Acquisition by Snapchat Suggests 3D Selfies in the Future

As can be expected from the fastest-rising online social network, Snapchat is entering an acquisition phase with the goal of offering enticing features to their growing user base.

The company’s latest acquisition suggests that Snapchat users could take three-dimensional selfies in the near future, but there may also be a potential for virtual reality applications.

Snapchat quietly acquired Seene, a tech startup dedicated to the field of computer vision. As a company, Seene started doing business as Obvious Engineering, and its immediate focus was on developing applications that allow smartphone cameras to capture 3D image data for advanced rendering.

Seene is dedicated to the mobile space and the opportunities it offers for computer vision applications. The research and development conducted thus far by Seene has focused on interpreting motion and visual depth data captured by mobile devices with the goal of 3D reconstruction.

What is unique about Seene is that it seeks to accomplish something very similar to what Microsoft has done with the Kinect peripheral for the Xbox; however, it does not require several cameras and sensors to detect motion. With a single smartphone camera and an app, Seene can capture geometry data that can be translated into a 3D object.

Since Snapchat users seem to be obsessed with selfies, it can be safely assumed that this latest acquisition could be used for self-portraits and avatar creation. As Seene continues its research and development, geometry and motion data can be captured to make short 3D videos, which are the lifeblood of Snapchat.