Android Creator Tackles Samsung and Apple

Andy Rubin, creator of the Android operating system, is now the CEO of the startup “Essential”. The goal of Essential is create innovative and tech forward gadgets. Their first offering is the Essential PH-1, a cell phone which he hopes will rival Samsung and iPhone in popularity. Recently, Rubin conducted an interview with Steve Covich, of Business Insider-Tech Insider, in which he discussed his future plans in full (


Rubin’s plan is to create a platform upon which products will be compatible across all operating systems. With his platform, these products will be able to “speak” across the board to all existing devices. And in doing so, companies will be able to support the efforts other companies and the products that they offer.


Rubin states that his Essential Home product is not only a touch interface, but it also has an array of microphones that support far-field speech recognition. With his operating system, Rubin plans to extend developer capability to the mass-market consumer. He plans for the consumer to have a drag-and-drop capability when creating programs.


Rubin feels that consumers become complacent with two companies owning 40% of the market and are not inspired to come up with new innovations. With his Essential Phone, Rubin invites consumers to participate in the development of future cell phone technology. Rubin feels that the era of cell phone innovations has passed and the market is now saturated with lack-luster phone upgrades. Rubin’s goal is to “continuously produce innovation and show it to the consumer happening in real time.”


Rubin’s plan includes products that are completely wireless, including cell phones and laptop. He feels that consumers deserve better than devices that are useless when their connectors become obsolete. Rubin also has plans to keep his products at a reasonable price in order to reach more consumers.