Basic Peak Watch Shuts Down Service, Offers Refunds

In mid-June the very popular Basis Peak fitness watch released a statement about the potential of burns and sores from the watch overheating. Only about .2% of users actually experienced any major issues, but the watch company does not want to take any chances with customer safety. Therefore, Basis is asking that all watch owners return their watches and any related accessories for a full refund.

According to the article at, those customers without problems with the Basis Peak will still have to return their products because the company is planning on shutting down their services as soon as possible. Scores of disappointed customers, who have so far had no problems with their Basis Peak watch, have taken to social media to express their irritation at the shut down of their devices.

Basis did try to repair the problem with several software updates, but they have found that there is no definitive solution to the overheating program without essentially destroying the customer experience. According to the company, the only solution is the mass refund of watches and accessories.

The Basis Peak has been a favorite fitness watch for avid fitness fans, and it was bought by Intel for 100 million dollars in 2014. The watch records activity and sleep patterns, and it was considered one of the best fitness watches in its category. Former users will have access to their data until the end of the year when services will go completely offline.