Susan McGalla’s Advice Is Changing Lives

Nobody gets to where they are in life without a little help from some mentors along the way. They are there to guide them, give them advice, and show them the right path to take in life. Susan McGalla knows this, as she has had many mentors that have helped her get in the position she is in today, which is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Two things have to fall in place. Number one, the person needs to have the proper advice and follow it. Number two, they have to put the work in as nothing worth having in life is going to be all that easy. It needs to be earned with good old fashioned blood, sweat, and tears.

When that person reaches a position like Susan has, it is their duty to pay it forward, as they say. She has to give advice to others, help them out, and show them the ropes. It was the same way others did before her. It is the way the system works. There is no greed and there is no selfishness. Recently, PR Newswire posted a tremendous article where Susan McGalla gives out advice to women on how to achieve all the success they have dreamed about in their lives.

Susan McGalla starts out by talking about education. No matter how old someone is or where they come from, it is never too late to return to school and get an education. It truly makes a difference and people stand up and pay attention when they see that. They know this is a person that is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead and is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get it accomplished. There is also confidence on The person must be confident in themselves. If they don’t believe in themselves, why should anyone else?

Finally, they cannot allow themselves to be defined by others and let the opinions of others influence how they view themselves. This is 2016 and times have changed. People have to roll with the punches, accept that, and deal with people doing different things. Susan McGalla talks about the work and that is really what it is all about and what people are looking for when they hire someone. They do not care about the color of their skin or their gender. They want to know if the person can get the job done. If they can, they are the right person for the job.

PC Sales Is Getting Increasingly Lower

The PC industry is losing a lot of momentum. For one thing, PC’s have been dropping when it comes to the amount of shipments being made. Experts have been following this decline from the beginning for eight consecutive quarters. In other words, the PC industry has been in a steady decline for 2 years. Therefore, people are buying less PCs. While some companies may be alarmed by this, some of the more knowledgeable people would have expected this because they are aware of the trends that have been emerging in technology. There have been an increase in different gadgets that people are using that have some of the same capabilities as a computer.


Among the factors that are contributing to the decline in PC sales are smartphones. A lot of people are making use of what is essentially a much smaller computer. They are able to do many of the things that a PC computer can do. However, tablets are also a contributor to the downfall of the PC. As the computer becomes more mobile, people are more likely to leave their more bulky counterparts for something that is sleek and portable.


Perhaps one thing that is causing trouble for the PC is the changing business atmosphere. Businesses are becoming mobile by nature. People are learning how to use their mobile phone to market and sell their products. Of course, this takes away the need of a bulky and stationary device.


Even gamers are not feeling the need to get a PC for their games. The gaming consoles have caught up to them. As a matter of fact, consoles are getting really good versions of the games while the PCs are getting inferior ports. This is a long away from the times when things were the reverse. However, the gaming consoles are also basically computers as well. They have download capabilities and the ability to surf the Internet. People could also watch TV with their gaming consoles. It is amazing how technology has advanced to the point where more devices are versatile.

The Factors Behind YouTube’s Increased Views Over Television

With YouTube officially becoming the most viewed platform, there are a lot of questions regarding the cause of the surge of views. In order to find the answers, one could look at history and technology. When TV was invented, people have watched that over the cinemas. One of the reasons behind that is people have television in their homes. A similar thing can be said about YouTube and television. While people still watch TV in their homes, there are also people that are outside of home for different reasons. While they don’t have regular TV with them, they do have their smartphones, and smartphones have YouTube. Therefore, this is one factor.


The one major factor behind YouTube surpassing television with views is convenience. People are able to watch YouTube even in a desert as long as there is internet access. Then it is important to consider the fact that some people are even watching YouTube on television. When one looks at all of these factors, then it becomes obvious why YouTube is viewed a lot more than television. After all, this is the mobile age. Everything is made to be experienced while on the move. With smartphones becoming one of the main forms of entertainment, it is only fitting that online applications like YouTube would be the most viewed forms of entertainment.


Another major factor behind YouTube’s success is its affordability. All one has to do in order to get YouTube is pay for internet service. He could also use Wi-Fi for free with some carriers. Compared to satellite TV and cable TV, YouTube takes away the need to watch regular TV. This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many people are cutting satellite and cable TV service from their household.


One thing is for certain, the old way of watching television has become obsolete. The convenience of having a lot more control over the content that is viewed is something that is very attractive to viewers.

Television Will Not Go Anywhere

History repeats itself a lot with entertainment. There is a form of entertainment that comes in. Then a newer form of entertainment comes that takes some of the audience. However, there is still a place for both forms of entertainment because they both do something that the other doesn’t. For instance, while movie theaters provide a big screen and a social experience, people can watch shows in the comfort of their own home. At the same time, the convenience offered bytelevision is missing in movie theaters. It is similar with YouTube. YouTube offers a lot of convenience and control that is missing with television. However, television still offers a larger screen which makes things easier to read.


