Uber Movement Will Aide in Traffic

Constant changing in traffic patterns has made it difficult for some to get to work on time. Which is why Uber has recently put into effect a new system called Uber Movement. With this, Uber will be able to map traffic patterns for every city to accommodate our increasing population.

Their website includes information about new roads, transit lines, and even major road events of cities. With their insight, Movement will be able to examine rush hours and road closures as well as their impact on the time it takes for a driver to get from point a to point b.

Buzzfeed even recently posted an article explaining that, “In the last year, Uber has launched partnerships with transit agencies across the country to subsidize rides and extend its reach.”

Although it seems fairly recent in the news, surprisingly, Movement has been in the making for over six years, and in that time, they have discovered the path of mobility that will start in 3 cities: Sydney, Australia, Washington, DC, and Manila located as the capital of the Philippines.

Their final goal is to provide information on the infrastructure and framework of cities while protecting the privacy of Uber riders and drivers. Uber claims that all the data collected is reported anonymous and no personal identification is used.

On the Uber Movement website, they stated, “Preserving rider and driver privacy is our #1 priority. All data is anonymized and aggregated to ensure no personally identifiable information or user behavior can be surfaced through the movement tool.”

In the upcoming months, Uber hopes at to give full access to every city that Uber offers its driving services.

Arthur Becker Invests in New Properties

Well known tech investor Arthur Becker has looked to expand his portfolio in real estate. In order to accomplish this objective, Becker recently purchased three townhouses in the SoHo District. With this real estate investment deal, he will have possession of a few properties that he can use to hold and rent out. For a number of years, Becker has been known to be a backer of New York City real estate in which he has been quite active in real estate investing. His new acquisitions in the SoHo District will give him yet another group of properties to help increase the size of his overall investment portfolio.

According to a number of recent reports, Arthur Becker has invested up to $20 million in this recent real estate project. This amount of money was used in order to acquire the properties which will hopefully give Becker a high return once he is looking to sell them. With the investment of these three townhomes, Becker will be able to control property in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City. The properties will give him a prestigious residential location as well as providing him with properties that will appeal to many who wish to be residents of the SoHo District.

The acquisition of the three townhomes in the SoHo District will give Becker three properties that he can profit from both in the present and the future. He plans to live in one of these properties as his personal residence. Along with living in one of the townhomes, Becker is also looking to lease the other two to tenants. As a result, he will have a way to make a considerable income while he owns the properties.

After a number of years, Becker may look to sell the properties and make multi million dollar profits. Therefore, these townhomes will likely give him one of the better investments he has made in recent years. Arthur Becker’s ability to purchase prime real estate in New York City is largely due to his vast fortune from technology investing. He has spent a number of years in investing in technology companies. Becker then used his extra funds to buy up property and create a considerable investment portfolio for himself.

The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that uses the concept of the home party to market wine. The company started in 2001 and by 2005 had hundreds of consultants who hosted wine parties from home in over 26 states. It gave those with families time to spend with them and bring in an income at the same time.

In 2010 when The Traveling Vineyard went bankrupt Rick Libby bought it out investing his savings into the business. He had worked for Geerlings and Wade a leader in direct wine marketing. He knew he could make the business work with some changes. By November 2010 Traveling Vineyards was operating with independent wine guides in over 40 states. The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Direct Selling Association.

The Traveling Vineyard hires Wine Guides and this job offers several benefits. It is flexible and wine guides can hold wine parties when they want. Its a great part time job for parents with kid or part time job to have with a full time job. It gives wine guides the ability to create their own schedule. This job provides financial reward, fun, and chance to meet new friends.

Checks arrive three times monthly and most wine guides average between $80 to $100 per party based on wine sales. This is about 35% of their generated sales for the company. When you apply and begin you are assigned to a leader or experienced wine guide to be trained They will let you attend some of their events and introduce you to others that can help.

See: https://www.youtube.com/user/TravelingVineyard

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have access to online training called The Tasting Room. This provides introduction to the wines they sell, instruction on how to build a team, and videos on how to organize and conduct wine tastings at home. Every year they have an annual Harvest Conference that features wine tasting and seminars. Their are regional events for local wine guides to learn about wine tastings and network.

