I Found My Best Friend In Another Country On Skout

The story that I have to tell is so unbelievable, that I keep having to repeat over and over again, because people still find it hard to believe. I found my best friend in another country, by using the Skout network. Many people think that I found a new best friend, while using Skout, but this is not true. The best friend that I found, is one that I had when I was a child, and we lost touch over the years. My best friend moved when I was in high school, and just a couple years before I graduated.

I kept in touch with my best friend, but she eventually had her number changed, and she was never able to get a hold of me again. I joined Skout as a way to find myself a date, because I wanted to have someone to bring to a wedding, which I was going to in the future. I know it was a long shot, but I figured that I would find someone interesting to take to the wedding. I used the “shake to chat” feature, which is very popular on the Skout network. The feature allows anyone to shake their mobile device, and then someone, from somewhere in the world, will show up on the screen to chat.

I was absolutely floored when a girl that looked just like my ex-best friend, popped up on the screen. We began talking, and because she looks so familiar, I asked her where she was from. She told me that she was from Norfolk, Virginia, and I was almost floored. I told her that not only was I also, from Norfolk, Virginia, but that I only lived a few miles away from the general area. We both started laughing, and as we talked some more, I came to find out that this was my best friend from childhood. This could not have happened without Skout.

We had changed so much in our facial features, that neither one of us truly recognize each other, until we came out with our stories. We both sat there and cried, and we exchanged phone information. What’s so crazy, is that my best friend is in the UK, and I completely found her by accident. She moved to the UK for a job, and now that we are talking again, I plan to visit her in the future. Our story is so amazing, that I can’t even believe it myself. Thank you Skout.

Facebook Partners With Brands For Messenger

Soon you’ll be able to chat with your favorite businesses form within Facebook Messenger. The social network launched a new feature in its chat program Messenger this week that allows you to follow your online purchases from within Facebook. Sound confusing? Let me explain.

When you make a purchase from one of the affiliated companies online, you’ll soon be able to sign up to get updates from your purchase via Messenger. If you opt in, then things will kick off with your receipt being sent to you via Messenger. Later on, you’ll also be updated when your package ships and have the opportunity to track it from directly within Facebook so you now when it’s going to arrive.

Zeca Oliveira (eleicoes2014) has learned that, in addition to updating you, the feature also works as a way for you to communicate with a business. For instance, if you purchased a shirt from a company and then decided later on you’d rather have a different color, you can message the company from within Facebook and change your order, without having to sign into the company’s website again and change it out the old fashioned way.

The service is available now via Messenger for some stores, with more expected to be added soon.

YouTube’s Beginning Roots

According to an article on reddit.com, the YouTube may have gotten it’s roots from the television series America’s Funniest Home Videos which starred Bob Sagat.

From the late 1980s to the late 1990s America’s Funniest Home Videos certainly captured the attention of the country as we all got to laugh at the many stupid human and cute baby animal moments. And from those years of watching the series, Americans and people around the world got used to filming all these silly moments. Youtube lovers like Brad Reifler wonder: Who knew this show would launch an internet culture? And though it might be difficult to prove it was the beginning of YouTube, I am sure most people could link the two in concept.

As technology has continued to evolve, kids and adults of every age and in every country have phones, ipods and other devices that allow them to capture everything. And it all seems to end up on the internet, many things hosted at the well known YouTube website. So now instead of setting up the VHS to tape Americas Funniest Home Videos, we all turn to the internet and YouTube for our entertainment, watching stupid human clips and cute, heart warming baby animals videos.

Free Windows 10 Not So Free

Microsoft announced this week that anyone who wants to upgrade to its Windows 10 operating system can do so for free for a year from the release date. Essentially, users can have any version of the OS, including pirated copies, which are popular in foreign countries, and upgrade at no additional cost. Terry Myerson for Microsoft told Reuters that the goal is to “re-engage” with the millions of Microsoft users in China and elsewhere who have pirated copies.

