Michael Zomber’s Passion

Update August 31st, 2016:
Michael Zomber appeared on the June 12th edition of the iUniverse podcast to talk about his book, Shogun Iemitsu. During the interview, Michael talks about his inspiration for writing the book, his love of Japanese culture, as well as history at large. Definitely worth a listen if you’re interested in hearing a different side of this famous author, in his own words.

Are you passionate about antique arms? Michael Zomber is, and he’s sharing his passion with the world. Zomber has been collecting antique arms and armor for the last forty years, and he desires to share as much of his knowledge as possible. One of his outlets for sharing his experience and knowledge is the History Channel. With a documentary series on guns, Zomber will assure you that guns aren’t his only passion.

Michael Zomber

His love for samurai swords has driven him to share more through writing screenplays and his gift of storytelling has riveted thousands. Historical novels written by Zomber shed light on the reason why these antique weapons are special and will have a great influence on future readers and historians. Zomber’s expertise has made him an internationally known history expert, and his documentary about Bushido, Soul of the Samurai put him on the map as a respected historian.

Zomber and his wife have their own film company, Renascent Films LLC. Due to the nature of this topic, Zomber thought it was wise to become a part of organizations that foster peace. Living in Philadelphia, Zomber and his family fit right in with many of the antique experts that live and work in the area.

There is a way, and there is a warrior way. For Michael Zomber, an expert on Samurai culture, the warrior way, also known as Bushido, is the lifeblood for how one should conduct him or herself.

For Zomber, that means applying the principle in many different arenas. His interests, hobbies and his work are often intertwined.

On any given day, he can be found serving as a producer for an independent film, or writing another book (he has authored five–Shogun Iemitsu, Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me, Park Avenue, and A Son Of Kentucky). He might also be on the set for the History Channel serving as an expert and historian for shows like “Tales of the Gun”.

In all of these roles, he is undergirded by a keen intellect and interest that is reminiscent of the Bushido he has long studied–morality, honor and discipline help center him.

If you had to distill all that Zomber does, it could be done by saying he tells stories. That is not a stretch given his undergraduate and graduate degrees in literature from UCLA. As an author, the story telling is obvious, but it also spills over into his filmmaking, which he and his wife Andrea oversee through their company, Renascent Films. Through Renascent, they produce and distribute independent films.


His affiliation with the History Channel is a perfect fusion of his hobbies and his work. For 40 years, he has collected antique guns and armory. His storytelling gift shines on shows like “Tales of the Gun” because it is accompanied by his deep understanding and appreciation for the culture and craftsmanship of the weapons highlighted on the show.

Even in philanthropy, Zomber’s core beliefs shine through. He and Andrea are vocal and visible supporters of organizations at home and abroad, that improve the lives of people through de-escalating war and conflict, and greater access to resources that lead to better health and education outcomes.

“We support various philanthropic organizations based on our values of love, compassion and peaceful resolution of conflict,” say the Zombers. Those beliefs have been passed down to their children, Gabriella and Christopher.

Passion, combined with Michael Zomber’s deep intellect and wide-ranging expertise make him a sought after guest for radio and television.

Given the wide range of projects he has excelled at thus far, it is difficult to guess what his next move will be.  Check out Michael’s bio for more information, and be sure to follow him on Facebook.