Laidlaw & Company : The Research Speaks

Back in October of 1999, a investment broker firm by the name of Laidlaw & Company arose from the ashes of Sands Brother’s International Ltd. This corporation did not have the cleanest of reputations, as they were subject to many lawsuits concerning breaches of confidentiality and not being careful or respectful of their clients investments.

In 2015, Laidlaw & Company had worked with the well-known corporation Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. on a showing that would bring in new investors. During the time of the showings, Relmada claimed that Laidlaw had shared confidential information that dropped their stock market value from $4.03 to a shattering $1.65. Relmada sued Laidlaw for their blatant disregard to their client’s confidentiality. In addition, they sued for all the fees they had racked up suing Laidlaw and they money they lost due to Laidlaw’s actions. Laidlaw was also hit with a temporary restraining order by Relmada.

Laidlaw & Company is run by two head executives, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. Matthew Eitner is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, while James Ahern cannot be found on any company websites from recent or years past. From my research, not even his resume lines up. From 2007-2009 there were 60 complaints/damage claims filed against Laidlaw (which were unreported to FINRA). Covering up displeased clients begs the question, what do they have to hide?

Employee reviews of Laidlaw were mixed, but top heavy with complaints. To some, it was hostile work place with little pay. To others, a great job they would have worked forever if not for having gotten their foot in the door of a bigger firm. The bottom line of every employee review was that Laidlaw & Company was a great firm to learn the ways of business without the pressures of large corporations.

Assisted Living Facilities That Provide Excellent Care 24/7


Have you ever wished that you had help caring for your elderly love ones? Is the burden of a sick loved one weighing heavily on your mind? Well the services of assisted living homes may be just the remedy you and your family needs to make it through the other side. These places provide a comprehensive and tailored care plan for your loved one. They provide a safe place for elderly people to congregate and fellowship with one another in games and activities also.
If your elderly person is suffering from loneliness or feelings of embarrassment due to dementia or some other disorder then assisted living can help them restore a sense of normalcy and independence to their lives. The nursing and care staff provide one on one attention to their patients ensuring that no person gets left behind in the shuffle. Gone are the days of assisted living just providing end of life care.

The Manse on Marsh is an excellent choice for an assisted living facility for your loved one. This place includes hotel like suites for independent living as well as cottages outfitted with every amenity at your fingertips. There is also a movie theater on site so that your loved one can watch all of the old time good movies in the privacy of the campus grounds.

The Manse on Marsh offers daily activities such as exercise classes monthly and outings to basketball games played in the local community. If you want your loved one to experience vibrant living then this is the Manse on Marsh is the place for them to grow while receiving round the clock care from a 24/7 RN there to meet any need should they arise with your loved one. Don’t just live, thrive here by experiencing rooftop dining and luxury all nestled within the quiet confines of this great place. Dissolve your worries away and visit this outstanding assisted living place today.  They have a contact page online, or can be easily reached through social media whether on Facebook, or the official Twitter page @TheManseonMarsh.


It’s Wonderful! WEN By Chaz Repairs Blogger’s Hot Mess Hair

Ask any woman, and probably 99% of them will admit that their hair really matters, and a gorgeous mane increases beauty and self-confidence.
We all spend tons of money a year on hair products, hoping that big, foamy lathers and expensive conditioning treatments will transform our damaged locks. Most of us are unaware that these formulas are laden with nasty chemicals like sulfates. Chaz Dean knows a lot about this; the hair guru is a famous west coast celebrity stylist. He was the pioneer who invented the original no lather shampoo system, known as WEN Hair by Chaz.

His unique cleansing conditioners do not create a lather, because they don’t have to. Instead, WEN by Chaz formulas are pure botanicals with healthy ingredients that give hair of any type shine, volume and strength. Just ask his loyal star clientele who have never strayed from Chaz Dean and his holistic approach. WEN by Chaz makes Hollywood hair. Dean sells his products on eBay. blogger Emily McClure desired that A-list hair, the one that has bounce, gloss and manageability. So, she decided to give WEN by Chaz a 7-day whirl, hoping it could transform her fine, limp, greasy hot mess hair. Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra moisture and planned on a daily AM WEN wash in the shower.

This is what Emily learned in one week’s time using WEN by Chaz:

1. It really increases volume and shine to the wow factor. Her hair selfies prove this formula rocks, and her close friends noticed the difference immediately.

2. WEN worked the best in a daily morning wash. If she skipped a wash, her hair did not look as full and bouncy.

3. Read the bottle directions and use the proper amount.

4. Take the time to always blow-dry and style.

It’s really that simple.

