The Midas Legacy Teaches You How To Take Control Of Your Life

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There are services for individuals who want to know how to better invest their money. There’s up-to-date information on the stock market for those who are interested in stocks and bonds and want to get started with trading and investing. Small business owners who want to know how to make their businesses grow can also benefit from the seminars and training sessions The Midas Legacy provides. There are business blueprints and inspiring stories from other professionals who have used the tips and pointers from The Midas Legacy to create wealth for themselves and their families. The company is also equipped to help those who are preparing for retirement. There are classes for learning how to save for retirement, as well as tips for how to save and spend money during retirement.

Those who simply want to know how to live a better life and have peace of mind will find that The Midas Legacy has a lot to offer as well. There are classes that explore the way that people view money and careers, as well as seminars that will help people change their mindsets about the challenges they face in life. Natural health experts are also on hand to show Midas Legacy students how to use herbal remedies to cure minor and major ailments. From arthritis to anxiety and everything in between, there’s a natural remedy that may prove more effective than traditional medicine, without the side effects.

When customers become Midas Legacy members, they receive The Midas Code book free of charge. The book contains advice from top investors and entrepreneurs and has priceless information that will show consumers how to build wealth in real time.

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Fine Dining Spaces Of New York City And The Tarallucci e Vino

When a person dines out, they expect that they are going to have a great time. They look forward to enjoying the food, the waiters/waitresses, the music, the decor, everything. It all comes down to the choice of the customer on where they end up dining, whether it be somewhere that they will want to go again to, or a place that they will never want to do business with again. The atmosphere of a restaurant can make or break a customer’s experience at the establishment. The Gramercy Tavern and Charlie Bird are places that will make you want to come back again.

The Gramercy Tavern

The Gramercy Tavern, located in the Gramercy and Murray Hill neighborhoods of New York City, is a restaurant that has been running for over 20 years, and provides lunch, dinner, and even late night dinner options for those who are free to dine then. Started by Union Square Hospitality Group’s Executive Leader Daniel Meyer, the restaurant has been continuously packed since its opening. Meyer was born on the 14th of March in the year of 1958 and has opened several restaurants in the Manhattan area since the opening of his first restaurant that he named Union Square Cafe in the year of 1985.

Gramercy Tavern’s food is a combination of local and well known American dishes that people of all ages can enjoy. Of course, since they also serve as a tavern, only customers of age can indulge in their alcoholic beverages. They offer a variety of appetizers, cheeses, cocktails, beers, and even an entire menu for coffee and tea, as well as a wide variety of wines. With such a huge selection on their menu, it is no wonder why this restaurant always has plenty of business.

Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird is also found in New York City. Located in the Soho region of the city, they provide Italian/American dishes in a new way, cooking for the citizens of Manhattan in a way that not every restaurant can achieve. They use local ingredients, all originating in New York, and their food is a way that they celebrate the life that they have been given. They are quite an artistic establishment, and decorate their dining area with old-school prints that are known as boombox prints. They also are a fan of rap music, as many famous rap artists such as Jay-Z and Snoop Dog can be heard blasting from the speakers at all times of the day.

Tarallucci e Vino

The Tarallucci e Vino is another fine dining space in New York City, but this time, has a twist. This dining location is a private space, for customers can pay to rent out one of the two private spaces and enjoy personally cooked meals from Chef Riccardo Bilotta, who has been cooking in the New York City area for over 10 years. Bilotta has experience managing quite a large staff, successfully managing over 14 people at Tarallucci e Vino. He excels in Italian food and providing a great time for those who pay to spend time enjoying his cuisine.


The Biggest News Story in Social Media This Week

If you missed the latest news in tech, Newsbeat on BBC is a great way to stay in touch. Two days ago, Newsbeat reported breaking news that Snapchat had developed “Memories,” a new update that will give user the ability to use old photos and videos. The update, which builds on current app capabilities that can only hold onto pictures for 24 hours, will potentially have a huge impact on the app that 150 million people use every day.

