Fabletics: The All Inclusive Brand

Fabletics has been such a force of social media energy, that it is likely you have seen their advertisements or their social media pages in the past from your friends liking their posts. Fabletics is a brand that sells athletic wear in a membership based method. They sell everything from tops, capris, shorts, pants, sweaters and other athletic accessories that athletic minded people use.

Fabletics shoppers on My Shopper’s Addiction website viewed the Fabletics company with a generally positive or so-so mentality. Each customer said Fabletics does have great prices and that they can get a full outfit for the same price as what one athletic wear piece of clothing typically costs from other retailers in the athletic wear business. Many of the customers observed they were pleased with the wonderful designs to the athletic wear available at Fabletics.

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Customers wrote many positive messages about the Fabletics brand directly on the Fabletics active wear website. One woman said she was so pleased with the company’s athletic wear that it is now her favorite brand. The quality was viewed positively. The shopping experience was viewed as easy and convenient. The customer service was said to be above and beyond helpful for women customers. They wrote that the experience of having to return items was a flawless and simple process for them.

Kate Hudson is a part founder of Fabletics. She has stated that when she went with the Fabletics company, she wanted it to be an all inclusive brand for women. She wanted every woman to be able to buy Fabletics wear. The Fabletics brand has put effort into making the sizes for their clothing wide ranging. They have put effort into making clothing exceptionally on fabletics.com well priced for Fabletics members. The company wanted this to happen so women of every price scale could purchase from their athletic wear line.

If you are looking for a positive shopping experience of excellent, all inclusive athletic wear, look no further then the Fabletics company.

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Having The Right Lawyer Is Important In The Brazilian Legal System

There are many types of legal dilemmas that can arise for Brazilian citizens. Criminal cases have especially harsh penalties, and they often can result in jail time. Civil cases can be serious, but the penalties are typically financial rather than involving incarceration. A serious civil case can potentially ruin one’s finances or even destroy your business.

Lawyers can help to prevent you from losing money from a lawsuit or being given a guilty verdict in a criminal case. All legal problems warrant having a lawyer on your side defending you. Without a lawyer, judges can deliver exceptionally harsh penalties. You can find yourself almost completely defenseless in civil cases.

Not only is it important to have a lawyer, but it’s important that you have the right one. Brazilian lawyers have different specialties, and you need to be sure that the lawyer you choose specializes in the appropriate area of law. In addition, make sure the lawyer you find is experienced. Additionally, ensure that there are positive reviews of him or her. These reviews can be found online. Another way of determining that you have found the right lawyer is by going to the free consultation they offer.

Ricardo Tosto: One Of The Best Lawyers In The Country:

Ricardo Tosto is often thought of as among the best of lawyers in Brazil. He has defended well known corporations in the country, along with those in the country’s government. Not only does he provide an excellent quality of services, but he is exceptionally well known. Most judges and juries in the country are familiar with him, and this familiarity tends to have a positive impact on cases.

He provides services to clients located throughout Brazil. In addition to being effective for those facing legal issues in Brazil, he can even help people that are suffering legal problems elsewhere. He has a familiarity with the legal systems of many other countries, and he’s considered an expert on international law.

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Don Ressler: Online PerformanceMarketing And Brand Building Specialist

Since the 1990s Don Ressler has been an industry leader when it comes to online performance marketing. He used that talent and his ability to understand the interests of the public to found and develop FitnessHeaven.com, his first company. When the company was bought by Intermix Media in 2001, Ressler’s life would change for ever. His talent would take him on an upward trajectory that continues until today.

Once his company had been bought and he was hired in the marketing department of Intermix Media, Don Ressler met and teamed up with Adam Goldenberg. Together they created a division of the company called Alena Media. The division made Intermix Media hundreds of millions of dollars and was one of its primary income generators. When News Corp purchased Intermix Media in 2005, Ressler and Goldenberg struck out on their own to seek their fortune. Within a few weeks they founded Brand Ideas/Intelligent Beauty, a business incubator that would be the source of several successful businesses.

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JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

Don Ressler long had the reputation of being a brand-building and business guru. His work with Intelligent Beauty further bolstered that image. The company created DERMSTORE, a beauty and skincare product marketplace as well as SENSA, a weight-loss system. Both companies did very well. Soon Ressler and Goldenberg was working on a new concept. A company that would offer a personalized online fashion shopping experience that merged cutting-edge fashions with social interaction and offered the clothing at affordable prices. That company was called JustFab, an online fashion subscription company.

