Andrew Rolfe And His Aid To Children Through The Ubuntu Fund

Jacob Lief is the chief executive and founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund. The fund is designed to aid vulnerable children in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. He has changed his strategy and donors will no longer be able to stipulate how the money is spent in regards to the children. He simply wants it to be spent on the best possible current support for the children. Andrew Rolfe also offers assistance in his role as chairman of the board for the fund.

The organization is known as the Ubuntu Model and by working with the communities and families are able to promote the education, health and stability each child requires to escape from poverty. Part of what the board as well as Andrew Rolfe accomplishes is finding donors to help without strings. Most of the donors want their money spent in a specific way and this has caused problems for the fund.

One of the most demanding benefactors was Peter Lewis who once boycotted charities for an entire year. Andrew Rolfe and the board also had to deal with a long legal battle regarding Albert Barnes’s art collection. When he died there was a stipulation the collection could not be changed at all and it took a great deal of time just to have the collection moved.

Establishing a working balance between the recipient and the donor takes hard work. There are discussions, clashes and conflicts to be resolved. This is more difficult with some firms than with others. Overall Andrew Rolfe feels the relationships between the donors and the charities have improved. When a donor tries to throw their weight around the situation is quickly addressed and resolved. What needs to be reinforced is that the Ubuntu Education Fund is trying to help the children. This is the focal point.


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