Airbnb Tech Company is Designing a Beam Cellular Device That Will Enable Phone and Wi-Fi Connectivity in Regions with Poor Communication Links

Woe betide you if you are traveling abroad, and suddenly you find yourself cut off from the rest of the world simply because you have run out of internet data. The unexpected loss of communication links is not unusual or life-threatening; however, it is a very annoying and inconveniencing experience to all travelers. You might inadvertently leave without paying for roaming services or cellular data from your country of origin, and then on reaching your destination, you are confronted by pricey data plans and SIM cards or terribly slow Wi-Fi signals. Many people traveling around the world have in the past found themselves in this desperate situation.



The good news is that this is going to be a thing of the past because a tech company known as Airbnb is developing a new concept of communication by designing a beam modem that will assist tourists who, out of the blues, find themselves without access to cell services or access to the internet. The new device will make it possible for you to stay connected with the rest of the world by enabling downloads of valuable information about your tour. The headaches and near panic circumstances caused by inconvenient, slow, and extremely expensive cell networks, and Wi-Fi sy stems will cease to exist. The device will circumvent the need for a direct connection to a network by connecting to external web service providers.



Airbnb is in the process of patenting the product, and the Beam Device Architecture will bring relief to many people who might get themselves between a rock and a hard place when they are far away from home. It will enable you to identify restaurants, famous destinations, and landmarks. The tech company is a startup with an estimated revenue turnover of over $30 billion, and the device will be its first shot at hardware manufacturer. Through collaborations with other organizations like Vivint, the tech agency is also working on other things like connection home features, and gaining keyless access points. The innovation will be similar to other access technologies such as smart TVs, bitcoin, and intelligent artificial travel assistants. The beam device will consist of three elements, namely; the laser modem, an API server, and a computer or iPhone.