Shopping at JustFab was a fun, engaging experience that people loved. When Ressler and Goldenberg added fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons to the JustFab team, the company quickly grew to 6 million members worldwide. Ressler, Goldenberg and Simmons then joined with actress Kate Hudson to form the online subscription active wear company Fabletics. Fabletics has quickly become an international success with their stylish, comfortable, versatile clothing. Support for the new brand has been so great that Fabletics is no longer just available online. They are in the process of opening about 100 bricks and mortar stores.

Since the beginning of his career, Don Ressler helped to generate $100s of millions of dollars in capital and sales for a variety of internet based companies. His marketing genius has now also helped to generate billions of dollars for Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, Fabletics and the other companies he helped create.

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Dick DeVos Brings Success To Large And Small Business Options

The Grand Rapids, Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos has been in the headlines a lot over recent years for the role he plays in bringing education reforms to families across the U.S.; for myself I have been aware of the business career of Dick DeVos since he took control of The AmWay Group in 1993 and remained in the position of President for a decade until he entered a very active retirement.

Dick DeVos is a business leader I have looked to follow and replicate his personal levels of success that began with his childhood home also being the main office of his father’s company, The AmWay Group.

Looking back at the life of Dick DeVos allows me to see just how successful he has been since he graduated from Northwood University and began a career with The AmWay Group that began in 1974. I was initially impressed to learn Dick learned as much about the company as possible in various departments before finally entering the business at executive level in 1986.

If proof was needed of the business sense of Dick DeVos it was provided when Dick took control of the international business department at AmWay in 1986 when this area provided just five percent of annual sales, just six years later Dick had grown this department to account for over 50 percent of annual sales.

As I completed some research into the career of Dick DeVos I was impressed by the fact he had not limited himself to working with the family business and had led the Orlando Magic NBA franchise from 1991 to 1993. The impressive way Dick adapted to working in a new business environment is a good sign of his great business skill, in my opinion, and also prompted his promotion to President of AmWay in 1993.

The growth of AmWay hit huge levels under the leadership of Dick DeVos before he successfully restructured the company to improve profitability in 2002, just two years before he announced his retirement from the business.

Away from his role in education reform Dick DeVos has continued to impress me with his dedication to investing in local businesses from the Michigan area through The Windquest Group he leads with his wife Betsy. Learn more about Dick DeVos: http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2016/04/devos_company_gets_new_ceo.html

Despite entering retirement I have been pleased to see Dick DeVos continue to look for new areas of investment, including the leisure, manufacturing, and clean energy sectors through The Windquest Group.

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Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Makes Donation to Foundation for Senior Living

The Repairmen working for the Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning have made the company one of the leading providers of air and heating conditioning in the region. The main service of the company is to issue new air and hating conditioning equipment. They also engage in the repair and maintenance services for the equipment. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning as also announced that they had donated more than $750 in parts and amount for the Senior Living Foundation based in Arizona. For the company, engaging in philanthropic activities is their main effort to make the world a better place. The company also enjoys the many years they have served the region.

The company has shown its dedication towards helping the community to support the Annual Evaporative Cooler Event managed by the Senior Living Foundation. This is part of a donation that included more than $500 collected amount to support the foundation towards purchasing a new heating and air conditioning equipment. For the company, they are always in constant contact with the senior people to advise them on new business strategy. They are part of the consumers who have enjoyed Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning’s business for a long time. The company also donated more than $250 to sponsor a 24th annual event for the sponsor network.

This annual event, which has the various businesses including Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, helped them team up with the senior living individuals in the community to foster development. For this reason, they bring together industry leaders to maintain and fix the evaporative coolers for the elderly. The company, in the recent past, was engaged in the development of evaporative coolers as part of the most innovative ways to make better coolers. This is the latest technology of air conditioning and heating equipment. The company has also engaged in support of low-income and senior living individuals to meet their cooling and heating needs in a home setup. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, which has numerous participation in this event, has chosen to be actively involved with this event. Therefore, they have provided the necessary parts and funds to take care of the senior living citizens of the United States.

