The Best Cloud Technology NuoDB!

One day in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jim Starkey and Barry Morris developed a new app called the NuoDB. The NuoDB surpasses any other cloud technology there is. The NuoDB was created in 2008, and has influenced many other developers. The NuoDB is different from all other cloud technologies because you can do so many things from the app. One of the main functions from NuoDB is the ability to move your everyday applications to the cloud. Moving your apps from different places gives people the chance to free up space on their computers and cellphones. NuoDB has became very popular since it was developed in 2008. The NuoDB has made a revenue of over $12 million dollars since 2008.

Another feature that people love from the NuoDB is the ability to build new applications from the cloud database. Because applications are built from the cloud, producers do not have to worry about storage being an issue. With storage not being an issue, developers are able to build apps with huge sizes and not have to worry about the apps taking up space on cellphones or computers. The NuoDB is by far one of the most flexible and cost-effective SQL databases there is. Unlike its competitors, the NuoDB does not have a limit to how much space can be taken up, which is great for new businesses.

Tony Petrello earns big money for big performance

Since its restructuring in 1988, Nabors Industries has become one of the nation’s premier oil services companies. With over 500 land-based drilling operations on five continents, Nabors Industries has become the world’s largest operator of land-based drilling assets in the world.

The company had auspicious beginnings. In the late ‘50s, Nabors Industries was formed as a conglomerate to begin the exploitation of Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay oil fields. This would turn out to be a momentous discovery, eventually resulting in one of the most productive oil fields in North American history. Through the innovation and hard work of Nabors Industries and its employees, the Prudhoe Bay oil field would go on to generate great revenues for the state of Alaska. This was particularly beneficial to the local native populations, who had previously lived under grinding poverty in a state where jobs were scarce and opportunity was nowhere to be found.


But Nabors Industries fell on hard times throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. By 1988, the company was in chapter 11. Without the right leader, the company would have ceased to exist altogether. Management was desperately looking for the right man to lead the company into the future. In 1991, they found someone who they believed was the right match for Nabors Industries. A young mergers-and-acquisitions attorney named Tony Petrello had been working on a number of cases throughout the bankruptcy. He had a broad understanding of the oil services industry and had an incredible background with impressive credentials including a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School and a MS in mathematics from Yale.


Over the next 20 years, Petrello would lead the company in a variety of executive roles. He was instrumental in following a new strategy that involved the development and implementation of hi-tech solutions specifically for the tough oil reserves that at that time were known to exist but were unextractable throughout North America. These included the reserves in the Bakken Shale formation throughout North Dakota and parts of Alberta as well as the Alberta tar sands. This strategy would prove to be highly propitious. As the North American shale and tar sands began to take off, Nabors Industries was positioned to benefit enormously from these reserves.

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The Top SEO Secret You Haven’t Heard Before

SEO is a common term in online marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO

is very important for online business. If you want to start an online business, you need to

learn SEO. This will give great effect for the success of your business. In the last few years,

SEO world has experienced some big changes. Many things have changed in order to follow

the technology development and human’s need. Many people are hunting the secret of SEO.

Today, SEO secret is common sense. The brands that achieve a high rank on the search

engines generally own great content, address their target, and have time to optimize their

sites. If you are interested in knowing the hidden secret of SEO, you are in the right place

now. At this article, I want to share several secrets of SEO. These are some secrets of SEO

that will lead an amazing brand.

a. Avoid over-thinking about it

SEO is the uncertain territory. Almost all marketers are closely in a position where you are

now. They are trying to discover the hidden secret of SEO. You need to hold your mind

off the difficulty. Do not think the secret too much. Over-thinking could ruin your

concentration in managing the website. You should focus on giving the best possibility for

user experience.

b. Keep fresh your content

Providing fresh content is a very great idea. Most people want to get accurate and up-to-

date information when they do research. It is extremely significant to keep the content

updated. Recency is an important ranking aspect in Google’s search algorithm. Moreover,

your audiences do not want to waste their time for reading the dated content. They tend to

choose the fresh content since it is commonly more suitable to the recent condition.

c. Build more relationships than links

Link building is a term that is used by SEO specialists to tell a process of building

credibility. For example, people link to your website when they recognize that your brand

is a source of authority. Some SEO practitioners often take the term ‘link building’ too

literally. The link is the key to rank well in Google. But, some marketers regularly forget

that their links are created upon the relationships with people. Some people may think that

link building technique is now ineffective. But, the link is still an important part of SEO

secret to get high rankings. The basic idea is you need to create unique and stellar content.

