NutriMost Takes Healthy Living To Federal Court Over Marketing Video

Weight loss company NutriMost has sued rival Healthy Living in Manhattan federal court claiming they stole a NutriMost promotional video and used it on their website. The stolen promotional video has since been removed. The weight loss company wants the court to award financial damages and ban Healthy Living from ever using the video again. NutriMost alleges Healthy Living doctored the video by removing references to NutriMost and replacing it with Can’t Lose Diet.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost is asking the court to require Healthy Living to pay several hundred thousand dollars in damages. The company is claiming Healthy Living’s actions is a brazen attempt to mislead consumers and steal customers from NutriMost. The court hasn’t ruled on the matter. NutriMost is hoping the court will force Healthy Living to stop its illegal practices. NutriMost has quickly gained a foothold in the lucrative weight loss market with its innovative, effective system that has helped a growing number of people to lose a dramatic amount of weight fast and keep it off.

The NutriMost weight loss system was created by Pittsburg native Dr. Ray Wisniewski. The system combines cutting edge science, a deep understanding of the body, and spiritual principles to help people get to and maintain their optimal weight. It works by helping people identify the imbalances in their body that led to their weight gain. The NutriMost system helps to return the body to its natural balance. This leads to the loss of excess weight, the elimination of dangerous toxins, and helps people improve users’ overall health.

The NutriMost Technology is transforming lives by providing the body with exactly what it needs to heal itself. That’s because the plan is tailored to meet the specific problems that led to each person’s weight gain. This enables them to be healthier than they have in years.

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Duda Melzer continuing the family legacy.

UPDATE – June 24th, 2016 — Duda Melzer has been CEO of RBS Group for the last three months and has implemented several key changes and new team members.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer took over the control of the family business from his nephew Nelson in 2012 after Nelson had headed the RBS group as president for two decades. Duda Melzer, the son of Mauricio’s daughter, Susana Sirotsky was born in 1972 in Port Alegre Brazil. When he was young, Duda was keen on education, and this earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidade and further advanced his studies at Harvard University where he got MBA.
This Business administration knowledge led to being the master franchisor of sweet, Way one of the top kiosks and caramelerias in Brazil and Argentina. After forming the Sweet Sweet Way, Melzer left for the BoxTop Media, New York-based contemporary media as a General Manager.
The experience gained from this company prepared Duda for a bigger job and responsibilities. He used these experience and skills to join and run his family business empire as the Director General for the Brazilian branch. Through hard work, Duda rose through the ranks to become the RBS leader as both the chairman and President. This rise makes him continue the Sirotsky family legacy of a family member heading and presiding over RBS; one of the largest and reputable Brazilian media companies.
Premised on RBS Foundation, Duda vowed to adhere to the RBS’ strategies and organizational culture and to follow the grandfather’s footsteps of continued value of the Sirotsky family. The culture that Duda promise to follow is founded by a sustainable approach to help grow the family business not just for the business alone but for other generation to come. Laying the business culture on this sustainable business approach, Duda is convinced that, the family business will get corporate advantage from his corporate leadership.


NutriMost Sues Healthy Living for Stealing Its Video

The New York Daily News reported that NutriMost is suing Healthy Living for allegedly stealing a promotional video and putting it on its own website. The video, complete with the same testimonials used by Nutrimost, including testimonials by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, D.C., the founder of NutriMost, was placed on Healthy Living’s website “” with all references to “NutriMost” changed to “Can’t Lose Diet.”

A September cease-and-desist letter from NutriMost resulted in Healthy Living changing the video to a shortened version. It was finally removed in the face of NutriMost’s suit for $300,000 for theft and loss of reputation and goodwill.

Nutrimost Wellness & Weight Loss says it has “The Most Powerful Technology for a Better Life.” The program is the creation of Ray Wisniewski, D.C., a Pennsylvania chiropractor. The program works through a method of balancing hormones, and promises typical weight loss of 25 to 45 pounds of fat in 40 days.

The secret to NutriMost’s system is NutriMost Resonant Frequency technology through a device which relays low-voltage signals. The device is passed over the skin, and fluctuations in skin resistance indicate the body’s needs. The devide has FDA510(k) clearance for measuring glavanic skin response. A scan is created that addresses the body’s organ stressors and suggests the best products to address those stresses.

The program costs approximately $2,000 and includes the scan indicating which organs will affect weight loss, which weight loss/fat loss products balancers are recommended, indicators for the detoxification formula, hormonal formula resonant frequencies, vertebral stressors, a positive belief change affirmation, and preferred foods. Also included are a 96 page manual with explanations and a food plan. Customers attend weight loss consultations and those who see Dr. Wiesnewski receive pastoral counseling for weight loss.

