YouTube’s Beginning Roots

According to an article on, the YouTube may have gotten it’s roots from the television series America’s Funniest Home Videos which starred Bob Sagat. From the late 1980s to the late 1990s America’s Funniest Home Videos certainly captured the attention of the country as we all got to laugh at the many stupid human […]

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Free Windows 10 Not So Free

Microsoft announced this week that anyone who wants to upgrade to its Windows 10 operating system can do so for free for a year from the release date. Essentially, users can have any version of the OS, including pirated copies, which are popular in foreign countries, and upgrade at no additional cost. Terry Myerson for […]

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AT&T Privacy Plan Questioned

AT&T has announced that in direct competition to Google’s Fiber program, the company will offer a new high-speed Internet program called GigaPower stated The service will roll out first in Kansas City where Google has rolled out Fiber said Alexei Beltyukov. Like Fiber, it will cost $70. The problem? Users who want to opt […]

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