You will earn links that could improve your rankings naturally. Do not forget to make

content that is specifically for the purpose of drawing links from journalists, bloggers, and

other online marketers. When you make audience excited with your content, you will

gather more social shares and links. The content includes original surveys or research,

expert interviews, prediction posts, industry infographics, controversial posts, lists of

industry data, and other. One of the best ways to build links is to make connections and

recommend value to bloggers and influencers in your niche. You can use SEO SpyGlass if

you want to see who is linking to your website. You can also identify the possible pattern

with SEO SpyGlass.

d. Prioritize the usefulness

Technology is an essential element of the user experience. In addition, to giving audiences

with informative and helpful content, you can ensure that your website is enjoyable and

easy to browse. You need to optimize your website to become mobile friendly. Currently,

Google stated that more than half of the United States searches are coming from the

mobile device. You may need to use Website Auditor to recognize possible technical

flaws. You can also use it to crawl a site on a consistent basis. You should focus on

serving your viewers’ needs and answering their questions in a comprehensive and

empathetic way. Pay attention to your customers and take the right step to ensure that the

search engines are able to find your content. The visitors prefer a website with a quick

load time. Manage your website so it can provide quick load time.

e. Put the right keyword in the right place. This is important SEO secret. You have to focus

on the right keyword and ensure that you are communicating the right information in a

structured approach. You should put the keywords in the page titles and the main body in

order to increase rankings for the long-tail keywords. If the website structure doesn’t

permit for this, you need to add a news feed or blog to your site and make content around

the topic with the long-tail keywords in the title and the body. You should always make

sure that your content is completely optimized for the specific keywords.

f. Change the keyword research with the customer research. People ask for the help of search

engines when they have some questions. When they have entered your website, they are

likely looking for the instant answers. You need to think of your brand as a publisher and

the source of high-quality information. When your website provides helpful and

informative content like how-to articles, blog posts, and some research you will get many

searches and earn their trust.

g. Don’t disregard the small details. Marketers often focus on optimizing the parts that are

straight to the SEO ranking aspects. They commonly will ignore the small detail. It is

better for you to pay attention to small detail. Your meta descriptions will present the

previews of your website. It is the chance of your brand to set apart from the competitors

on the pages of search engine results and support click-throughs to your site. A well-

organized meta description will lead more traffic to your website.

h. Make a dictionary

This is very efficient SEO secret to rank for a term. Create a dictionary page with

objective and systematic definitions than keyword stuffing. It is very important that the

marketers take their time to make content that could help the audiences learn. The pages

frequently rank highly in the search engines since they are usually very useful to people

who looked for those terms. It tends to place brands as the authoritative sources of

information. If you want to identify the opportunity of potential dictionary terms, you can

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Dr. Edward Honig is the Preferred Cardiologist in the NYC Area

Finding the right cardiologist to oversee your recently diagnosed heart condition can be a challenge. There are many exceptional heart specialists in the New York City area, and finding the one that will provide you with the optimal amount of care and support will help you learn how to live with this specific type of health issue on LinkedIn.

What You Should Know About Cardiologists

There are many people who are not familiar with what a cardiologist does until they are referred to one. A cardiologist is a specialist who has gone through many years of training to diagnose, treat, or prevent the various conditions of the heart and blood vessels.

Cardiologists go to school for close to a decade to obtain all the knowledge and hands-on experience that they need to care for their patients. They also spend several years working in the internal medicine field, allowing them to learn more about all types of medical conditions.