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Wengie Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine

The first step is to gently pre cleanse using a makeup wipe and a oil-based makeup remover. After washing off your makeup rub the oil-based cleanser into your skin then rinse it off. A cream-based cleanser may be substituted but it may not remove water-proof makeup products as well. This step can be skipped if doing the routine in the morning.

The second step is to cleanse your face with a gentle foaming cleanser. Make sure that the product foams well by placing a small amount in your hand, adding water and rubbing your hands together before applying it to your face. Rinse the cleanser off with room temperature water. Third, use an exfoliante to wash your face. If you have sensitive skin this step may be reduced to once or three times a week depending on the condition and type of skin you have.

Fourth, apply a toner using a cotton pad or your fingers. Fifth, use a skin essence.The essence may be patted onto the skin directly or spritzed on. The sixth step is to apply a sheet mask or face mask. This step does not have to be done every day. The seventh step is to use a skin serum or serums on the face. You may need to use multiple serums depending on the skin issues you wish to address. Wait at least one to two minutes for the first serum to absorb into the skin before applying the next one. You may choose to use one serum on one day and a different serum the next day to save time.

Step eight, apply creams that are targeted to different facial areas, such as eye and lip creams. This step can be skipped because many targeted creams contain the same ingredients as regular moisturizers. Ninth, apply a skin moisturizer that is formulated for either day or night. Make sure to change the type you use for the summer and winter if necessary. Tenth, use a sleeping mask to keep your skin protected overnight and retain moisture. You can alternate between using a sleeping mask or moisturizer.


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Dallas Bank Sponsors Entrepreneurship Event For Youth


Nexbank, a Dallas, Texas based financial institution is announcing a sponsorship of a major entrepreneurship event for North Texas youth. The bank will be sponsoring Lemonade Day, which will take place throughout the Dallas metro area on May 7th. During Lemonade Day, youth will be opening up lemonade stands throughout the Dallas area as a way to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Result
Nexbank is proud to sponsor the event again and hopes that local youth will take away valuable lessons in business, finance and entrepreneurship from the lemonade stands that that they will be running throughout Dallas. VP and chief executive officer of Nexbank Mr. John Holt says the event will help prepare the up and coming business leaders and entrepreneurs from the Dallas metro area. There is no better way to understand the concepts involved in running a business than to try and open up your very own business.

The lemonade stand is a simple, easy business model. However it requires financing, marketing, creativity, initiative and leadership to be successful. Getting kids involved in such an endeavor is a fun way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of business. Nexbank predicts this year’s event will be a great success.

Nexbank is a financial institution that offers a full suite of banking services including commercial banking, investment banking and mortgage banking. The bank’s commercial banking sector covers individual deposits in the form of checking accounts, saving accounts, CD’s and business accounts for small businesses. The investment banking sector deals primary with corporate clients and other financial institutions. Nexbank’s mortgage banking division is responsible for loaning out millions of dollars in home loans to people in the Dallas area.

Nexbank is currently being led by Mr. James Dondero. He is a leading hedge fund manager from the Dallas, Texas area. Under his guidance Nexbank has rapidly expanded its share of the market in the North Texas area. It has also posted strong quarterly growth rates in the past couple of years that have exceeded expectations.

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Minecraft: Education Edition – Beta Released!

After centuries of children going to school to *avoid* working at the mine, turns out the mine has a lot of great educational opportunities itself.
Okay, it’s actually “Minecraft,” the worldwide phenomenon purchased by Microsoft in 2014. That purchase was questioned by many at the time and in the years since, yet it would seem that in addition to special versions of the game on the Xbox consoles, Microsoft is looking to expand its utility into schools.
With “Minecraft: Education Edition” now in beta, we can start to see how that approach is playing out.
Already, Minecraft allows players to create extraordinary things from humble blocks. The videogame systems driving those blocks have expanded in scope and complexity at an astounding rate, with efforts from millions of players continuing to wow the internet weekly.
In “Minecraft: Education Edition,” Microsoft seems intent on shaping the experience into something that can be organized and lead by a teacher. All while maintaining the freedom of exploration and creation which has not only made the game so popular, but which represents some of the newest, most-successful education strategies.
With a large multiplayer space and diverse tools for conveying history, math, science, music, and arts, the only question will be how many teachers will learn to use it, and how much support Microsoft will be devoting to helping them. Right now, the virtual playground *seems* capable of endless opportunities. Microsoft, for its part, just implemented chalkboards and characters which will present text written by the teacher, alongside several other tools for formulating the student experience.
Only time will tell if this experiment works, but it’s heartening to see it being attempted at all.
You can check out the beta here.

