Luiz Carlos Trabuco On Bradesco Leadership

In the recent events of the Bradesco organization companies, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was announced as the new chairman of the board of directors. Trabuco was the vice president before the resignation of the Lazaro Brandao, his predecessor. He recently commented that the Brandao choose his name after critical thinking and planning of his departure.

He told the press that he believed his extensive career brought him forth to being considered by Lazaro for the Chairman position of the company. The enthusiastic leader went ahead to confirm that among the members of the board, the selection of the next president to run the Bradesco group would originate from the Board.

The announcement of Brando’s resignation came at 91 years of the running of the council. He had run the committee since 1990. Bradesco also announced Trabuco’s position as Chairman of the board a day prior the resignation of Brandao. Trabuco now holds the chairmanship of the committee in both twin companies which include BBD participacoes and Fundacao Bradesco. The initiative for Bradoa’s resignation came directly from him a confirmed by the interview previously had with the media. He pointed out that there was the need to have a competent counsel which made his succession inevitable and necessary at the same time. His family could not agree more as they seem to be in support of his decision to resign. He also gave Trabuco credit for having the ablest and essential skills to take up the position. Brado described the new president as a natural with all the conditions to deliver excellent performance.


The acquisition of HSBC had motivated the extension of Trabuco’s Mandate. This addition was the change of rules that had allowed Trabuco to remain the Chief executive officer of the Bradesco. The Company, later on, made an announcement proposing raising the age limit of the Chairman From 65 years to 67 years. This proposal would automatically set Trabuco off the presidency. Trabuco’s mandate w extension was because of convenience due to the closing of HSBC acquisition. It happened as the council felt unprepared to decide the fate of some of the company’s staff. Trabuco holds both positions. It shall be the case until the first meeting of the collegiate which happens after the shareholders have met. The meeting is scheduled for March 2018.

The rise of the Trabuco saw the Bradesco Board hold a vacant post. The Board comprises of eight members some from the Aguiar family and other former bank executives. The plans are for the numbers of the board to remain constant. However, the successor of the bank has not been in consideration. Due process in regards to the selection of the rightful successor shall be held out using the standard criteria for analyzing the selected options regarding talents, skills, qualification, and efficiency to reach to the right successor.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started his career in 1969 at Banco Bradesco. He climbed the ranks by his selection as director in 1984 and later on became the vice president in the year 1999.He took the role of the chairman of the Bradesco Seguros Group for over 5years before being elected as the chief executive officer in 2009 at Banco Bradesco.

He also holds the chairman of the board of Directors of Elo participacoes SA and also got involved in the strategic committee of Vale SA as a member among other positions. He previously held positions as president of the insurance group and president of Bradesco Vida e Previdencia among different significant positions.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has an extensive background in banking and leadership and remains one of the most qualified in his profession. He graduated from Sao Paulo, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and held a post-graduate degree in socio-psychology from the school of Sociology and Politics Foundation at Sao Paulo.

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Entrepreneur Of The Year Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Powerful Leadership

There’s good leadership, and there’s powerful leadership. Good leadership is the kind where the leader has skin in the game, which is a term that Nassim Taleb coined about leaders who will let the harm affect them first before transferring it to others. The powerful leadership is the kind where skin in the game inspires other members to do the same. This powerful leadership is shown in the executive leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco when he took over Bradesco’s presidential role last March 2009.

When Cappi became the president of Bradesco, his administration brought growth to the bank’s areas that he was leading, even after losing the bank’s ranking over its rival Itau Unibanco. It is not, however, the goal of Trabuco to just lead and do nothing about the real effective impact to the people. He said that doing what is right for his job is imperative for him to achieve the goal he set to better the lives of his employees.

Luiz is also known for making bold leadership moves. After the approval of the bank’s Chairman of the Board Lazaro Brandao, Luiz bought the Brazilian branch of what is now a famously known global bank brand, HSBC. For a total of $5.2 billion, Brazil has now seen one of the largest bank acquisitions in the market and will reestablish Bradesco as a leading brand in the banking industry.

With this bank purchases, it’s now easy to see how Bradesco will remain in the lead and will continue to outperform Itau Unibanco in at least three categories: number of account holders, branch network and the total number of investment funds. It is also easy to see how Bradesco will outperform the competition in the areas of assets, loans, and deposits granted to their shareholder.


The leadership for HSBC that Luiz was able to establish will secure him the name of being able to conquer the market in the fastest way possible. In an interview with MONEY, Trabuco mentioned that the HSBC purchase was one of the examples that proved what organic growth of a bank would translate and bring.

After getting a green light of the bank purchase in the first quarter last 2016, Trabuco received the Entrepreneur of The Year in Finance award by Money mainly because of his stunning performance and leadership for the sector.

The Man Behind The Award
Born in Marília last 1951, Trabuco enjoyed his early years in the city of Bradesco where his place of origin is. Educational training of Trabuco started when he took up and studied from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters of the University of São Paulo. In 1969, Trabuco began his work as a finance man for various institutions, until he managed to get through the hierarchy levels before becoming the President of Bradesco. This event didn’t happen, though, until he was able to prove his worth at Bradesco Seguros by running it from 2003 to 2009.

His performance for the bank is measured using various metrics, and one of those was his contribution to the bank’s growth. With about 30% of an increase in Bradesco’s profit since he started, he has proven his worth. Immediately after Trabuco got into the president position, he created what is now known as the corporate university to seek the various forms of methods needed to renew cadres of leadership. His effort to reach out to the different executives of the bank also proved that his direction style is organic.

