77% Of Ad Blocker Users Feel Guilty About It

Ad blockers have been around for years, but it seems that consumers are regretting their decisions. The ad tech startup Gladly recently did a survey of 238 random people and found the vast majority(77% to be more precise) appear to regret their decision to use software that prevents them from viewing ads, which in turn provides revenue for the sites they browse. Online ads are commonly regarded by most web users as either an annoyance or a drain on their bandwidth usage. Despite this, online ads are absolutely necessary for virtually all websites in order to keep their websites up and running.

The survey participants may have regrets over the use of ad blocking software, but websites that force users to turn off their ad blockers were considered especially annoying by the sample. 30% of survey takers claimed they are less likely to view websites that do not give them an option. The participants considered websites that require them to either turn off their ad blockers or whitelist the website, less appealing.

The majority of those using ad blocking software often had practical reasons. Many websites use pop up ads or videos that automatically play in the background. This can slow down the speed of the website or prove costly for users who have ISPs, internet service providers, that only offer capped data plans. Ad blockers allow them to browse websites faster than they would be able to if the ads on their favorite websites were allowed to run.

Fortunately it does seem that they are willing to make exceptions for some of their favorite websites. Most ad blockers come with the option to allow ads to run on certain websites. This gives content providers a means of convincing consumers to run ads if they enjoy the website they are currently browsing. Those websites that provide their users with an enjoyable experience are often whitelisted and willing users will view the ads without complaints.