For more info,visit the products Wiki page.
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Quality Herbal Remedies For The Body is an American company that is privately owned, the company’s headquarters is Los Angeles California. It was founded a more than ten years ago giving it the experience not only in curing but also a use of herbal remedy to find the solutions to the various ailments. The company has a myriad of medicinal supplements, one that has grown in popularity is the vegicaps; an herbal supplement that does not use gelatin. Some ailments in America have left doctors and scientists a daunting task trying to fight and find the cure.


Most of the ailments though are caused by the intake of the various components to our bodies. Synthetic medicines could heal the body but could lead to serious side effects. Some are left dependent on the drug even after they have stopped using them. Trying herbal remedies would be prudent. Dherbs cleanse the best the answer to the various medical problems facing Americans in the contemporary times. Some of the herbal products housed therein are solutions to the different ailments; they bring cure without the risk of developing side effects.
Their Instagram feed suggests that the company has various organic and herbal supplements that are utilized for many therapies such detox and health cleanses Dherbs cleanse has been working tirelessly to improve the health of many American, it has recently featured on many shows and is top among the detox diets. Apart from offering curative herbal medicines to the clients, the company is one of the leading enterprises in the industry concerning the proper foods not only for a healthy living but also to those under medications.

One of the outstanding aspects of the cleanse is the documentary series that is meant to educate their clients and the general public. The company has featured on many shows such as the Steve Harvey morning show. The herbal medicine has also been recognized and endorsed by various dignitaries such as Shemar Moore and Brandy. Some of the herbal medicines offered at a cheap cost include the bowel motion that helps to relief bloating, prostate formula, zinc formula among many other offers. It would be important to try them and experience cure of herbal supplements.


Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics at the Forefront of Cancer Research

Pretty much everyone knows someone who has battled cancer or has faced it themselves. As people grow to live longer and longer due to advances in healthcare, cancer will only become more and more common. It can be challenging to fight cancer both medically and emotionally, but it isn’t a battle patients and their loved ones have to fight alone. Individuals and companies such as Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics are working hard to come up with new and improved treatment options for battling cancer. At Seattle Genetics, the leadership board knows that every cancer is different and requires specifically targeted drugs and treatment options tailored to each individual’s disease for the greatest chance of success.

At Seattle Genetics, they focus on developing new and innovative monoclonal antibody treatment options for genetics. Antibodies are normal parts of the immune system that help to remember infections we have seen before. Antibodies identify and bind to various foreign targets and intruders. Once bound, they signal white blood cells to eat and destroy these dangerous invaders. Seattle Genetics works to use these antibodies in such a way that has them bind to cancer cells, in addition to infections, allowing the body’s immune system to home in on and destroy the cancer cells. Whereas other forms of treatment just blast the site with radiation and chemotherapy destroying everything in site, cancer or not, these monoclonal antibody treatments are specifically targeted for the destruction of that individuals specific cancer.

Furthermore, the antibody treatments can be tagged with drug molecules to not just light up the cancer cell for white blood cells to destroy, but also to carry drugs to the target on the back of the antibody. This can deliver the drug to specific cancer cells instead of trying to generally irradiate a region of the body, as older treatments have.

Clay Siegall is the leader of this innovative company. Bringing decades of experience to Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall combines the injection of new and innovative ideas administered with the veteran leadership and experience necessary to see them develop to their potential. Siegall is a shining role model for all biotech companies and the goals they wish to achieve.

George Soros Definitely Puts his Money on the Line for what he Believes

George Soros is a billionaire business mogul who has been around for a very long time. Throughout the years Soros has been committed to helping people through his charitable donations and contributions. Currently, Soros is turning his attention on the migrant crisis that is happening inside of Europe.

Millions of displaced refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East and Africa are pushing into Europe in record numbers on NY Books. The incoming masses of refugees is stressing various economies within Europe more specifically the European Union (EU).

Germany, Great Britain and France are doing all that they can to help manage this problem. However, the situation might be getting out of hand. George Soros knows that Europe as a whole cannot sustain too many refugees. He knows that economic resources would be needed in order to sustain them.

While most EU countries could support the incoming refugees, they would be stressing their own economies to do so. Soros realizes that the refugees need to generate income to be valuable members of European society.

This is one reason as to why he will donate $500 million dollars to refugees for the purpose of creating businesses and infrastructure that will sustain these incoming migrants. Soros’s presents a solution that is practical and solid. He fully understands that money is needed to provide practical solutions for this particular problem.

Many European nations agree with Soros’s offer. They know that he will profit from these donations but they are also pragmatic about his help. Keep in mind that Soros is the 30th richest person on the planet. He literally has billions of dollars at his disposal. His immense wealth is greater than most countries bottom line.

Instead of spending their own money and resources, nations can now use Soros donated funds to help the refugees to improve the quality of their lives. Soros’s contributions are well received and they are a realistic and reasonable solution to this ongoing crisis. More information about Soros and his efforts to help European migrants is available on the Wall Street Journal website.