Another significant contribution that Trabuco offered for Bradesco is the establishment of the rituals that gave autonomy to anyone he promoted. He believed that rituals and ceremonies play a dramatic role in encouraging real leadership in the executives. What he does for this aim is that he gathers all the executives at the Noble Hall, which is considered the most solemn area of the bank, and then he asks all the officials to make a speech, detailing their plan of actions, positions, and strategies for the bank’s growth. It is indeed an innovative way of handling executives that no other leader seems to do.

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Martin Lustgarten: How To Get Investment Banking Advice

UPDATE: October 26th, 2016: Martin Lustgarten has been working with an expert team to get a leg up on the future of investment banking. Below, he shares more about potential changes and improvements in the industry.

Are you trying to find a viable investment opportunity to get into? Do you want to know where to get quality guidance or advice on investment banking, financial services or management, or wealth management advisory? There are many professionals offering a wide range of investment solutions, including investment banking but it is important to choose wisely.

Choosing an investment banking firm or advisor is one of the most crucial business decisions that an investor will make, and deciding between a generalist or a specialist firm is not a simple decision for many.

As agents, investment banking professionals have multiple roles. These professionals perform market research in the form of legal and market analysis prior to the investment taking off.

Investment banking advisors provide companies with expert advice and guidance on their investment goals. These advisors formulate strategies on behalf of their clients for disinvestment, and also guidance on transactions involving mergers or acquisitions. Reliable investment banking professionals utilize procedures that aim to maintain higher quality of services and keep track of the emerging trends in the industry. Good investment banking also incorporates risk management solutions in order to streamline the flow of capital.

Martin Lustgarten is a leading trusted advisor to his clients, which include business owners, entrepreneurs, big companies, corporations, financial sponsors, financial management firms and beginning investors. He has been advising and guiding clients for years and has a good grasp of the investment industry, particularly, investment banking. He strives to provide the best quality advice and guidance and execution excellence on all of the transactions he handles. He is well versed in dealing with the most complex transactions in order to help his clients grow.

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Dallas Bank Sponsors Entrepreneurship Event For Youth


Nexbank, a Dallas, Texas based financial institution is announcing a sponsorship of a major entrepreneurship event for North Texas youth. The bank will be sponsoring Lemonade Day, which will take place throughout the Dallas metro area on May 7th. During Lemonade Day, youth will be opening up lemonade stands throughout the Dallas area as a way to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Result
Nexbank is proud to sponsor the event again and hopes that local youth will take away valuable lessons in business, finance and entrepreneurship from the lemonade stands that that they will be running throughout Dallas. VP and chief executive officer of Nexbank Mr. John Holt says the event will help prepare the up and coming business leaders and entrepreneurs from the Dallas metro area. There is no better way to understand the concepts involved in running a business than to try and open up your very own business.

The lemonade stand is a simple, easy business model. However it requires financing, marketing, creativity, initiative and leadership to be successful. Getting kids involved in such an endeavor is a fun way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of business. Nexbank predicts this year’s event will be a great success.

Nexbank is a financial institution that offers a full suite of banking services including commercial banking, investment banking and mortgage banking. The bank’s commercial banking sector covers individual deposits in the form of checking accounts, saving accounts, CD’s and business accounts for small businesses. The investment banking sector deals primary with corporate clients and other financial institutions. Nexbank’s mortgage banking division is responsible for loaning out millions of dollars in home loans to people in the Dallas area.

Nexbank is currently being led by Mr. James Dondero. He is a leading hedge fund manager from the Dallas, Texas area. Under his guidance Nexbank has rapidly expanded its share of the market in the North Texas area. It has also posted strong quarterly growth rates in the past couple of years that have exceeded expectations.

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An Insight on Brazilian Financial Advisor Igor Cornelsen

At the end of 2014, the banking industry across the world was scratching its head, while Brazil banks recorded growth in their revenues. Two major private banks in Brazil; Banco Bradesco (BBD), and Itau Unibanco saw their net-profit for the third quarter increase by 28 and 36 percent respectively. According to an investment expert and a former top banker from Brazil, Igor Cornelsen, excellent market knowledge and wide experience over a number of years have made Brazilian banks stand out among others in the world. He cites an example where private banks in Brazil only targeting high worth borrowers.

This strategy applied by top banks streamlines the costs and also it a form of security of mitigating risks. Igor Cornelsen says that clients with less creditworthy only focuses on public financial institutions, cash based spending or abandon their business strategy, and this is a major challenge that is facing the country’s economy. Igor believes that the government of Brazil should work on reforming the market and the fiscal austerity. Igor Cornelsen on resume is concerned why investors are still focusing on Brazilian market despite these harsh challenges from the banking sector. However, he says the country has a lot of natural resources, and the need for infrastructure development to accommodate the rising population has made Brazil a hotbed of investments in South America.

Igor Cornelsen believes the fact that Brazil is ranked eighth among countries with large economy in the world, and also being South American largest economy are some of the factors it has managed outperformed other emerging economies. On top of that, there are 10 major publicly and privately owned investment and commercial banks. Banco Itau is one bank that has experienced tremendous growth since 2008 when it merged with Unibanco.

The financial expert is advising Brazilian to pay attention to China because the two countries are trading partners. In fact, Igor says that the economies of the two countries are linked intrinsically. When the economy of China is Stronger implies that Brazilian raw materials will fetch good prices. The expert urges countries to keep watch on all related market opportunities in order to understand the investment strategy that would make them achieve more success and profits.

Another step Brazilian economy has take is to avoid current account deficit. Over the last two years, Brazilian Central Bank has belling selling dollars at the local markets and this has played significant role of preventing depreciation of local currency. In addition, the government appointed a new finance minster, who according to Igor Cornelsen has what it takes to bring fiscal reforms needed for the country. The new minister has a PhD from the University of Chicago, and previously worked at the IMF.