People at Anastasia Date (Youtube.com) have found that, while many Windows users are jumping for joy, some are extremely worried about this decision. Enterprise users will pay licensing fees. Those who want to move their OS from one computer to another or work between multiple devices may also have to pay fees to do so. Microsoft revealed last year that multi-device usage would come with fees in light of the Internet of Things. The company then issued vague statements about whether it would or would not charge these fees and there have been no updates revealing what Microsoft plans in these areas. Third-party software may also be more difficult to use with Window 10 as Microsoft focuses on its own software offerings and the software offered by its business partners.

What experts do know is that Microsoft will charge upgrade fees to Windows 7/8 users who decide to not take advantage of this offer now and instead upgrade after the free year ends.

Blackberry Developing High Security Tablet


Seeking to expand its range of secure mobile devices, BlackBerry said it will launch a high security tabletdeveloped with International Business Machines Corp and Samsung Electronics companies.

The SecuTABLET is based on the Samsung S Galaxy Tab 10.5 tablet, and will be presented by SECUsmart, a unit of BlackBerry, the 2015 CeBIT technology fair in Germany.

The device reflects the efforts of the Canadian firm to protect communications from governments and businesses, while seeking to preserve a niche market after being defeated in recent years by smartphone makers like Apple Inc.

“Security is embedded in every part of the portfolio of BlackBerry, which includes voice and data encryption,” said Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, SECUsmart GmbH CEO, in a statement about the new device.

Zeca Oliveira noted the device is being certified by the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany, adding that the new tablet uses the same security technology that SECUsmart Security Card.

“Working with IBM and Samsung, we added the last link in the chain of Red FSB. Subject to certification by agencies of the German government the SecuTABLET will have a new way to access the communications network of Blackberry that creates a more complete and secure world, “Quelle said.

Uber Testing Electric Vehicles in Chicago

Uber drivers in Chicago are getting a unique opportunity: they’re testing out electric vehicles. The 25-car fleet is made up of BYD e6 EVs from China, the result of a partnership between Uber and the Chinese automaker. Through the partnership, Uber drivers have the opportunity to “Build Your Dream” and buy or lease new vehicles from the company. It’s not entirely clear why Uber decided to go with the Chinese automaker rather than Tesla or another all-electric option in the United States.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG agrees that choosing Tesla may have been a better choice for the vehicles from a performance standpoint. Tesla’s Model S has a range of 265 miles on a single charge, while he BYD vehicles can only travel 186 before they’ll need to be plugged in. that might not be the case for long however. BYD is currently woking on building a new battery factory, wit plans to triple its battery’s capacity sooner rather than later.

In addition to the purchase and lease options, Uber drivers are also able to rent the BYD vehicles for $200 per week, an option that most drivers have seemed to opt for rather than committing to the car for the long term.

Bruce Levenson: Global Businessman and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is best known as one of the founders of United Communications Group. UCG had a humble beginning as Levenson and business partner Ed Peskowitz started the company in a storage room above a liquor store in Washington, DC, owned by Levenson’s father. Back then, in 1977, Levenson published a single newsletter called the Oil Express, which was geared toward the oil industry. Over time, UCG acquired other newsletters and have become a leading provider of a wide variety of products that support business professionals in industries such as IT, energy, healthcare, finance and banking, telecom, and others. The support includes data analysis and information tools that help the business professional in his decision making process.

Bruce Levenson is also on the Board of Directors of an IT media company, TechTarget. This company was a spin-off from UCG. TechTarget provides a network of media that helps serious buyers in the IT industry conduct their research before they make their enterprise-level decisions.

Besides business, Levenson was also known for his activities in sports. In 2004, he and Ed Peskowitz joined a group of business people to form Atlanta Spirit LLC, now Atlanta Hawks, LLC, to buy the Atlanta Hawks from Time Warner. The purchase also included the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team and Phillips Arena, but they sold the Thrashers in 2011. In 2014, Levenson also announced his intent to sell the Atlanta Hawks.

Levenson is no stranger to philanthropy. He has always been a proponent for disadvantaged youths. Since the 1980s, Levenson, along with his wife, have contributed to various initiatives that benefit disadvantaged youths. The notable programs include “I Have A Dream,” PeacePlayers, and the “Bringing The Lessons Home” program at the Holocaust Museum. The latter has special meaning for Levenson because his mother was a Holocaust survivor. This program teaches students of the inner city what the Holocaust was all about and trains them to be museum tour guides.