Twitter Offers New Research Service

Twitter has exploded into one of the largest social media outlets in the world, and their service has seen huge popularity world-wide. The platform is based on small messages of 140 characters or less, which can be sent via mobile or online. Major brands now use Twitter to promote their products and interact with consumers. Some social media sleuths use Twitter and other social media platforms to better understand customer interests. However, Twitter is now offering this service as part of their plan to increase revenue.

Twitter has dubbed the new program Twitter Insiders which they are branding as a way for advertisers to talk with 12,000 users to better understand the market. Each of these users provides information about their age, race, nationality, income and other variables. These detailed breakdowns allow advertisers to reach out to targeted audiences and test small-scale campaigns before scaling up and going global. This strategy allows companies to test various ideas without spending tons of money on ideas that flop. While the users are not being compensated for their time providing this information, they are given gift cards which can be used to purchase various electronics.

These changes come at a crucial moment for Twitter, as their stock has fallen by a third since their IPO. As such, Twitter is desperate to find new ways to raise their revenues, and ultimately their stock prices.

Silicon Valley is Buying up all of the High Art

Silicon Valley is known for many things, and modesty is certainly not one of them. With the huge explosion of technology startups and obscene wealth flowing around the area, the newly rich residents are looking for expensive art pieces for investment and of course prestige. However, there is a new wrinkle in this old tale: the vast majority of sales are being done online. Perhaps this is a natural evolution for artwork in the digital age, as Silicon Valley is renowned for recreating everything in the digital space. All of this money was made through online and mobile applications, so naturally they are looking to spend their money online.

This article outlines some interesting statistics among the art buyers of Silicon Valley and the bay area. The mid-range market for artworks (between $100-5000) is seeing massive growth, and online galleries have replaced brick and mortar locations. This is also due to the tech bubble driving up rent and housing prices in the region to astronomical levels. Galleries can’t pay their bills, so they start selling online. The average Silicon Valley art purchaser will be between 40 and 60 years old, highly educated with a high income, and more likely to make a purchase from their desktop computers. There is also an interesting generational component at play, as younger buyers are more likely to see the art piece as an investment, as well as a thing of intrinsic value. Whatever the case, art sales are growing in the region.

Snapchat’s Discover and Stories Get a New Makeover

Snapchat is an extremely popular mobile messaging app that is used to share photos, videos, and text messages. It is also used to share drawings. Millions of people around the globe use this amazing app daily.

It has been announced that Snapchat’s Discover and Stories page is getting a complete makeover. The new page features squares instead of circles. Snapchat users were comfortable with seeing the icon for Vice or BuzzFeed, but they will now have to get used to seeing the image and headline associated with the story. The image and headline will give you a preview of what’s inside. This new feature will help people find stories that appeal to their interest. For example, you may not know that Tastemade features exclusive food videos, but you will be able to figure it out with the aid of the new breakfast image.

Snapchat users will now be able to subscribe to the Discover stories that are related to their interests, and unsubscribe from the stories that do not appeal to them. This is great news for users who were frustrated with being bombarded with stories they weren’t interested in reading. Unfortunately, this may be bad news for publications that are trying to establish a relationship with prospects in their targeted market. Publishers relied on the Discover page to reach people who may not normally follow their brand of content.

Snapchat continues to make moves to please their subscribers. Only time will tell if their latest move will become a smashing success.

The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard For Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you may have a difficult time finding the right products to suit the temperamental nature of your hair. Typically, a product with rich moisturizing elements is something to be avoided sense, often the moisturizing ingredients can leave your hair feeling weighed down. If this has been your experience, then you owe it to yourself to try out a great cleansing conditioner like Wen by Chaz. the natural ingredients in this product leave your hair voluminous, while, not stripping your hair of its natural oils.

The cleansing conditioner offered by WEN hair by Chaz is one of the best products on the sephora beauty market. It is able to replace your current shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. After only three short weeks of use many users are very impressed with the results, and cannot imagine their lives without such a wonderful product to help them start their days. This product is especially well formulated for those who want to style their hair daily. It provides both the styling, and conditioning needs to keep your hair healthy.

QVC advertised Wen hair as a miraculous five in one cleansing conditioner has been used around the world to provide the average person with salon results on a daily basis. This product gives you the power to have control over your hair, and how it responds to the elements. By taking a proactive approach to hair care you will find that the smooth, manageable, thick, and refreshed feeling you get after using Wen hair by Chaz is completely deserved. It’s like having a personal stylist to guide your daily hair care routine. By simplifying your routine, you will find it much easier to be consistent with your hair so, you can achieve the hair of your dreams every day. Be a Wen Hair Facebook fan!

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