Your general physician may refer you to a cardiologist if you have complained about experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain, or irregular heartbeats. You may also be referred to a heart specialist if your family has a history of heart disease or other similar conditions at

Are There Specific Tests Only Performed by a Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is trained to look for issues with the heart and blood vessels. Sometimes, they need to perform certain tests to diagnose a patient, or to rule out possible diseases. Some of the tests that are commonly performed by cardiologists include a stress test, an echocardiogram, and a cardiac cauterization.

These tests look at the function of the heart to ensure that everything is operating as it should. They can determine if a patient has a heart murmur, measure the limitations of the heart, and check to see if there is any blockage in the arteries that may be causing their symptoms.

Why Should I Visit a Cardiologist?

Anyone who has a history of heart disease or other heart conditions such as congestive heart failure, in their immediate family should see a cardiologist, especially if they are experiencing any of the common symptoms that go along with heart disease on Facebook.

If you are having health issues and your family physician suggests that you see a cardiologist to have more specific tests run, it is best to follow their instructions. Even if all the tests come back negative, seeing heart specialists can help to rule out serious health issues so that you and your doctor can focus on what your true diagnosis is.

Why You Should Visit Dr. Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig has many years of experience as a respected heart specialist. He and his staff see patients who live in the NYC area at his office inside the Glen Cove Hospital. Over the years, he has treated many patients who were diagnosed with common heart issues such as cardiomyopathies, coronary artery disease, diseases of the heart valves, heart defects at birth, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and heart arrhythmia.

Dr. Edward Honig and his staff provide the optimal amount of care and support to their patients. They understand that a diagnosis involving the heart can be an overwhelming experience for you and your family. Therefore, they are available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about the diagnosis, treatment options, and testing that may occur.

When you want to visit the best cardiologist that New York City has to offer, then you should consider making an appointment with Dr. Edward Honig today, or ask your family physician to make a referral.

The Unique Philanthropic Strategy of the Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund, a philanthropic organization focusing on helping the impoverished region of South Africa’s Port Elizabeth Township, has been widely praised for its unique approach to charitable giving, especially its titular “Ubuntu Model.” But the company did not always operate in the unique fashion it does today – indeed when it was first founded by Jacob Lief he structured it much the same as most any old philanthropy outfit, especially in the way the group received donations.


For those that are not aware, most philanthropic groups are not primarily funded by those individuals who create and run them, but rather by a host of different individual donors who are looking to make an impact. This is a easy way to quickly garner a great deal of money but there is one major catch – the donors will often ask for something in return, whether it is a placard with their name on it or a specific utilization of the money (which may or may not be consistent with any given group’s fiscal strategy), ect. This was something Mr. Lief discovered firsthand during the formative days of Ubuntu.


He became exceedingly frustrated with the impositions made upon him and his group by the then donors as they caused the now affluent group to become almost completely inherent – after all, tons of money is useless if one can’t access it. It was after this unpleasant experience that Lief employed the aid of the well known businessman Andrew Rolfe to head up fiscal strategy for the company whereupon the Ubuntu Model was created. In this new model donors would not be sought out nor accepted if they did not wish to simply donate their money to Ubuntu’s goal of revitalizing a poverty stricken South Africa. This meant that, despite having far less total funding, Ubuntu was able to do far, far more than ever before due to the control of their assets. In summation, the old cliche was proved, once again, to be quite true – less sometimes is more.


Nine9 For The 99%

This video is titled Nine9 Is Revolutionizing The Entertainment Industry! Nine9 is an unagency and is pronounced nine nine. They help an aspiring model, musician or actor to get started in the industry. They help you get to the next level since most people are not part of the 1% of talent who have an agent.Nine9 provides the tools and platform for the 99% of talented, hard-working, and driven individuals to get their foot in the door of the entertainment industry without an agent.