According to Ken Goodrich, Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning I fortunate to get this rare opportunity to serve the elderly. For this reason, he is excited to contribute to the success of the foundation. The company wants to take this foundation to the next level through their unconditional support.

Swim to the top of the food chain with White Shark Media

In today’s business world, the internet keeps us all more connected than ever. This is great news, for the most part, unless your business is a small fish floundering in the open waters of the internet. For many small businesses, it can be impossible to swim to the surface of the average google search on your own. White Shark Media can bring your company into the spotlight.


White Shark Media understands that every small or medium business doesn’t have the time or resources needed to devote to running a successful online media ad campaign, and now, they don’t have to. White Shark Media has the experience and expertise to bring your SMB the attention it needs via Google. This allows their customers to leave their SEM performance in the hands of the White Shark Media professionals, while they focus their undivided attention towards the successful day to day operations and management of their business while still enjoying SEM and sales growth.


If you’re in business and feel like your company could benefit from more exposure online but the how and where of it all is overwhelming, White Shark Media can guide you into making the most of your online presence and search-ability by utilizing AdWords. If that’s a buzzword you’ve heard but are unsure of, Adwords can sound intimidating. They are really just essentially a pay-per-click service which allows you to construct and distribute ads for your business. These clickable ads are then displayed in Google’s search results. By using the correct, specific keywords for your target demographic, you’re already coming out on top because you’re reaching the precise people whom have an interest in your product or service.


Knowing that up to 80% of search results these days now contain Adwords right in the results, it’s simple to see how their effective use can help give your company an advantage. Adwords are a fast, engaging way to add growth to your company, and White Shark Media simplifies the process with their amazing customer service and knowledgeable staff, making it easy for your “little fish” of an SMB to be propelled to the top of the food chain.

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Sam Boraie To Begin Atlantic City Apartment Project


Boraie’s Atlantic City apartment project to break ground this week

After having set aside the land for nearly fifty years for developmental purposes, it appears that Atlantic City’s notoriously vacant lot, Pauline’s Prairie, will finally be developed by New Brunswick-based development company, Boraie Development. Led by VP Sam Boraie, the development firm will begin work on an apartment complex that is estimated to be worth roughly $81 million.


For those surprised by the price tag, it’s understandable. After all, this will be one of the most expensive residential complexes developed in the region in several decades. Boraie Development hopes that by developing their apartment complex with granite countertops, a hardwood floor, and a community pool, they’ll be able to attract millennials to the property. In fact, Boraie recently stated in an interview that not only is this property unique to the local area, it’s also unique to the entirety of Atlantic City. No other development companies have attempted to court the millennial demographic as strongly as Boraie.


Of course, the construction efforts will not happen overnight. As of right now, Boraie estimates that the construction should be completed sometime within 18 months. In the meantime, city officials are hopeful that the development will spur interest in other companies, and revitalize the area that had long since been neglected by other enterprises. Aside from the business prospects, officials have also expressed optimism at the thought of seeing the vacant lot be used for something good. Instead of it being an empty eyesore for the community, it can instead represent something more positive.


Although Atlantic City has been hit over its decreased control over gambling in the United States, it still remains a popular tourist attraction. Boraie Development hopes to take advantage of the shifting commercial interests of the city and help it re-position itself as one of the pillars of the East Coast in terms of quality of life. In fact, Boraie Development intends to price its new apartment complex at an affordable $1200 a month for single units, with another 20% of those units marked for a lower rate of $800. As long as there’s an interest in Boraie Development’s apartment complexes, it would seem that they’ll continue to be priced at a competitive rate.


While there is some question over the project’s ability to bring in new millennials to the area, Boraie is confident that it will be a success. Atlantic City might be in a transitioning period right now, but it’s clear that Boraie Development will help it emerge on the other side of this period as a stronger city.


George Street Photo and Video: Love for weddings in NYC

George Street Photo and Video services, in New York City, offers professional photography for weddings and engagements.

Ten years ago, longtime friends Tim Muller, Dan Creviston, and Michael McMahon founded a photography company based on their love for capturing the excitement of weddings through photography. Weddings are about love, and George Street Photo and Video believes in conveying this message in all they do. One could say that their mission statement is making the photographs as memorable as the real event.

The headquarters are based in New York City, but there are offices in cities across the nation. The photographers will travel to many locations throughout the country, including Philadelphia, Austin, Colorado, and Portland.

