Live streaming app hits the top of the App Store charts

The top spot in the Apple App Store has just been taken by a new streaming app., a streaming app from, took the spot over even the App Store’s most popular apps, including Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. finished rolling out to its user base earlier this month, and it has received over 500,000 downloads since its release in May. is similar to existing apps like Facebook Live and Periscope in that it allows users to broadcast what they’re doing in real time to a large audience. Live streaming apps have been growing in popularity, especially among teens, and tech companies are investing heavily in what seems to be a promising field. brings hot off the heels of its other popular app, also called, hitting the top of the same charts last year. In the year following,, an app for creating music videos, has received over 100 million downloads across both Apple and Android platforms. is integrated into the existing user base, giving it a vast number of potential users.

Apps such as represent a new force in the app market. With social media growing faster than ever before, it only makes sense for apps to come out with new, creative concepts, as did by allowing users to dub their voices over popular songs. Time will tell if can prove itself in the market, however, as it faces stiff competition from Facebook and Twitter’s own apps.