Levenson went one step further because he wants to ensure that the next generation has leaders in the non-profit sector. He and his wife created and funded the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management, a program at the University of Maryland. The Center has two objectives. On objective is to motivate the students at the U. of Maryland to become responsible philanthropists after they graduate. The other objective is to train students to be the future leaders in the non-profit sector.

Make North American Spine Your Choice for Spinal Health

The spine is the scaffolding that supports the body. It is also the message corridor from the brain to the rest of the body. The goal of North American Spine is to assist in maintaining good spinal health. It is the aim to see athletes and other sufferers functioning optimally when it comes to an active life.

Anyone can can suffer an injury to the spine. A wrong twist or an unexpected blow to the back can cause protruding and ruptured disks. The performance stress of athletes often results in spinal damage. Repairing those spinal injuries can be a complicated surgery, but it does not necessarily require an incision and six weeks of bed rest and recovery. North American Spine offers a variety of options including the AccuraScope analysis and treatment.

The AccuraScope is fed into the damaged area of the spine. It is effective in viewing injuries so that the doctors can make the decision of how best to treat the injuries discovered. Lasers are one tool used to remove the protruding, bulging discs and restore balance and alignment to the spine. This type of surgery has a shorter recovery time and is less invasive. It makes it quicker for an athlete to resume his normal life.

The surgical team will review CT scan or MRI and talk with the patient about relief options. The emphasis is to repair problems in the spine while causing as little damage to other tissue and muscle in the process. This is especially important for athletes.

Bulging and degenerated disks often press on nerves and limit grip and function. Athletes report restored feeling and the shortened recovery time after treatment from the spinal team. North American Spine can address grip issues created by pressure on the nerves in the spine. Athletes who have had issues walking or running are guided to a positive outcome by first having the pressure removed and then undergoing a rehabilitative course to regain core strength and stamina.

Whether a patient has a sports injury or wear and tear to the spine from heavy use North American Spine of Dallas can be relied upon to guide the patient to the best form of rehabilitation and relief. Athletes rely on the integrity of the treatment center to provide effective care with the least invasive options available. Spinal restoration is the ultimate goal of the doctors of North American Spine.

Discover the Finest Wines from the Antique Wine Company

Since 1982, The Antique Wine Company has been providing an unparalleled selection of wines to over 20,000 clients in 70 countries. So, it goes without saying that CEO Stephen Williams knows what he’s doing! When it comes to fine wines and amazing events you will find this company at the heart of it all. If you’re looking to plan an event, source rare wines, learn more about wine or plan a cellar you needn’t look further.

Though the company has a passion for antique vintage wines, they boast a product range that includes a wide selection of contemporary vintages as well. You’ll only get fine wines from AWC. Whatever your favorite type is, you’re bound to find a bountiful selection from this award winning company. Choose from red, white, sweet, sparkling, fortified, and even Whisky and Armagnac.

Success for Stephen Williams didn’t come easy. He began with a desire to provide something for people that they’d buy and enjoy. Starting with wine tastings in people’s homes, The Antique Wine Company has grown to a multi-million pound business in just over 30 years.

The company is also known for producing the most valuable bottle of white wine ever sold. The 1811 Chateau d’Yquem was sold for £75,000 to former sommelier, Christian Vanneque. It is currently on display at one of his two restaurants, but he does plan to drink it.

If you’d like to be a wine VIP, you can secure services from AWC that include supply and delivery of your choice wines to events and weddings. The Company offers professional concierge packages, expert-led masterclasses, and sommelier services as well. Vintage gift boxes will impress any client and include a personal engraved plaque with your choice bottle of wine. These and many other offerings are what the company apart and contribute to its success.

You can browse a list of upcoming events on the Antique Wine Company‘s official website. There’s no better way to get acquainted with the world’s leading wine distributor. From an annual Pinnacle Tasting and Gourmet Dinner to various meet and greets with the company CEO, you are assured a marvelous time sampling the best wines in the world and expanding your knowledge with like-minded people. Expect to be catered to in every way!

One thing is certain; if you’ve not even tried the fine wines produced by AWC you are doing yourself a disservice. Check out the latest online exclusives or browse the wine list on their official website today!