This app will give people the ability to sift through old photos and combine them into albums that they can share with their friends and family on special occasions in a way that Snapchat was not originally envisioned to. Until now, users have had to save their photos onto their own phones and be willing to take up personal storage space in their phones. They’ve also had to screenshot photos sent to them from friends, which can sometimes be less than desirable when you have that white countdown in the corner of all of those photos.

The new update will be released over the next month, but Snapchat said the app will be released selectively. Hopefully, Snapchat looks at numbers and chooses to send this update to the people who use the app the most regardless of who they are instead of limiting the app’s update release to well-known and wealthy Snapchat users.

Only time will tell, but Snapchat’s “Memories” is definitely the biggest news story in social media this week.

Greatness in Tech

Yesterday, Business Insider released its “Silicon Valley 100” list, a collection of the most powerful, collaborative forces featuring the largest and newest names in the industry. We all read this, but we often don’t talk about the kind of impact achievement and influence like this can have on motivating an entire generation of tech start ups and elementary schoolers taking coding and computer science classes for the first time.

It’s nice to be recognized for the work you do, but ending up on the Silicon Valley 100 list isn’t just about vanity. It’s a statement that what you’re doing is so special and so valuable to the interests of technology that the entire world needs to know who you are. These are people managing massive juggernauts and rapidly growing startups. This list means that you’re making it more than almost anyone you could possibly know.

For those of us who are passionate about the work we’re doing in tech, from investing to development and beyond, being recognized for our work makes us feel good, but it could also be the difference between thousands and thousands of dollars in valuation and profits, so getting on this list is a veritable golden ticket.

I know I want to make it easy for every child in America to have a computer, which is an obvious tech goal, but I also want to use tech to connect poor people to fresh food sources, a more complex goal.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on the Silicon Valley 100 someday.

Good News in the UK For International Development and Tech

It turns out that there is good news from the U.K. The U.K. has committed 100 million pounds to help nearly 175,000 of the poorest girls in the world get an education and have some access to technology as well. This money will mostly be spend in Africa, with some funds going to Asia and the Middle East.

This is great news. Sometimes, I think it would be great if the entire world could learn to start finding other ways to satisfy its obsession with technology, the internet, and hyper-connectivity. However, I realize that the rest of the world does not think that way and technology is becoming an increasingly singular way for the world to engage in trade, communication, research and development, and security management. If we want the poorest countries to be able to grow their economies and provide for a stable, healthy future for themselves, we have to be willing to invest in them the technology they need to compete with the entire world and at least have some semblance of the life we hope for our own children.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re in the top of half of wealthiest individuals in the entire world, believe it or not. That’s the case whether you’re reading this in a mansion or a farmhouse. Those of us in countries that have benefited from technology this far have some moral obligation to ensure that other countries can join us in benefiting from technology in the future.

PayPal’s Newest Struggle with Apple and Google

PayPal is making new moves in the tech field of electronic payment systems. PayPal’s 2013 acquisition of Braintree gave it access to some of the newest technology in the field used by massive companies like Uber and Airbnb. This promises to be a new source of growth and market share for PayPal in the field of payment collections.

Being able to buy things online is great, especially if you’re in college and don’t have a car to get to a big box retailer like Target or Kmart, take care of someone and don’t often have the time to go to the store, or just want to lay in bed or enjoy a day doing something other than going to a store, getting stuck in long lines, and dealing with parking. Online commerce is a continually growing section of the economy, and the tech that must be strong enough to support that massive infrastructure is growing and changing as well.

For years, PayPal had fallen by the wayside alongside other tech companies like Yahoo!. It fell into the trap of industry leader that never changed to meet the changing times, but it got out, and Braintree is helping it do that. It’s a fruitful business partnership, and a 300% growth rate in payment volume for Braintree in one year can speak to that. Let’s see what the continued growth and change of this industry means for consumers.

Don’t Soak Your Samsung S7 Active, Consumer Reports Says

Consumer Reports is disputing Samsung’s claim that one of its S7 phones is water resistant.

Samsung advertises its S7 Active as being water resistant, able to survive for a half-hour in up to five feet of water. In its commercials, rapper Lil Wayne is seen pouring champagne over the phone and dropping it into a fish tank.