Even though a lot of people are watching YouTube over television, it is still safe to say that television is not going to disappear. For one thing, television is learning to adapt to the ages. Television has also adapted the use of streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. Therefore, people will still get to experience the convenience and control that they can get from YouTube on their larger devices. The only thing that is likely to go away is the broadcast TV option.


More people are enjoying the idea of being able to watch the shows they want at anytime. Instead of having to sit and wait in anticipation for what is going to happen in their favorite shows, people are now able to just pick a show and an episode. Then they just have to sit back and enjoy it. They also have more control over commercial breaks. Audiences could actually skip the commercial breaks depending on the type of account they have with their streaming services. When compared to more than 5 minutes worth of commercials, it is only fitting that people would want to switch to streaming services. After all, people want to have an uninterrupted experience with their shows. YouTube and other streaming offers that.

Why did Laidlaw & Company Try to Take Over Relmada Theraputics?

According to this article in PR Newswire, Laidlaw & Company, after serving as Relmada Theraputics’s investment banker for several stock offerings and putting on a road show to attract new institutional investors, tried to take over the company.

Relmada was unhappy with the results of the roadshow Laidlaw held in spring 2015. In October, Laidlaw filed a Schedule 13D with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That form is required of everybody who buys up 5% or more of the shares of stock of a publicly owned company. Therefore, based on this, Laidlaw was apparently buying up Relmada stock. Why? Did they see the company’s stock price as a bargain? Investment bankers generally hold the stock of new companies to sell later at a profit, not to hold on a long term basis as an investor.

At a meeting between Relmada and Laidlaw, including its two principals, James P. Ahern the Managing Partner and Matthew D. Eitner the Chief Executive Officer, on December 1, Laidlaw demanded the right to appoint the majority of the board of directors. In effect, they wanted control of the company turned over to themselves.

When Relmada refused, Laidlaw launched a proxy fight, which it lost. At the next board meeting, the management supported board members won by 94%.

Based in the United Kingdom, Laidlaw operates in both the United Kingdom and the United States. It’s a boutique firm. It offers both investment banking services to small companies and wealth management services to individuals. It has offices in London and New York City.

According to people on Glass Door and Wall Street Oasis, the overall reputation of Laidlaw as an employer and in how it does business is not too encouraging, although some posters defend it. Apparently, interns are required to spend long hours cold calling to obtain new clients for brokerage services.

Dynamic Search Partners Helps Charter School In New York

Dynamic Search Partners, an executive staffing firm has donated both time and money to a charter school in Brooklyn, New York. The firm has donated $10,000 to the school and has pledged to continue providing support for the school for many years to come. The recipient of the award was Uncommon Schools Charter School that was founded in 2009.

In addition to the donation of cash, Dynamic Search Partners hosted resume building workshops at the school. A team of five executive from Dynamic Search Partners taught students what they should highlight on their resumes. The resumes are designed to help the students apply for college and gain admission. They also are meant to help students with entry level work, internship and job opportunities.

Dynamic Search Partners held two such resume building workshops at Uncommon Schools during their visit. Students at the school loved the event and found it very interesting. DSP has even said that seniors who participated in the event can email their revised resumes to DSP throughout the year for feedback and advice.

Keith Mann, the founder of Dynamic Search Partners has lauded the event and said he has been very surprised by the incredible amount of enthusiasm shown by the senior class at Uncommon Charter Schools. He hopes that the event will be the start of a long and rewarding partnership with the charter school, it students and staff. Mann created DSP in 2009, as he recognized there was a major unmet staffing need in the hedge fund and alternative investment industry. He fills over 200 high level positions in financial companies every year.

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Trust The Experts At The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy has experts for a reason. When it comes to matters of wealth, happiness, and health, they would not entrust this to just anyone. They need experts that have been around the block and have seen it, done it, and experienced it. Those are three very important things and they need people that are going to give the best advice and the best wisdom. After all, people are putting their faith, their trust, and their finances in the hands of The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory. They are very helpful in aiding people that have had enough of their job and they want more out of a future job.

They have an idea that has been brewing in their heads for perhaps a number of years, but they could never go through with it. They felt as though there was too much risk and the risk outweighed the reward. Now, people are learning that is not the case. There are a lot of people that work from home and are quite comfortable with it. It has become their way of life, and they could not imagine life any other way. They are able to do things that make them happy and they experience pure pleasure out of the simple things in life.

That is what the Midas Legacy is there for, as they will help the aspiring stay-at-home entrepreneur be happy with how their life is lived. They can be at home with their family, spend more time with their friends, and even relax. They don’t have to get up early if they don’t want to. They still have to work hard, as it is a job and any job out there is going to require a lot of time and effort. It is not going to be easy.