Stephan Murray was a Man of Vision for the Investing World of Private Equity

Stephan Murray CCMP Capital was a highly successful investor in private equity, as well as a very motivated entrepreneur and philanthropist. He earned a degree in Economics from Boston College in 1984 and in 1989 he earned a Master’s of Business Administration from Columbia Business School. His education served him well throughout his career and paid tribute to his alma mater’s by serving on the Boards of Directors for both schools.

Mr. Murray began his career as a trainee in the credit analyst program at MHC (Manufacturers Hanover Corporation). He stayed with them for five years then moved onto to MHEC (MH Equity Corporation). MHEC was a combination of the MHC private equity division and the leveraged finance unit of the same company. In 1991, the company was purchased by CB (Chemical Bank) and MHC and then merged with CVP (Chemical Venture Partners.

Murray took over as the head of the by out division at JPMP (JP Morgan Partners) and then founded the spin-off of that company, CCMP Capital in 2005. The new venture included the buyout division and growth equity entity. In 2006, Murray became the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of CCMP and continued to guide the company with his brand of energetic enthusiasm. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital basic philosophy was to develop individual strategies based on a client’s needs and goals and focused on each client as if they were the only client.

Read more: Stephen Murray, Ex-CCMP Chief Who Built LBO Firm, Dies at 52

Murray was also an enthusiastic and motivated philanthropist. He believed it was important to give back to the community and world at large and help others achieve some of the success he experienced, as well as helping others to build a better life for themselves and their families. He inspired family, friends and colleagues to do the same through his example and actions.

Stephan Murray CCMP Capital supported Make – A – Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. He chose organizations that supported his own values of offering a helping hand up rather than a hand out and something that would help make recipients feel special and good about themselves.

Murray left CCMP Capital in February of 2015 citing health reasons, Sadly, Mr. Murray passed away in March 2015 and left a void that has been difficult to fill. He did leave an inspired message through his leadership and by example and it is a message that his former team is still following.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Things You Need To Know About Panama

There are several interesting facts about Panama that not many people are aware of. Few realize that the official currency of Panama is the U.S. Dollar. This is a fascinating historical fact that makes Panama unique because it is one of the few countries that cannot print money for itself on Crunchbase. When Panama needs more of its official currency it must trade for them or make a request to a treasury within the borders of the United States. This decision was made back in 1904 to strengthen the economic ties between the United States and Panama and 100 years later the deal is still in Place.

Panama has many beautiful cities within it. There is a destination for tourists called El Valle. It is fascinating because it is a town that was built inside of a volcano. This scary town is one of the countries most popular locales to visit. Luckily for everyone the volcano has been dormant for more than 300,000 years but still the idea of it coming to life at any moment is thrilling for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. El Valle is elevated at a height of 600 meters so it has a different climate than the majorly of Panama. El Valle is cool whereas the rest of Panama is humid.

Panama has a lower population than all the other nations within Central America at It is populated by just 3.6 million people. The population is decreasing as well because there are only 2.6 children being born per woman. Panama is an ethnically diverse country where people are descended from the Native Indians and Europeans. There are many exotic looking people of mixed ancestry within Panama.

At one point in time, Panama was referred to as the Republic of Gran Colombia. It was once a Spanish colony formed in the 1500s. But in the year 1821, it took its freedom. It formed a union with many of the neighboring countries but after 1830 the alliance started to falter and by 1903 Panama wanted its independence so it changed its name and formed an alliance with the United States. A peace treaty was signed by all parties and Panama was born.

One of Panama’s most successful businessmen is named Adrián José Velasques Figueroa. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is well respected in the community for his kindness. Figueroa is a man who will take time to mentor Panama’s youth and help those less fortunate than him. Everyone in Panama speaks well of his character.

CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, Seeks to Treat Cancer in New Ways

Cancer is one of the most talked-about issues in health, and for good reason. With over 13 million cancer patients in the United States alone, it’s no wonder that people are so eager to discuss the topic and try to find solutions for those suffering from the disease. Enter Clay Siegall, CEO of Seattle Genetics, and his team who have been working towards the successful treatment of cancer – specifically Hodgin’s Lymphoma – for years.

A Background in Pharmaceuticals

Siegall has a strong background in pharmaceutical development and has worked with the biggest names in medicine. He’s spent the majority of his professional life developing and testing drugs for cancer patients in the hopes of creating treatments that will improve the prognoses of cancer patients and perhaps one day erradicate the disease entirely. Seigall brought that passion for treatment development to Seattle Genetics and has been working side by side with industry leaders to use genetic and pharmaceutical means to create better, more effective treatments for cancer patients.

