable compared to those of other athletic apparel brands, the high quality of materials used is instantly recognizable. She noted that the fit of the clothes is outstanding, and that the colors do not fade in the wash over time.


Teri was also very happy with the variety of styles she could choose from. While some athletic fashion brands only focus on one key item, like yoga pants or sports bras, Fabletics allows users to choose from a large array of different workout-related apparel items.


What perhaps impressed Teri most, however, is the overall value of Fabletics. For under $50 per month, users are given a full outfit containing top quality athletic apparel items. Teri noted that it is very likely she would spend the same amount for just one piece, let alone a whole outfit.


Ultimately, Teri highly recommends Fabletics to any woman out there who loves athletic apparel and is looking for a more convenient way to shop for her workout clothes. The selection is remarkably diverse, the quality of each piece is outstanding and the prices simply cannot be beat.