Various Types of STDs Explained

So you think you know all there is to know about STDs? Did you know some are spread without having sex? Did you know some STDs are parasites? Do you know your risk factor for contacting an STD? Read on to learn more, much like Jaime Garcia Dias did on LinkedIn.

* Skin to skin contact can pass an STD from person to person, even without having sex.
Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for an STD.
* Genital warts are pink-colored and look like tiny cauliflowers.
* Crabs are parasites which live in pubic hair and cause intense itching.
* Scabies are also another parasite that burrows under the skin and create a pimple-like rash on the skin.
* Syphilis shows up as a small, round, painless sores in the genital area. As the STD spreads, a rash will develop on the palms of hands and/or soles of feet.
* Chlamydia is a common STD that causes burning and itching in the genital area. Painful urination and smelly discharge are also hallmarks of chlamydia.
* Hepatitis B causes damage to the liver.
* HIV/AIDS shows up with bumps or sores that just won’t heal. They can be located anywhere on the body, but typically are in the head/face/mouth area.
* Chanchroid is a bacterial STD which causes puss-filled bumps to develop on the genitals. The bumps burst and create open sores.
* LGV (Lymphogranuloma Venereum) causes open sores in the genital area, fever, headache and swollen lymph glands in the groin.

Majority Of Americans Are Comfortable Voting For A Gay President

The fight for equality and acceptance is not over, but it is clear that the gay community has made great strides when it comes to winning the hearts and minds. Who people would vote for as a presidential candidate is a good litmus test for how people feel about gay people. A recent poll indicated that 61% of Americans would either enthusiastically or comfortably vote for a gay candidate compared to only 41% who felt the same way in 2006. Also interesting is the fact that the number of people who would vote for an evangelical president has risen from 41% in 2006 to 51% in 2015.

Without much more data or a more in-depth survey, it is hard to tell why these numbers have risen. Some at Beneful and even at Petco have some theories, but nothing set in stone. It is clear that people’s attitudes about gay people have risen, as support for gay marriage, gay people adopting children and gays in the military and the boy scouts have risen. It certainly a more positive step forward, but it is difficult to say what has caused the change or what it means.

It could be a sign that people are beginning to accept gay, lesbian, and transgender people for who they are, or it just might mean that Americans have started to separate people and their jobs from the rest of their beliefs, personalities, and personal attributes. Either way it is a positive step forward.

FCC Chairman Wants Subsidized Internet For The Poor

The Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communication Commission wants to see subsidized internet for the poor. The FCC already had implemented a program for subsidized landline access for the poor. With the growing use of the internet, it was only a natural step to see the same measures taken to assist the poor who do not have regular access to the world wide web. While the internet is the host medium for a number of entertainment venues, it has proven its usefulness in more efficient and needed applications including job searches, educational training, research and vocational study among others uses. It has been noted that the poor who do not have regular access to the internet are at a disadvantage with regard to the expanding opportunities which are available to those that do have access. Online universities and colleges are flourishing with online studies and classes. Additionally, individuals who are required to stay home can still earn money if they have regular internet access. There is not set time table for when a measure will be designed and put into action but many expect it to follow the policies set forward in the net neutrality polices put forth by President Obama. Many at FreedomPop ( see the measure has boosting the U.S. by helping to educate the existing U.S. work force and allowing the poor to access to potential jobs they did not have access to before.
FCC Chairman Wants Subsidized Internet For The Poor

Mozilla Introduces Firefox Sponsored Tiles

Open-source company Mozilla is battling to gain financial support by introducing Sponsored Tiles. The tiles will be displayed on new tab pages and will include images and links to sponsored advertisers.

Mozilla says that the new Sponsored Tiles will be based on a user’s browsing history. This will ensure that only highly relevant advertisements will be displayed.

User privacy would seem like a big concern but I can assure you that this isn’t the case as with other dog foods. Advertisers will only receive anonymous reports regarding their advertising campaigns. Most of the private user information will be stored in the browser and never transmitted to Mozilla.

It seems as though Mozilla is trying to ramp up their browser with a new tiles feature to try and stay relevant. Sponsored Tiles are likely to be the least popular out of all the new tile additions. Fortunately, there is a way out. You can disable Sponsored Tiles in the Firefox configuration.

At the time of writing this the only ads being displayed in the Sponsored Tiles are for Mozilla products. This will likely begin to change over time as new advertisers are acquired. It could be a few months before any relevant advertisements begin to trickle through.

Skout uses location to allow people to make connections

Online dating is growing in popularity around the world and many users are looking for the best way of making sure the connection they make is a real one. Skout makes sure the connections being made are worthwhile as the location based service makes sure each and every person making a connection is located in the same area. Despite the issues many people have with GPS and other location based services being used to create a connection through Skout are subject to the security levels of the dating app and any further revealing of the location above a general area is subject to the decisions of the Skout user.

The Skout app uses technology that is built in to the majority of cellphones and other mobile devices. Skout uses the GPS technology found in most mobile devices to make sure that when a user signs onto the service they are given a group of possible connections that are located in the same approximate area. By using the GPS technology found in mobile devices the problem of people looking outside their area for dating options is avoided and users are safe in the knowledge they have the best chance of making a dating or friendship connection that has the chance to go somewhere in the present and the future.

