Changes Are Coming to Amazon’s App Ecosystem

Most people were somewhat befuddled when Amazon decided to roll their own varient of the popular android operating system. Over time they’ve managed to create a real niche for themselves. Amazon’s version of Android is usually different enough to justify itself. But at the same time it’s similar to other versions of Android that one can expect some degree of compatibility. In fact, many Android users have come to count on that compatibility over the years. Amazon has had a continual marketing effort in play almost right from the start. They’ve been luring people into their unique app ecosystem by offering access to their app store to the vast majority of android devices.


It’s usually a win win situation for android users and Amazon alike. Amazon will, of course, benefit from having android users look around their app ecosystem. Their own version of android is specially tailored to that app system. The end result is that people will have some motivation to go with amazon based android products in the future. For a long time now, android users have had a big benefit as well. They’ve been able to get a continual stream of discounted apps. Amazon regularly offers free purchases of apps which normally have a price tag attached to them. It’s a marketing tactic that has been quite effective over the years. Many people have tried to compete with Google’s app store over the years. But at the moment Amazon is the only company that’s really succeeded in doing so. Their free apps are considered one of the main reasons for this success.


But Amazon recently announced that they’re planning to end this practice. Users might find themselves disappointed. But it’s actually good news, at least in some ways. The best part is that Amazon will be keeping the service going at least until 2019. The best part for fans of Amazon’s version of android is that this signals a resounding success for the company. The free apps were a big financial hit to Amazon that was being undertaken in hopes of long term profit as more and more people gave their android variant a try. One can take this change of policy to mean that Amazon now considers their android products to finally be able to stand fully on their own when competing against vanilla builds of android.