Nine9 will help you get more auditions and casting calls. Nine9 uses a proven method to help talents gain more exposure and better casting opportunities to increase their skills. Nine9 Talent Agency works with aspiring models and actors from all ages who dream about succeeding in the entertainment field. Nine9 is always looking for new faces and the next big thing. Nine9 also work with casting people looking for the new talents for business. The video shows an interview with a real Nine9 actress who encourages to go to every auditions and be as outgoing as you can. There is an interview with a casting director who loves to use Nine9 to cast new talents.

There are tips for preparing a photo shoot including grooming, makeups, posing, and outfits. They go over studio policy like being punctual and to be polite. They interview Anthony Tomas who founded Nine9 and is currently the CEO. He started the company to help those who wanted to live out their dream but did not know where to start. He talks about his own childhood memories of being little and not being picked. He felt it was unfair that the popular kids got treated differently. Nine9 name represents the 99%.


E-Governe Prepares Health Care Companies for Their Needs

E-Governe is a company that works to provide support to different health care companies around Brazil. They have been able to help many different companies with all of the options that they need to improve their functioning and to make things better for all of the patients that they have. When E-Governe works with a company, they are able to offer them all of their services. Each thing that E-Governe does is done so that health care companies will be able to be better for their patients and offer them the best services possible.


The support system that E-Governe creates for each of their health care clients is among the best options in the whole country of Brazil. They work to make sure that they can help people through the help that they provide to hospitals and health offices around the country. It is something that they have been able to do each time that they provide services to a new office. The ideas that E-Governe comes up with are innovative because they are made to help people who are using brand new technologies in the health care industry.


One of the best options that E-Governe offers to their clients is the option of storing and distributing pharmaceuticals. They have secure locations that are climate controlled for all of the medications that they store. Health care businesses can take advantage of each of these and that allows them the chance to make sure that they are getting what they need out of the options that they have. E-Governe’s healthcare storage options are among the best in the country and give people the assurance that their products will be protected.


The distribution aspect of E-Governe is also beneficial for health care companies. They can streamline the distribution with the stock and storage options that they have. E-Governe often sets up programs with their clients so that they can make sure that they are able to get their products as quickly as possible. E-Governe recognizes how important it is to have the right stock options and the availability of distribution for their health care clients. They want to be able to have the most efficient process possible for all of their health care clients and they know that stocking and distributing products is the easiest way to make sure that it is an option for the people who need the products.


E-Governe knows how important the health care industry is. They also know how difficult it can be for health care companies to get all of the options that they need. For this reason, they work to provide people with the specific options that they need to effectively run their health care companies. By doing this, E-Governe is able to provide their customers with everything that they need for their clients. They always work to make sure that they are supporting health care companies so that the health care companies will be able to support the citizens of Brazil with their medical support.

Renown Health, Nevada’s Top Not-for-Profit Healthcare Provider

Duane Johnson at reports Renown Health has opened a new family practice clinic in the Summit Mall in South Reno to cater for primary care service and lab services in the area. This is Renown’s 12th primary care clinic in Reno. In a telephone interview with NNBW, Dr. McCormack, the Medical Director of Renown Health explained that the facility is intended to increase healthcare services in a more conducive and relaxed medical environment for its patients. There is the flexibility in the space for a conference room where staff can meet with patients on health care matters. The South Reno clinic has a staff of 11 and there are plans to bring a primary care physician and additional nurse practitioner in the nearest future. Renown Health is driven by the desire to provide the much needed primary care clinics in Northern Nevada for the growing population, improved economy and greater access to health insurance.

Renown Healthcare Group is a leading healthcare network in Northern Nevada and the only locally owned not-for-profit healthcare in Reno. It successfully operates a network of hospitals in Reno, private primary care doctors, urgent care centers, laboratory services, x-ray and imaging services and many other medical specialists. As a not-for-profit governed healthcare network, all earnings are reinvested into programs, people, and equipment to better serve their continuants. It also provides the local dwellers the opportunities to play various roles in the governing the group. Currently, the Group has community 150 members who serve on its boards and in other advisory capacities. Click here to know more.

Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH is the president and CEO of Renown Health Group, a healthcare network with 15 business campuses with four boards of trustees. The members of the boards provide guidance to the CEO and his team in the day-to-day operations of the group. The board members take pride in offering their time and talent to ensure the Group provides first class healthcare services for northern Nevada community.

Amazon Alexa Talks More Like Human With Pauses, Whispers, And Emotion

The digital assistant system of Amazon, Alexa is going to sound more like human with emotions, whispers, and pauses. Per the announcement from Amazon, the new skills will be added soon to enhance the total experience of the digital assistant from the online retailer. The new skills come in the form of Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and would even “bleep” out words.



The skills are handed over to the Alexa app developers, and it would help them to offer customized voice experience through their apps with better control on volume, emotion, and intonation. While Amazon allows considerable changes in modulation of the voice, there are limitations set by the firm to control the extremeness including high pitch. There are five speech standards, or SSML have been added to the system, and that includes whispers, emphasis, substitutions, expletive beeps, and prosody.



Interestingly, the U.K. and German developers got “speechcons” introduced in their market. It would help the developers to add country specific phrases into the Alexa. Earlier this year, the online retailer launched the feature for the first time in U.S. with some limited words. Now, people in U.K. may experience “Bada-bing” or “Boom” in Alexa like how U.S. customers experience “gotcha,” “ahem,” and more. Experts suggest that the new advancement in the personal assistant system can add more fun similar to how Apple transformed Siri to a more engaging platform.



It was in November 2014, Amazon unveiled the digital assistance system through its smart speaker called Amazon Echo. The retailer behemoth focused on expanding the platform and created an option for app developers to add new skills. From the primitive stage in the initial days, Alexa grew as a highly useful digital assistance system with the addition of more than 12,000 skills until the date. Apart from voice interaction and providing various updates, the platform is also beneficial to control the smart devices. Most of the electronics and home appliances manufacturers are now supporting the Alexa platform.



The big four companies in tech are in a real fight to capture the digital assistant market which is reported to touch $15.8 billion by 2021. Apple Siri can’t integrate with Android devices; Microsoft Cortana is mostly trapped into the limited Windows platform; Google Assistant is struggling with its still-primitive smart speaker system called Google Home. This gives a greater opportunity for Alexa to capture the market by adding more skills and enhancing the experience.


Aura: The Next Step Towards Complete Security

Technology is continually advancing, be it in the entertainment sector, practicality for the consumer or even in weapons and mechanism for war. This week, a company named Cognitive Systems Corporation, founded in 2014 is already shaking up the news with their fantastic new release to the market.



They are a company focused on applying cognitive sensors into technology and allow it to surpass the existing equipment that exists today, for a wide variety of themes.



They have announced their newest contribution to modern home security systems, and it surpasses any functionality that a camera or a traditional movement sensor by mixing the best of both worlds.



It’s called “Aura:” A small white box that has the cognitive power to cover an entire house and warn if any trespassers are sneaking in. The gadget utilizes a base station inside the box and another receptor that is placed somewhere else in the house, away from the Aura box.



Now, the signals that the product emits will return to it and warn if there is any significant movement detected. It can also tell you who is moving; if you remember to register their smartphone in the system.



Aura utilizes Radio Frequencies (RF), and it successfully covers an entire house. Because of how the cognitive sensors have to detect movement anywhere within the walls of the building, the RF is the best option to be utilized as it travels the entire space and returns in a matter of milliseconds.



More information on how the Aura system operates can be found on their official website,, or in a news article posted by Matthew Braga, a technology reporter, at CBC News:



Aura will surely define a new way to look at the Home Security market, as there is a new way to protect a space without relying on cameras and other sensors that cover a small area. Because cameras cannot be placed in the bathroom, and that made it one of the most appealing places to use to sneak into someone’s house. Aura, however, is programmed to detect even the smallest spaces inside those walls.



But not everything comes without a bit of extra refinement. Manku and Hind, leading developers of the project, laughed at how Aura still has to be better adjusted to ignore minimal movements produced by pets. However, the rotatory circulation of a fan or the weaving of the curtains, for example, is always eliminated by the system.