Throughout many positive reviews, their photography portfolios can be described as timeless, vintage, romantic, rustic, and even modern. Prices range from $1,000 to $1,999.

Thor Halvorssen, Champion of the Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen was born in 1976 to a wealthy and highly politically active family in Venezuela.

His family wealth was built primarily on the representation and advocacy for Venezuelan corporations and his father was deeply involved in public policy, anti-narcotics campaigns and politics.

Halvorssen began his human rights activism career while he was doing undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. At the time, his father had been arrested for anti-narcotics activities and was in prison in Venezuela. He went to bat on his father’s behalf, raising attention to the power of the cartels and human rights violations. He was able to garner the support of many organizations including Amnesty International. Once his father became free, Halvorssen’s activities were noticed by The United Nations and he was offered a position as the directorship of the Pan-American Committee.

Since graduating from The University of Pennsylvania he has staunchly been a supporter, promoter and encourager of the human rights faction. His activism against the atrocities against human rights, slavery, child labor, political dictatorship has been written about such esteemed publications as Time, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Halvorssen is often seen as the voice for the downtrodden in international circuits and is an energetic and dynamic speaker on the subjects his is most passionate about.

In 2009 Halvorssen became involved in two human right coalitions on the international scene. The Oslo Freedom Forum is the Norwegian based idea exchange forum which brings together notable heads of state annually as a think tank to advocate human rights efforts globally. The Children Peace Movement is a Czech-based humanitarian effort which attempts to bridge the gap between children, adolescents as well as adults.

He has worked tirelessly as the director of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and later at the Human Rights Foundation; raising awareness of human rights violations and civil injustices. His vigorous work has spanned the globe as his contributions have aided the cohesiveness of bringing delegates from opposing political parties together in the fight for the equal justice and treatment of oppressed people from all walks of life.

Without limits to boundaries of status, wealth, education or race, his efforts have largely focused on the needs of these people in an overall push to free them from the bondage of dictatorships.

Thor Halvorssen currently involved in the production of films adapted to the various causes in which he is impassioned including political tyranny as well as the human struggle of the common man in subjugated societies.

Thor@Professional Network: https://www.linkedin.com/in/halvorssen

IAP Worldwide Services Responds to Global Emergencies

Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP)  is one of the United States government’s international first responders to natural disasters, global infrastructure damage, and epidemics. IAP Worldwide responds to national security and communications network emergencies and provides aviation support effectively within time and cost. IAP is known for its performance, reliability, and dedication in 25 countries. Public and private sector clients demand an innovative response from IAP consultants and emergency medical personnel during emergencies.

IAP Worldwide

Security During Emergencies

IAP immediately assesses emergency situations and delivers engineers, electricians, information and data processing specialists, and emergency medical personnel any hour of the day or night, 365 days each year. IAP consultants bring power to the remote areas of the world and repair large and small power outages in the United States. IAP restores order, safety, and hope to distressed individuals and countries. IAP delivers supplies from packaged ice, bottled water, and emergency provisions to building materials and construction equipment to reconstruct damaged buildings.

2014 Restructuring

Kaye Scholer achieved an out-of-court settlement for Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Invesco, and Oppenheimer Funds while restructuring IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. in 2014. IAP owed $354 million to the creditors and another $125 million in second liens. IAP advanced with the full support of its investors, a $50 million revolving fund, and a hallmark board of directors following the reorganization.

IAP Accomplishments

IAP provides global management services, technical advice, and professional services for US military operations, governmental agencies, humanitarian groups, and business enterprises. IAP’s clients include the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of State, NASA, NOAA, and NATO. IAP assisted in intelligence operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Social Media CareerCast

The IAP2 USA Blog points out that 72% of all Americans are on Facebook, and 25% regularly use Twitter. IAP uses Facebook, YouTube, Video conferencing, and email lists to communicate with diverse clients. IAP twitter tweets short messages about events, insights, and activities. The IAG Blog posts IAG news and press releases from 30 IAP Chapters and 34 IAP committees.

Grant Funds

IAP awards funds to projects demonstrating creativity and innovation, and to projects “exemplifying” diversity, culture, and inclusion. The largest award goes to the project chosen as the project of the year. Applications are available online from the IAG blog. Community engagement webinars and technical tools are also available on the website.