Overnight Financial Success Is Excluded From Igor Cornelson’s Investment Strategy

The most important aspect of an investment opportunity, to be successful, is in knowing the right amount of capital that should be allocated in order to bring the best future financial return. That type of knowledge only comes with experience and a core foundation of investment skill.


Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker who has the experience and the foundation, and he also has the business integrity to support it. Igor has been in the investment community, for decades, and he is a prominent resource, for many who seek his expertise. As a highly-respected investment banker, Igor has made some of the most-lucrative investments, for clients, and some of the largest banking institutions that scale across the entire world.


A great amount of those investments have been made in Brazil, where Igor is a native. However, he spends half of his time in South Florida allowing him the ability to engage within the U.S. markets, for investments he selects to become involved in. Currently, Igor has a position with Bainbridge Investments Inc., which is conveniently located in the Bahamas, and just a short plane ride away from Florida. This distance also allows Igor many opportunities to participate in enjoying golf, which is his number one hobby.


Bainbridge Investments Inc., takes a wide-spectrum of investment strategies by incorporating traditional real estate, liquid assets, and private equities, with innovative solutions to help clients achieve the best possible and sustainable future capital growth. The company has consistently out-performed some of their greatest competitors.


The role Igor Cornelsen has fulfilled within the company, and throughout his consulting career, has been assisting clients to make smarter choices, for longer term investments. Igor focuses a great amount of his expertise with guiding clients away from a false notion of overnight richness. His standard approach is directing clients towards a more life-long commitment method with investments, in order to maintain their capital with an unpredicted and uncertain market. He has a substantial understanding of the Brazilian market and consults many of his clients through those challenges, but encourages them to network further than a typical investment. Because of his familiarity of the exchange rate rules and regulations, which he insists must be followed; Igor can be relied upon to engage at levels that help clients navigate their investments successfully and with a greater return.


Igor Cornelsen is a trusted professional investment banker, whom clients seek expert advice. This trust has allowed him to broaden strategies, for long-term success. https://about.me/igorcornelsen1