Their startup fee is low only $189 and that includes training, The Success Kit with 2 tasting sets of five bottles, tasting glasses and carrying box, 6 bottle wine carrier, business paperwork, marketing materials, and wine accessories. The Sommology Kit has a training program and cheat sheets for each Wine Guide.

To learn more about becoming a wine guide in your area visit the website at https://www.travelingvineyard.com/ or call (877) 340-9869.

Clay Siegall Joins In Effort To Deliver Solutions For Cancer Treatment

Cancer is among diseases that have been giving professionals from all areas of medicine hard time while looking for solutions that could lead to better methods of dealing with the disease. It has been allotted a lot of money and experts spend time looking for ideas that could lead to solutions in dealing with the menace.


The development of cancer institutes has allowed the growth of research methods that have led to the discovery of effective treatment methods. Seattle Genetics is among biotechnology companies that have worked on delivering better healthcare to the people. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company came up with new methods of dealing with cancer that are more effective.


Clay Siegall is a professional who has through his entire career worked on developing better healthcare systems and his focus all along has remained on cancer treatment. With the effort he has put to research, Clay Siegall has managed to steer Seattle Genetics well to allow the company to explore new and better ways of delivering treatment to patients. Clay Siegall is a professional whose career as a researcher has revealed many solutions in the fight against cancer and his most notable achievement came when he launched ADCETRIS, a revolutionary drug that helps in the treatment of cancer and related ailments.


Research for effective cancer treatment

Additionally, Clay Siegall has worked to ensure Seattle Genetics enters into partnerships with leading biotechnology companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Abbvie. These partnerships are built around research and working together to deliver solutions for the development of cancer treatment methods. So many achievements have come along through these research projects and one of them was the development of the ADC Technology that offers better methods of resolving problems related to cancer.


Growing to become an internationally recognized company took Seattle Genetics a lot of sacrifice and effort and their CEO, Clay Siegal was a key pillar in the development of the company. Since inception in 1998, the company has narrowed its operations to research and the development of new methods of treating diseases. Clay Siegall appreciates the progress the company has made over the years while fighting cancer.

Medical Journals- Oncotarget

Living a healthy life is very crucial in our day to day lives and most of the people struggle to make sure their mind, body and even their spiritual being is healthy. With the advancement of technology individuals go online to get insight as well as knowledge on how to lead a healt6hy life. Several publishes have been made including Oncotarget and therapy journals.

The Oncotarget journals are provided to readers across the world at no cost. The Oncotarget is an index on the Pub Med Central and the publication on the papers are always submitted to the Pub Med for indexing purpose. The primary purpose of publishing the journals is to mainly cover all aspects of oncology. The journal was established in 2010 and the impact journal are responsible publishing the journals. The chief editors who are responsible for the publishing are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blgosklonny. Oncotarget is now providing free Altmerics Article reports as their latest part of their journal stage that will offer real-time following of article attention on both digital and tradition broadcasting channels.

The journals on dovepress.com are known to explore the evidence behind both the new and the old therapies and improve the outcome and also define their usage in in regards to their eventual uptake, and how the patient and the medical professional accept the therapy. The Oncotarget is index online and the index include
• Pub Med and Pub central.
• Biological abstract
• BIOSIS preview
• Directory of open access journals
• Journals citations reports
• Science citation index
• Embase from 2009
• OAister : the open access initiative

Medical companies have an added advantage when they publish their therapy on the journal. Some of the advantages include
• The journal is open and is accessible to anyone who opens the papers and can also be downloaded from the dove website.
• The journal is an electronic and even though it received a large amount of journals, the papers are always published.
• Oncotarget is one of the fastest medical journals in the world and it does not frustrated publishes as their papers are published with no delay.
• When an author publishes their papers on the journal, the authors have found that the comments add up to final papers.

All medical authors on ncbi.nlm.nih.gov are advised to publish their medical papers on oncotarget to help the world on therapies. The journal is a member and has also subscribed to the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).

Appreciating The Illustrative Career Of Todd Lubar (UPDATED)

UPDATE – January 25th 2017 – Todd Lubar charging into 2017 as the President at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, and also serves as the Sr. VP of Legendary Investments

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also a senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Todd enrolled at the esteemed Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A in Speech Communication. Upon graduation, he ventured into the real estate industry. Later, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served as a loan originator. Todd honed his skills in conservative mortgage banking. He used the opportunity to be acquainted with the real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’S, and insurance agents. Today, these individuals are playing a significant role as his business referrals.
After 4 years of dealing with mortgages, Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Group. He helped the company’s Maryland office to expand and become a major factor of production. The entity made a couple of 100 million dollars in loan volume. His duties at Legacy Financial Group provided him with an opportunity to improve his lending skills. In addition, Todd Lubar learned how to broker loans to external investors or through direct mortgage bank.
In 2002, Todd Lubar established a residential development firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. With over 200 transactions, the new company helped with rehabilitation, rapid progression of purchasing, and commercialization of all types of residential properties. They include single-family dwellings and multi-family properties. Through his engagement with building trade professionals, Todd Lubar was able to network with big banks. This way, he managed to receive credit that went to as high as $20 million.
His compelling drive in the mortgage-banking field saw him start a subsidiary company of First Magnus Financial Corporation, Charter Funding. By virtue of founding an affiliate company of the leading private mortgage companies in the U.S., Todd had developed a crucial platform. To this end, he was able to expand his firm’s portfolio owing to the overwhelming availability of products and programs.
With over 12 years of experience in the banking mortgage industry, Todd Lubar developed a veteran eye on the market shifts, which helped him start Legendary Financial LLC. This commercial company lends money to other corporations and individuals. It is an affiliate of the Legendary Properties, LLC. Through Legendary Financial LLC, Todd offers alternative financial solutions to the clients. He has a deep loaning experience. Lubar has been recognized among the top mortgage originators in the country. He has also worked in the demolition and recycling industry.

An Overview of White Shark Media Reviews and Handling Complaints

White Shark Media is a company focused on helping the small and medium-sized businesses achieve success through inventive strategies in search engine marketing. The marketing solutions come at a cost-effective and flat fee. This is accompanied with full transparency, administrative access to customer’s Google AdWords account and no contracts. White Shark Media’s key clients include iMarine Inc., Platinum Pro Painters Canada and A Star Movers Texas. The company focuses on service lines, industry focus (advertising & marketing, non-profit, Legal, government and real estate), client focus and SEO (on site optimization, link earning& development and local search).



White Shark Media Reviews



White Shark Media has received a number of positive reviews from its clients due to a work well done. An example is the Veterinary practice digital marketing where the client is involved in creating mobility devices for the pets. The client needed a partner in digital marketing to assist in the management of their website as well as optimizing it to increase sales through pay-per-click and SEO strategies. White Shark Media was given the opportunity to assist the client and the work is still ongoing with no plans of stopping anytime soon. The client offers a positive feedback as they are satisfied by the work done by the company. White Shark Media has helped the client get notable sales increase through great customer service. The client described White Shark Media as a company that is always available when needed and they respond fast to any issues experienced on their website. When the client needed anything new, the company got on it fast.



Platinum Pro Painters is a painting company that has two main offices in the Western and Eastern Canada. The painting company required a partner to head its digital marketing to drive new customers and leads to it. Platinum Pro Painters settled on White Shark Media to deliver SEO and pay-per-click services, and the work is ongoing with no plans of terminating the contract. The painting company praised the dedication showed by White Shark Media in the delivery of top-quality results and working hard in conjunction with its clients. They check in every month with the client to find out if everything is going on well and whether they are happy so far with the services offered.

Typical Complaints and how White Shark Media handles them

Although the company gets lots of compliments, it also has a few complaints from clients. The company owns up its mistakes and then works hard to better its services from the mistakes. The typical complaints fall under clients losing touch with their AdWords campaigns and some clients feeling the communication is not good enough. These have been handled via planned monthly status calls to all clients. Secondly, there are direct extension phone systems to enable clients communicate with their contact persons.


The Secret to Beautiful, Healthy Hair

A woman’s hair defines her. One can be judged by the appearance of their hair and whether it is well kept or not. Every woman out there strives hard to achieve a head full of hair that is healthy and good looking. You must be committed to a routine of maintenance to achieve this. You need to have the proper cleaning shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to have a healthy hair. You need to consult a hair professional to be able to understand the type of products to use on your hair since women have different hair types. You must always ensure that your hair is well maintained whether you decide to go natural or relax your hair. Healthy hair also comes with proper nutrition. You should always ensure you eat a well-balanced diet with lots of veggies and fruits. This will make your hair grow fast and strong.

WEN is a company that deals with hair products that are guaranteed to make your hair look healthy and stylish. The company provides conditioners, shampoos, and styling products. They also offer advice on which products to use depending on your hair type. Wen by Chaz has a broad range of varieties to choose from when it comes to hair care. The company offers tips and tricks on how to achieve the style you want.

Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) is the founder of the company. The hair care company has a quick shop and a salon as well. The company also offers healthy hair kit at the cost of $42.50. Their products are designed to give you a shiny, beautiful, and healthy-looking hair. Wen products also give your hair moisture and manageability. Their sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner is a five-in-one formula. It is used instead of the normal shampoo, conditioner, leave-In conditioner, detangler, and deep conditioner.

More information on Wen’s complete line of products can be found at wen.com. Also check out the WEN product gallery on Facebook.



Google Maps Adds Wheelchair Info

Some of Google’s employees have put the company’s 20 percent policy to good use. The policy grants employees the right to spend 20 percent of their work time on projects unrelated to their main assignment.


For forward-thinking employees, such as Google Drive’s Rio Akasaka, that meant making Google Maps more useful for people with disabilities. He and a small team took time away from their main projects to come up with accessibility guidelines for the map tool.


Now, alongside business hours and reviews, Google Maps will show information about how suitable a venue is for those who need wheelchairs and other accessibility tools. Akasaka believes that this feature benefits everyone who has special access needs, whether that’s being in a wheelchair or using a cane or walker. The information also helps parents with strollers and people who require medical equipment like oxygen tanks, since wheelchair ramps are useful for them too.


The information comes from Google’s local guides. In addition to answering questions about cost, atmosphere and hours, users now comment about accessibility. Google synthesizes info from the majority of respondents and adds it to the listing.


While this might seem like a small thing, it’s immensely helpful for people who struggle with disabilities. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 2.2 million United States citizens use wheelchairs, with another 6.5 million needing mobility devices such as canes, scooters, walkers or crutches.


This comes on the heels of Google’s 2015 Impact Challenge: Disabilities. The tech giant gave more than $20 million in grants to nonprofits that focus on using technology to make life easier for people with accessibility issues. One of the companies, Wheelmap, is working on a similar project to Akasaka’s. With their grant from Google, Wheelmap is creating a tool to collect accessibility information from a variety of sources. They plan to bring it together in one central spot.


Google dropped “don’t be evil” as their motto, but Akasaka and his team prove that a few employees still use it as their guiding principle.


Amazon now Allows Customers to Shop with Their Televisions

On Tuesday, December 13th, the major online retailer, Amazon.com, introduced a new application for Apple TV users.  “Amazon App: Browse, Search, Shop” allows its customers to browse and purchase items using their Television sets. Available for the new, 4th generation Apple TV system, this app includes many of the same functions as the Amazon app for IOS smartphones. Customers can search for items, read reviews, and actually purchase products using this innovative, new application.


In order to actually make purchases with their apple TV, users must be signed up for Amazon Prime, which is Amazon’s version of a VIP membership program. Amazon Prime members receive many benefits, including access to Amazon Video, as well as, free two-day shipping on all orders. Available for a very reasonable price, the membership costs only $99 per year. For those who are frequent Amazon customers, this is a fantastic deal.


Even for those who are not Amazon Prime members, the app allows you to save items to a wish list, which can be accessed on a smartphone or computer any time. Customers can also scroll thorough shopping lists, featured items, and gift guides using their Apple TV remote.


Apple released its 4th generation of the popular streaming device, Apple TV, last October. It is most commonly used for streaming video from channels like Netflix and Hulu. However, apps are available for a wide variety of purposes, including social media and website browsing. The newest version includes a voice control function. The Siri remote, allows shoppers to verbally search for whatever items that they are looking for. This eliminates the struggle of using the keyboard interface with a remote control.


Basically a large-scale version of the Amazon shopping app for IOS, this new Apple TV application could change the way that people shop. If this innovation is successful, there is no doubt that other companies will soon follow in Amazon’s footsteps. At this point however, many reviewers are unsure that the app will actually prove itself useful.