Consumer Reports, after recent testing, doesn’t agree.

The organization, known for its testing of a variety of name-brand products, does not recommend the Active. Maria Rerecich, Consumer Reports’ director of electronics testing, said that Samsung’s advertising is usually “fairly good” and was surprised that the Active failed its water-resistance test. She noted that only two phones were tested and both failed, with bubbles seen on the camera lenses.

Samsung promised users that it would look into the review. “The Samsung Galaxy S7 active device is one of the most rugged phones to date and is highly resistant to scratches and IP68 certified,” the company said in a written statement. “There may be an off-chance that a defective device is not as watertight as it should be.”

Consumer Reports noted that its other S7 phones, the Galaxy and the Edge, passed the water-resistance test and are rated as excellent. The S7 Active, according to the report, excels in other tests, but cannot be recommended due to Samsung’s alleged false claims.

Tidal Adds Chromecast Support to Its App

Tidal is a subscription-based music and streaming service. It’s a popular service, with millions of subscribers, but one thing has been missing since it was purchased and relaunched by rapper Jay-Z in 2015: Chromecast support in its Android and iOS apps. That has now changed with the latest update to the app, which adds support for Google’s popular dongle, joining the ranks of other music-streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

Chromecast support allows Tidal users to stream music and video to the device that connects to high-definition TVs through an HDMI port. This lets users watch videos on their big-screen TVs, rather than the smaller screens on their phones or tablets, in addition to listen to music through the TV’s sound system, whether it’s the TV’s speakers or a home-entertainment system hooked up to the television. This provides for a more-enjoyable experience, offering a more optimal experience for users rather than having to listen to music on a phone or tablet’s internal speakers or watch the videos on devices with smaller screens than TVs that are often the ideal way to experience entertainment in a person’s home.

In addition to adding Chromecast support, the latest app update — version 1.11.0 on Android and 1.14.0 for iOS — contains bug fixes and improvements to the playlist queue. You can find download links for all operating systems and platforms on Tidal’s website.

Assisted Driving on the Rise in China

Business Insider reported yesterday that China is likely to experience a surge in the demand for assisted driving. Expectations are that the market for these types of systems in cars will swell to about $30 billion by 2020.

I remember the first time driving a car, and it was one of the scariest things I had ever done up to that point. It was in the parking lot of a big grocer in the area who had left their space sadly. I would drive around in loops and across the street and back, and it felt freeing. Driving on the highway was a natural extension of that experience. Feeling the car hum under my feet, gliding with the car around turns, and pushing forward gently when I came to a stop were all experiences I loved about driving. They’re experiences I want my kids to have to, especially in a world that is making every other aspect of their life increasingly technological and dependent on something that needs to be charged and could be hacked.

I think this kind of technology is cool because I’m a nerd, and nerds think all of this stuff is really cool. I just hope that in our rush to have the newest, coolest, most hands-off thing, we don’t forget that their are small parts of our lives that actually become more meaningful because of the effort we put into them…like driving.

Tech in Cars in This Must Read

Recently, news broke that a second crash of a Tesla car was being probed in the United States. It is not likely, though, that any of the advanced technologies in Tesla’s cars, including its Autopilot, was involved in the crash involving the second Tesla. However, it does provide more negative publicity and perhaps false credence to the idea that tech in cars is a bad thing.

Let me say that for people who drive or drive long ways to work, haul big loads as part of their job, or need to get far distances in a quick and reasonable amount of time, it makes sense to have a car, and it makes sense to have a car that is as technologically capable as possible. Plus, it’s really cool. It’s great that some cars can parallel park themselves now, or have an engine that turns on simply by the car connecting to a key fob. That kind of technology is great.

At the risk of sounding like a hippy, I’d like to advocate for your own two feet and bikes as a form of transportation for short rides, leisurely jaunts, or tasks and chores you are able to do. Not everyone has the ability to walk or bike, and that’s a reasonable point, but if you have the ability to, why not give the super cool and super useful high-tech car a break and get to back to basics in how you get around town.