A Commitment to a Cure

In the medical field, particularly in the field of cancer research, it takes determination and passion to keep going when the odds seem stacked against success. Clay Siegall is that kind of person, and it’s no surprise that his commitment to a cure and the successful treatment of cancer has carried him this far. Seattle Genetics is already making a name for itself in no small part because of the depth of knowledge and passion that Dr. Siegall brings to the table. Only time will tell what the future holds for cancer treatment.

Talk Fusion Review: A Powerful Marketing Tool And A Great Way To Earn Extra

Introducing Talk Fusion: The 2016 WebRTC Product Of The Year

Talk Fusion is still growing quickly in popularity and has earned a spot on the list of the world’s top 10 video content creation sites. This innovative company boasts a versatile suite of video marketing products and services. It was founded by CEO Bob Reina. The wheels were started in motion for the idea in 2004 when he wanted to send a short video to friends using email. At the time, everyone said that it was impossible. He made it work. The idea for Talk Fusion came to fruition in 2007, and the company has now expanded into well over 80 countries.


Review Of Products And Services

Talk Fusion is ideal for any size or type of business. With its WebRTC technology, it operates smoothly. Overall, the different features are easy to learn and use. These are the main services and features:

  • Video email
  • Video newsletters
  • Live meetings
  • Video chat
  • Signup forms

For someone building a business online, Talk Fusion’s features cover the essentials for starting a solid foundation. From building your initial customer base to maintaining contact, the features make every task simpler. Let’s look at some important factors for an email marketing program.

Content Creation Interface

The main feature on the interface is the video creator. It is simple enough to use that you will not need a lengthy tutorial. After you record a video, you upload it to your library on your account. All of your videos are stored and organized, which makes it easy to insert them into presentations or correspondence when you need them. For example, you can create a how-to video if you want to market a new product that will grab the attention of your subscribers.

After you make the video, use the text creation feature to design a newsletter and add the video to it. Another benefit is the library of Talk Fusion’s pre-made videos. If you lack the time to make your own videos thanking customers for their purchases, welcoming a new customer or following up after feedback, Talk Fusion already offers you options for several topics.

Video Chat Compatibility

One of the most valuable features of Talk Fusion’s video chat feature is that you can talk to anyone regardless of what device they use. If you have spent time video conferencing in the past, you probably know the frustration of a delayed meeting due to technical difficulties and incompatibility issues with software programs. Being able to contact anyone when you need to is a relief and a time-saving business tool in today’s competitive world. The video chat app is available from iTunes or Google Play.


Useful Presentation Features

The video chat, live meeting and video creation features are all intuitive, which makes this program much easier to become comfortable with quickly. It is flexible in its scalability with live meetings. With capacity for up to 500 viewers, you can easily set up for a small or large audience. Talk Fusion’s live meeting feature integrates well with PowerPoint, live video streaming programs and other features to customize your meeting.

Compensation Plan Review

Like all high-quality services that make business operations simpler, Talk Fusion comes with a price. Before you write it off as another expense to face every month, it pays to learn about the unique silver lining. Talk Fusion offers a great compensation plan if you join, which gives you the chance to let the program pay for itself and possibly earn you some extra money.

Two of the most attractive features of the compensation plan are instant payments instead of quarterly or monthly payments and a global potential market. You become part of a team and can even build your own, which gives you more chances to earn with team bonus commissions. With these perks, you earn every time one of your team members makes money.

Company Review

With any communication or marketing service, two of the most important things to look for in a company are quality customer service and a support department that shows how well the company backs its services. In both areas, Talk Fusion measures up. You can contact the company through inquiry on the site, call during business hours or send them an email. Support requests are handled promptly if you have any technical issues or questions about the services.

Another bonus of joining and becoming part of a team with Talk Fusion is a wide network of support. Since your success is also their success, your team members and mentors are always ready to help you. Team members may be based in many countries across the globe, which also gives you valuable insight on foreign markets.

Pricing Structure Review

Most people are satisfied with the pricing structure for Talk Fusion. This is especially true for people who join and become team members. Several pricing plans are under $100 per month. You can choose a custom package, a competition package, a basic bundle or another option that fits your needs.

The custom package for $75 per month is one of the better values if you have moderate needs or a smaller business. A favorable bonus is that you get 5,000 email contacts with most packages to help you get started or expand an existing operation. Also, you can upgrade whenever you wish, and there are no long-term contracts required when you choose a plan.

Overall, Talk Fusion is a good value for the benefits it yields and the time it saves. Also, the company’s supportive structure is a win for entrepreneurs who want to lead a team and stay on an upward spiral. The company is also accredited with DSA and DSEI.

Watch the Talk Fusion educational YouTube video below: