Seattle Provides Top Incomes for Tech Professionals

The technology industry has been considered one of the best industries for finding a job for the past decade. Ever since the recovery from the bubble bursting, the tech industry has been improving and growing at a steady rate. Analysts, software developers, and other tech professionals are frequently sought by startups, established internet-based companies, and even traditional Fortune 500 firms.


While most people consider the Silicon Valley area of Northern California to be the epicenter of the tech industry, there are actually several other major cities located across the country that could provide more professional opportunities. A recent report ( has found that there are several large cities in the country that are competing for the best option for tech professionals in all stages of their careers.


According to the new study, the best city for those looking to enter the tech industry could be Seattle, WA. While Seattle has been known for its tech industry due to Microsoft and other software companies, it has taken a back seat over the past decade. However, that appears to be changing as it now boasts the highest starting salaries for software engineers (average starting salary of $100,000), quality analysts (average starting salary of $87,000), and data analysts (average starting salary of $73,000).


Overall, San Francisco and San Jose boast the highest starting salaries in the tech industry with a starting salary between $110,000 and $115,000. However, the city also is well known for having very high costs of living. When adjusted for costs of living, this market is ranked third behind Seattle and Austin, TX, with Austin having the highest salary when adjusted for cost of living. Some of the other cities located across the country that have high adjusted salaries for tech professionals include Chicago, Dallas, Boston, New York, Denver, and Minneapolis. While starting salary is an important indicator, it is also important that professionals consider the amount of opportunities in the city as well as the strength of the companies headquartered in the area.


YouTube Outdoes TV In Presidential Debate Views

Supposedly it was just a matter of time before YouTube surpasses television in views. YouTube has quickly grown in popularity as more people discovered this type of online software. Even from the beginning, people have gotten to see the advantage of streaming videos. However, it was when it was sold to Google that it has started to grow and expand in many different ways. There have come to be plenty of different channels and even shows released on YouTube that would have never seen the light of day. Then technological advancements have made it so that the videos that were shown on YouTube played virtually as smooth as on other media.

YouTube has already been passing up TV for a few years when the presidential debate was on. Reports have shown that more people were watching the debates from their computer or mobile device than on their television sets. There are plenty of reasons for this development. One of the reasons is that YouTube allows people to watch almost any show they want from YouTube. Plus, there is the ability to interact with the creators of the video. This is something that television did not allow. Another feature of YouTube is that it gives people that ability to connect with others who are watching the video while getting their opinions.

Television has reported only 64 million people watching the debate on that medium with YouTube bringing in 124 million views. This shows how powerful YouTube actually is. Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of YouTube is the ability for the user to upload his own videos. However, in order for one to get views, one is going to have to engage in a lot of marketing so that he can not only get views, but also increase his chances of going viral.

One thing that should be considered is that YouTube and television counts its views differently. Either way, YouTube is turning out to be a viable alternative to television.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner: The Perfect Product for Women

A woman’s hair is one of the most important things to her. Hair is their crown of glory so it’s important that it is beautiful and healthy. When hair is beautiful, the person feels beautiful. There are many products out there that promise shiny, healthy hair but many of those products fall short and sometimes even make your hair worse.

It can be difficult to weed out the bad hair products and find the one that will work. One product that has proven results time and time again is Wen cleansing conditioner. There are many benefits to using cleansing conditioner than the standard shampoo. Cleansing conditioner work by cleaning your hair and conditioning it at the same time. Shampoo is known to strip hair of its natural oils, causing hair to look and feel dry and brittle. A cleansing conditioner moisturizes the the hair and makes it softer after the first use.

WEN is a hair care line created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. WEN eliminates shampoos and introduced the cleansing conditioner to the world. WEN cleansing conditioner gives hair body and shine. It makes hair feel incredibly soft to the touch. WEN is a 5 in 1 system. It contains you shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave – in conditioner. WEN’s cleansing conditioner gives your hair moisture and strength, which is needed to ensure hair is healthy. WEN eliminates all of the harsh chemicals that are found in shampoos. All you get are healthy botanicals to make your hair shine. WEN comes in a wonderful smell called sweet almond mint.

WEN is perfect for the woman who wants beautiful hair without the harsh chemicals. It is for the busy person who needs a 5 in 1 system. It is also for the person who doesn’t want to buy 5 products to do the job one bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner can do.

You can purchase WEN products on Sephora

Why YouTube Is The Most Viewed Source Of Entertainment

Traditionally, people had to go somewhere in order to get entertainment. For one thing, before television there was movie theaters. When people started getting TV screens in their home, there were certain people that were worried about what TV is doing to cinema. Now, YouTube has come out and it has grown to the point that it has surpassed TV in many ways. For one thing, YouTube offers that TV doesn’t. Also, TV offered something that theaters didn’t offer. Television has a smaller screen than movie theaters. YouTube is also often viewed on screens that are much smaller. However, they are also more portable.

One thing that YouTube offers people is the ability to take their entertainment with them as long as they have internet connection. They could also have conversations with other users while they enjoy the content. YouTube is working on advancements in their mobile versions so that people can have an easier time engaging the community while enjoying the content that they have clicked on. YouTube opens up many different ways to enjoy content. They could watch clips and even watch full shows depending on the account and other factors. YouTube also has an In Demand feature where the user could pay for the shows that he wants to watch.

YouTube has become a lot like television in recent years in that there are a lot of ads that are played in front of videos. However, in most cases, the viewer has the option of skipping these ads and going straight to the video. This is a lot better than television where the only choices a person has is to either watch the ads or turn the television down when the ads are on.

YouTube also has a special subscription service that allows people to watch their videos without ads. They just have to pay a monthly fee for access. There are quite a few advantages and disadvantages to the YouTube Red service. For one thing, people may not know about anything upcoming that they may have interest in.

Microsoft Could Soon Lose Its Grip on Russian Market

Microsoft is set for a huge showdown with Russian technology providers. Russian president has already urged officials of the state and corporations to cut down their consumption of foreign technology. As a result, Moscow is contemplating replacing some products from Microsoft with ones produced locally.

For instance, Microsoft Outlook’s email platform could soon be interchanged with a new system developed by the country’s Rostelecom PJSC. The program, which is set to commence soon, will see more than 6,000 computers redeveloped with the new system. If the new software comes to life, then it means Microsoft‘s Exchange Server will have to shut down.

In an article published by Bloomberg, Moscow’s Head of Information Technology Artem Yermolaev told reporters that more than 600,000 computers and servers would be updated with local software developed by New Cloud Technologies. According to Artem, the software will be tested to determine whether it can be used as a replacement for Windows.

Vladimir Putin has been advocating for increased dependence on local technology citing security threats. Putin is also worried about the reliability of foreign technology, especially in handling crucial national programs and databases. This poses a lot of threat to Microsoft because it controls the largest portion of the country’s $3 billion market. The country is also considering increasing taxes on US products following the US shut down of some Russian companies due to their invasion in 2014. Russian authorities have already put in place plans to ensure government agencies comply with the new directives before the end of 2017.

Cisco Systems Inc. will also feel the heat as a result of the switch. The government in Moscow has already replaced their system used in surveillance cameras with a local competitor. Oracle lost its market share when the government decided to switch from its popular database to an open-code system run by PostgreSQL software produced by local developers. If things go this way, Microsoft will soon find itself sidelined in the Russian market.

Google To Introduce Wi-Fi Router

One thing that has been very innovative in the past few years is WI-Fi. Wi-fi has made it a lot easier for people to access internet without having to pay for some extra service. With tablets and cellphones, people have gained the ability to access Internet from almost anywhere. It has also become very convenient for users when they have an emergency that they have to take care of. As a result, they are able get into contact with people they know on social media as well as sending text messages. Also, Wi-Fi is good for those that don’t have unlimited data.

Google has decided to add to the convenience with a router called Google Wifi. This device will be for sale for only $129. This is going to be only one device in a series of other devices that are being released such as Google Pixel, and 4k Chromecast which will be released on Oct 4, 2016. Google is making sure that they offer a lot to their customers so that they could enjoy some of the greatest technological advancements that provide them with entertainment and productivity. There is a lot of advantages that this wireless network has over others.

Among the features that Google Wi-Fi has is that it can link two or more access points together in order to form one giant network for wireless access. This will make it very powerful for people that have a need for internet access a lot of the time. The concept that Google is working with is comparable to OnHub. As of right now, it is uncertain whether a lot of the features that are announced are going to be available at launch.

There are plenty of other pieces of hardware that is planned for audience. For one thing, Google continues to make things easier for people to access the internet and other software. Google has made it easy for people to connect their devices so that if it gets lost, they could more easily find it.

Chinese Tech Centers Are Almost Overtaking Silicon Valley

Recent unfolding events could mean that the Chinese technological centers of Shenzhen and Hangzhou are giving Silicon Valley a hard time in the global market. According to reports, people’s cozy relationship with Silicon Valley is slowly shifting towards the Asian tech regions. This means the centers are giving Silicon Valley a run for its money for the first time in many years.

Over the last seven months, financial technology companies in Asia have raised over $9.6 billion more than double the amount raised by tech companies in North America. According to Accenture, the capital raised from the Asian tech giants is more than twice the amount raised by their North American counterparts during the 2015 fiscal year.

The current shift is mainly due to China’s strict policies that make it difficult for the American technological companies to figure out the world’s second largest economy. Even Uber’s abrupt decision to penetrate the China’s market was met with fierce rivalry from its main competitor Didi Chuxing. The country’s repulsive market for American companies is characterized by an alternate Internet universe marked by dominant homegrown versions of Google, Youtube and Twitter. This has given the tech firms in the country an upper hand in controlling the domestic and African markets with a big margin.

According to tech and financial analysts, the shift has taken a shorter time than was expected. For instance, fintech fundraising in America was 20 times bigger than China in 2010. Six years later, the amount is not more than half. This shift has been characterized by financial declines in a number of tech companies in Silicon Valley.

In addition, most Chinese companies can innovate themselves in the comfort that there is no competition from foreign-based firms. Even those foreign firms who are lucky to make it to the rich market still have difficulties competing fairly with the domestic companies. The companies are also affected by domestic perception and political ideologies. Just a few days ago, we saw Chinese protesters smashing iPhones to oppose the move by Washington to object Beijing’s territorial claims.

Tech firms in China will still continue to enjoy government favor as far as competition against foreign investors is concerned. The current president Xi Jinping is always advocating for a switch from an economic strategy that encourages foreign investment to one that promotes domestic innovations.

Firefox To Support Netflix

Firefox 49 is currently in development. Among the most recent news is that Firefox is able to support the Content Decryption Module from Google. This makes it possible for people to be able to watch Netflix. In other words, people will be able to watch some of their favorite shows and movies as well as some exclusives on one of the most famous and successful streaming services. People who have devices that use the Linux operating system will be able to enjoy the streaming service. This is not only good news for Firefox users, but also for Netflix in that they will get more subscribers.

These days, streaming is all the rage. Streaming is how people get to watch some of their favorite videos and other forms of media. Streaming has come a long way since the days of Real Player when people had to watch lower resolution videos with choppy motion and a constant need to buffer. While streaming services still have the buffering problem, the quality and presentation has vastly improved. People can watch their favorite shows in high definition from any device. They don’t have to buy a DVD or watch it on TV. Also, they could watch full length movies now, compared to the time when one had to settle for two minute clips. The online based streaming services could also be integrated to TV for full viewing enjoyment.

However, the ability to stream Netflix might not happen right away. As usual, there may be some bugs to work out with the new Firefox. However, there is the ability to play Netflix if one is able to manipulate the agent to Google Chrome so that it is possible to watch the shows on Netflix. However, either sooner or later, Chrome users will be able to enjoy the streaming services as well as the content that is offered by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video. With the advent of devices like smartphones and tablets, streaming has quickly become the way to watch media.

OSI Group – A History Of Excellence

The OSI Group is a privately owned American company based in Chicago Illinois. It is a world leader in food production and food production solutions. OSI Group works with other food processors to develop the latest solutions in the industry. The company was started in 1909 as Otto & Sons by a German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. It has since grown to be among the biggest food companies in the world.

OSI Group has a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia supplying food items to major food chains. In a list of 100 largest privately owned American companies, as compiled by Forbes magazine, OSI Group was ranked number 58 with average revenue of 6.1 million USD and over 20,000 employees.

From their commitment to continuous improvement, OSI Group is always developing policies and procedures to sustain health, safety, and environmental practices at the workplace. It has won some of the most prestigious health and safety awards in the industry for maintaining high standards of operations. In the UK alone, the group achieved 5-star ratings in the two highest British Safety Audit schemes. This is a major milestone considering that the food industry is highly regulated by different laws governing standards in the various countries.

In line with its vision of growth, OSI Group acquired defunct Tyson Foods plant in Chicago retaining over 400 employees. OSI Group plans to increase capacity in the plant, therefore; many more jobs will be created.

In a bid to extend its market reach in Europe, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, a company that supplies food items to the UK market. This has opened new opportunities in the UK and beyond. It will also afford the Group’s customers in the region better service. Another OSI group acquisition is Baho Foods based in Netherlands. Baho Foods serves customers in 18 European countries.

OSI Group understands that their most valued asset is its human resource. It, therefore, invests a huge proportion of its capital in developing people. The group has maintained a college internship program for students studying food-related courses for three decades. At OSI Group, they seek the best talent in the market as well as maintain its current employees by creating a good working environment through training and appraisals.

OSI Group invests in equipment development with customer satisfaction being their main motivation. This explains why they have maintained the same customers for decades. Over a century in the market already, OSI Group plans to be here for a long time.

PayTV is Losing Customers

In recent news, Pay TV is losing a lot of customers which is resulting in cord cutting form a lot of companies. People are turning away from pay services that were traditionally offered through the use of cable and Satellite television. While a lot of those companies are probably reeling from this development. This is something that is to be expected with the internet providing a lot of entertainment. Less people are using satellite services in order to watch some of their favorite shows in this changing climate of entertainment. As technology advances, some services are going to become obsolete.

One of the major factors in people cutting their services is internet services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and plenty of other services that offer people the chance to watch some of their favorite shows. Another factor in this is that these services allow people to watch their favorite shows at anytime they want as opposed to having to wait until the next time slot that it airs. People can also binge watch some of their favorite shows at anytime in a similar fashion to marathons. The convenience that people can get from online entertainment goes way beyond the entertainment value that is offered on television. In fact, some of the premium channels are offering similar services where people can watch some of their favorite shows or new shows at anytime they want.

Another factor in the changing industry of television is the cost. A lot of these services are offered at a very low price. Compared to the large amounts of money that come with cable and satellite TV, many people would rather get rid of their pay TV services in order to save money on their entertainment. Companies like DirecTV and Dish Network are faced with the need to adapt with the changing market or else close down. People are enjoying their online streaming services that are being offered to them with the online entertainment services.