Artificial Intelligence Features Are The Next Big Thing in Technology

Though the writers of science fiction books and movies have long foretold of the dangers or artificial intelligence, it seems that the tech world is eager to introduce more products that make use of this cutting edge technology. Yes, the Age of Artificial Intelligence Software has officially begun, and if developers have anything to say about it, this age will last for some time to come.

Recently,, a site that sells software to sales/marketing companies, made the announcement that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology would officially be making its way into their products. The company is known for its Einstein system, and the plans are for this system to make use of A.I. to help businesses better understand which leads to follow for sales and which products it should focus on developing in the future. is not the only big company that recently made announcements about A.I. driven software. Oracle – the biggest software company in the world – announced that it will bundle new technology into its systems which allow up-to-date analysis of huge amounts of data. This new features is built upon A.I. technology and is named, aptly enough, “Oracle A.I.)

General Electric is also getting in on the Artificial Intelligence software craze. IBM calls its A.I. line “Predix.” Many are already familiar with this new software offering because of commercials that feature GE’s Watson having conversations with musician Bob Dylan.

Nearly every industry, from agriculture to manufacturing, are beginning to demand software solutions that have some sort of A.I. features. While it may still be some time before we see Artificial Intelligence take off the way it does in Sci-Fi movies (and no one really wants to see most of those scenarios play out in real life, anyway) it does look like A.I. features are going to soon be common in lots of new software products that are poised to hit the market in the near future. Many of these programs are going to essentially comb through data to help companies make the most of trends, but new uses for A.I. are sure to come to fruition as it becomes more commonplace.