Apple tvOS 10 and New Remote App Under Beta Testing

The fourth-generation Apple TV will soon be receiving the tvOS 10 update, in addition to a new remote control app for iOS. This new app will work just like the current Siri Remote.

The new Apple TV Remote app and tvOS 10 are in their late stages of development and already available to registered developers who want to beta test them. While some have expected the new app to be a simple update of the existing iPhone Remote app, it is actually a total revamp. Developers who have tried the Remote app reported that it is very easy to use. To start, the user will need to add their Apple TV, which their iPhone will do by searching the local Wi-Fi network. The Apple TV will be paired to the iPhone once a four-digit code displayed on the TV screen is entered into the app.

The user interface is quite intuitive and anyone who used the Siri Remote before will quickly figure it out. However, it is worth noting that the app lacks one feature that is available on the Siri Remote: volume control. The remote has an infrared blaster that can be used to control legacy devices, such as TVs, soundbars or receivers, while the iPhone lacks IR capability.

Apple is using the beta testing phase to get feedback from developers and correct any problems with the app. Both the new tvOS and the Remote app are expected to be available in fall.