However, The Midas Legacy is going to show them the ropes and show them how it is done and how it can be accomplished. Everyone needs a little help and a little advice in these types of situations. Yes, they are scary and yes they are new, but they can make it happen. When the Midas Legacy sees one of their clients soar and truly live life the way they have always wanted to live, it bring such a smile to their face. It reminds them of why they do this in the first place.

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The role that companies like Boraire Development LLC are playing in transforming New Brunswick

The new skyline that is developing over New Brunswick, developers are wondering whether the company is headed towards becoming a version of Cambridge for New Jersey on The area has housed the Rutgers University Main Campus for decades now. It has also been the headquarters of the Middlesex County. However, despite these important roles that it has been playing, the area has been a little bit overwhelmed by the challenges that it has been facing.

The issues that are common to all the cities in the nation include a surge in the foreign populations who are coming to settle in the area, lower value for all their property and some level of neglect from the authorities that are supposed to make sure that the cities stay afloat if not develop and get better according to Omar Boraie.

A decision that could have changed the future of the city was made in 1975 when Johnsons and Johnsons decided that they would stay in the city. This was contrary to what Omar Boraie were expected to do. However, this is the one decision that greatly changed the city’s future because it gave the many other investors that have become part of the city’s skyline the confidence to stay. By the mid-80, the company, which had been previously struggling, started to rebound.

The progress has been seen as slow by many. However, companies such as the New Brunswick Devco, in conjunction with the office of the mayor are re-imagining and restructuring all the components of the city from the playgrounds to the commercial landscape in the downtown region of the city.

The developers like Omar Boraie have been taking advantage of the success that was achieved by companies such as the renewal of the buildings, the rise of Rutgers, which brought in a crowd of its own. Now the town teems with millennials who are looking for academic or sports excellence, both of which can be found in the town.

There has also been a rise in the supply of luxury flats such as the Aspire. This building charges as much as$2800 per month for a two bedroom rental apartment. Omar Boraie, the head of the company in charge of the creation of these condos, states that they are the best in the region and most stylish in Manhattan. Omar Boraie states that the leasing office in charge of the building had a lot of positive feedback from clients that would like to live in the rentals.

The Diversity Of YouTube Over The Monotony Of Television

It has been reported that YouTube has surpassed television in views during the presidential debate. There are a lot of reasons for it. A lot of the reasons have to do with convenience. For one thing, people may be far from home or anywhere with television. As a result, all they may have is their smartphones that they can use to access content such as the presidential debate. However, there are other reasons that people are using YouTube over television. A lot of these reasons have a lot to do with preference. For one thing, people can keep up with their favorite shows and even the news with YouTube.


However, one major important factor in the preference of YouTube over television is that there is a wide variety of content that one could watch compared to television. In fact, there seems to be an unlimited set of options when it comes to content that one could view. People don’t have to be limited to certain genres of TV shows at certain times. They could also watch video games, reviews, videos that offer advice on many different topics. One thing that makes YouTube innovative is that it merges television with internet. Therefore, people can look up different types of information on topics that interest them.


YouTube also opens up the door for other people to be viewed. People could discover new types of music and entertainment that could’ve been left out by mainstream entertainment. There are many users that upload classic songs and remixes of classics of songs. There are also re-edits of films that are really interesting. People know that they would never be able to get that with television. This is one of the many reasons that television is losing a bit of its audience to YouTube. In fact, YouTube and streaming technology has become so advanced and convenient that studios are releasing films to digital HD before blu-ray. YouTube is one of the channels that are releasing these films.

Development is the Fruit of Labour

Real estate development requires zeal and effortless dedication to prosper. Jason Halpern is the managing partner and founder of JMH Development. This company has numerously constructed buildings for more than 50 years in New York City and its environs.


Jason Halpern’s unique ways of being a developer is passion and his role in building in historic districts. He is thoughtful in the cities that he builds. He majorly focuses on the historic features of JMH Development. Furthermore, he is a committed philanthropist, he spends his personal time to give back to charitable organizations in the community. He is deeply devoted to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. This center offers open-heart surgery and other major accidents that need surgery. It also caters for women and children.


JMH Development is a prominent construction is a leading and full-time service organization in real estate around the U.S.It also owns major properties and residential areas not only in New York City but also other states. Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach are one of the major works of JMH Development. They highly stand out compared to other properties because they are well established.


The professional team of JMH development is greatly knowledgeable in the whole process of constructing an incredible and desired building. This aspect of construction includes strategy, design, branding and marketing. JMH Development constructs all types of building, whether a hospital, residential area or any other property. The staff dedicates their expertise in developing best buildings wholeheartedly.

JMH Development launched an inventive partnership with the global water charity organization in 2015 to fund water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. Jason Halpern believes that the main key of his company is valuing the community in which they develop.