The use of GPS technology has made Skout one of the top dating apps in the world and in 2013 saw 500 million connections made between friends and new relationships. Skout has made sure its services are constantly evolving to create a network of individuals who are all doing the same action or taking part in the same activity. The chance to connect with another individual who is also shaking their phone is always available. Other options include the chance to meet other Skout users who are traveling with the Skout Travel app that allows users to link up with local people in the more than 100 countries the app is available in.

Personal Touches Make Anastasia Date Stand Out in Online Dating

Online dating has never been more popular and has eliminated the boundaries that used to exist in meeting a man or woman from a different country. Anastasia Date has grown one of the most important reputations in the world of online dating for providing the best services available for those who are hoping to find love with a man or woman who live and work in a different country. This service is well known throughout the world for providing some of the best options available in terms of creating a long term relationship that begins on the Internet, but then moves into the physical world to give the couple the best possible chance of having a successful life together.

Anastasia Date is named after the fabled Russian Princess Anastasia and was established by a couple who formed a loving and successful marriage when he was from the US and she from Russia. The company is well known for primarily focusing its efforts on bringing together people from North America and the countries of Russia and the Ukraine. However, the number of men in the UK and other areas of Europe who are also joining the search for love in Eastern Europe are growing by the day and offer the women of Eastern Europe more options than ever before.

Anastasia Date offers a different service to those created by other Online dating Sites, particularly in the form of the different services offered to assist the couples in achieving a successful start to their relationship. Other services simply link couples to each other and do little else to help, but Anastasia Date is different and will be involved in every aspect of the courtship and future marriage of couples who find each other. For example, a couple struggling to understand each other because of language problems can use the available translation services to help them interact and build their relationship Online. Once a relationship is moving forward, Anastasia Date will assist by providing a romantic getaway to be enjoyed by the couple to see if the spark they feel Online transfers to the physical world.

SEO: Myths Abound!

Search engine optimization is always changing in one form or another. This should not be unexpected. Long ago, the search engine giants came to the obvious realization that, if people could easily predict how SEO works, then they would be able to easily manipulate it. Actually, manipulation and dirty tricks were the norm in the SEO world until Google put down the hammer on illegal and untoward tactics.

A lot of confusion over the way SEO works today exists. Those new to SEO and, yes, even those who have been around the optimization block for some time still fall victim to SEO myths. They may assume only Pay Per Click (PPC) is viable or that SEO flat out no longer works.

Both of these assessments are flat out wrong. Sure, there are some SEO strategies that are no longer viable such as massive link spamming. PPC does work or else billions of dollars a year in revenue would not flow from its coffers. That said, PPC is not the “be all, end all” and SEO is far from irrelevant.

Anyone publishing a website or engaging in online commerce really should read up on current SEO from credible sources. Beneful understands that doing so definitely helps you stay on top of the news regarding changes in the SEO world. By staying on top of this news, you know what trends are working and what old-time tactics need to be put to pasture.

Half of Americans Surveyed Had No Clue what Cloud Computing Actually Is

Technical terms are notoriously difficult to understand. Cloud computing isn’t just technical; the name is also a little misleading. A recent survey of over 1000 men and women showed just how much Americans actually know about cloud computing.

Nearly one third of respondents in the survey thought that cloud computing was a meteorological term. Only about one in seven actually knew that it had anything to do with computers at all. Many people who took the survey even admitted to pretending to know what cloud computing is.

Mark Ahn was shocked to find that the real kicker is that over half of the people taking the survey thought that a storm could have some impact on cloud computing. I suppose this would be true if lightning were to take out a major data center. Other than that cloud computing is safe from the weather.

The lack of knowledge about cloud computing certainly isn’t keeping anyone from using it. Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. Many companies including banks, social media sites and many other applications are already in the cloud. You could be using the cloud right now and not even be aware of it at all. How scary is that?

Meet Lily

Are you more concerned with getting the perfect shot than with flying a quad copter? Then the perfect drone is here. The 10in, by 3in, 2.8lb drones flown camera, Lily, can be pulled from any wrist or backpack with its small GPS and subject tracking driven ‘watch’. All you have to do is toss the Lily into the air and the drone’s propellers kick on, flying it, no pitch or yaw to worry about. The body is completely sealed so it can fly in the snow, rain or even take off from water according to Ivan Ong on the WarriorForum. Though under water is not recommended, it is possible. Once Lily has you in its sights it can be programmed to hover in place, circle, or follow you. There’s even a mobile app to let you remotely program the drone. This 12 megapixel 1080p camera will run at $999.00, and will be shipping out next spring.

Google Makes it Even Easier to Order Takeout Online

Google is making getting food delivered even easier. The company has announced that they have partnered with sixdelivery service companies to allow for ordering directly from the Google search results page.

Google will be teaming up with Seamless and Grubhub, among other providers, to make deliveries quick and ease. Sam Tabar agrees that the concept is fairly simple. When users search for a particular restaurant, an ordering menu will be displayed, if the eatery works with one of the delivery sites that Google is partnered with. Users can then directly order from that screen, pick which delivery service they’d like to work with, and hit order. Their food will be delivered just as it would be if they had gone directly to the participating provider’s website.

The concept is still in its early stages, and Google hopes to expand the offering to more delivery service websites. Google could potentially expand the concept into more than simple food delivery. If the infrastructure works, there is little that can’t be ordered using the same system. For now, Google will be trying it out with food, and for their part in the partnership they’ll gain valuable data about users shopping, eating and online behaviors.

Seamless and Grubhub have yet to comment on the partnership.