Solution to Missing AirPods Problem Taken Away by Apple

Ever since it was announced that the iPhone 7 would be doing away with the headphone jack, there have been a number of complaints. One of the biggest was how easy it would be to lose the small wireless AirPods. This fear did come to pass for many users once they began using the AirPods. With a $69 replacement fee, it’s understandable that losing one of these would be more than just a matter of frustration. When an app called “Finder for AirPods” arrived in the App Store, there was finally a great solution to this problem. At least, it was a good solution until Apple removed the app without explanation.

Finder for AirPods relied on the BlueTooth signal to locate the AirPods. This system was inarguably imperfect. It couldn’t pinpoint an exact location but instead would just show you if you were close or getting closer to the source of the signal. This method of location would also only work if the AirPods still had battery life. Despite the app’s limitations, it was certainly better than the default option of nothing at all.

Apple has not commented on why the app was deemed unsuitable for the App Store and removed. The app’s developer told Mac Rumors that “Apple reportedly did not like the idea of people locating their AiPods.” Some users are speculating that the answer lies in the bottom line. If people can’t find their AirPods, they’ll have to buy new ones, a good profit stream for Apple.