It’s Wonderful! WEN By Chaz Repairs Blogger’s Hot Mess Hair

Ask any woman, and probably 99% of them will admit that their hair really matters, and a gorgeous mane increases beauty and self-confidence.
We all spend tons of money a year on hair products, hoping that big, foamy lathers and expensive conditioning treatments will transform our damaged locks. Most of us are unaware that these formulas are laden with nasty chemicals like sulfates. Chaz Dean knows a lot about this; the hair guru is a famous west coast celebrity stylist. He was the pioneer who invented the original no lather shampoo system, known as WEN Hair by Chaz.

His unique cleansing conditioners do not create a lather, because they don’t have to. Instead, WEN by Chaz formulas are pure botanicals with healthy ingredients that give hair of any type shine, volume and strength. Just ask his loyal star clientele who have never strayed from Chaz Dean and his holistic approach. WEN by Chaz makes Hollywood hair. Dean sells his products on eBay. blogger Emily McClure desired that A-list hair, the one that has bounce, gloss and manageability. So, she decided to give WEN by Chaz a 7-day whirl, hoping it could transform her fine, limp, greasy hot mess hair. Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra moisture and planned on a daily AM WEN wash in the shower.

This is what Emily learned in one week’s time using WEN by Chaz:

1. It really increases volume and shine to the wow factor. Her hair selfies prove this formula rocks, and her close friends noticed the difference immediately.

2. WEN worked the best in a daily morning wash. If she skipped a wash, her hair did not look as full and bouncy.

3. Read the bottle directions and use the proper amount.

4. Take the time to always blow-dry and style.

It’s really that simple.

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Wengie Recap: 10 Healthy Body Tips for Summer

Beauty and lifestyle blogger Wengie gives viewers 10 tips for a healthy summer lifestyle. She begins with suggesting you eat more vegetables and notes that the more pigmented the vegetable is, the healthier it is. She says that vegetables can clear your skin and have fewer calories than meat, so you can actually eat more.

Her second tip is to do relaxing exercise like long walks in nature. This way you get exercise and stress relief. Wengie’s next tip is to reduce the sugar you eat by replacing it with dates or other fruit. You can also use a sugar replacement like stevia. Next she suggests replacing white carbohydrates with brown ones. To test if your bread is good for you, divide the fiber by the number of carbs; if the number is below 5, it is ok to eat.

Her next tip is to add chia or flax seeds and turmeric to your food as a nutritional supplement if your meals are not balanced. They are a good alternative to other thickening agents like flours as well. Wengie’s next tip is to stop eating dairy. She says it can clear your skin. She then suggests drinking one antioxidant-rich drink like green or ginseng tea per day. They are good for your skin too!

Next Wengie suggests making a list of healthy snacks and sticking to them, especially at night when we are more likely to give in to cravings. Her next tip is to eat a few unhealthy things if it will help you eat more healthy things, like adding fried chicken to a big salad. Wengie’s final tip is to not beat yourself up if you fail and to reward yourself when you reach a goal so you will keep going with your healthy lifestyle.


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Wengie Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine

The first step is to gently pre cleanse using a makeup wipe and a oil-based makeup remover. After washing off your makeup rub the oil-based cleanser into your skin then rinse it off. A cream-based cleanser may be substituted but it may not remove water-proof makeup products as well. This step can be skipped if doing the routine in the morning.

The second step is to cleanse your face with a gentle foaming cleanser. Make sure that the product foams well by placing a small amount in your hand, adding water and rubbing your hands together before applying it to your face. Rinse the cleanser off with room temperature water. Third, use an exfoliante to wash your face. If you have sensitive skin this step may be reduced to once or three times a week depending on the condition and type of skin you have.

Fourth, apply a toner using a cotton pad or your fingers. Fifth, use a skin essence.The essence may be patted onto the skin directly or spritzed on. The sixth step is to apply a sheet mask or face mask. This step does not have to be done every day. The seventh step is to use a skin serum or serums on the face. You may need to use multiple serums depending on the skin issues you wish to address. Wait at least one to two minutes for the first serum to absorb into the skin before applying the next one. You may choose to use one serum on one day and a different serum the next day to save time.

Step eight, apply creams that are targeted to different facial areas, such as eye and lip creams. This step can be skipped because many targeted creams contain the same ingredients as regular moisturizers. Ninth, apply a skin moisturizer that is formulated for either day or night. Make sure to change the type you use for the summer and winter if necessary. Tenth, use a sleeping mask to keep your skin protected overnight and retain moisture. You can alternate between using a sleeping mask or moisturizer.


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The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard For Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you may have a difficult time finding the right products to suit the temperamental nature of your hair. Typically, a product with rich moisturizing elements is something to be avoided sense, often the moisturizing ingredients can leave your hair feeling weighed down. If this has been your experience, then you owe it to yourself to try out a great cleansing conditioner like Wen by Chaz. the natural ingredients in this product leave your hair voluminous, while, not stripping your hair of its natural oils.

The cleansing conditioner offered by WEN hair by Chaz is one of the best products on the sephora beauty market. It is able to replace your current shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. After only three short weeks of use many users are very impressed with the results, and cannot imagine their lives without such a wonderful product to help them start their days. This product is especially well formulated for those who want to style their hair daily. It provides both the styling, and conditioning needs to keep your hair healthy.

QVC advertised Wen hair as a miraculous five in one cleansing conditioner has been used around the world to provide the average person with salon results on a daily basis. This product gives you the power to have control over your hair, and how it responds to the elements. By taking a proactive approach to hair care you will find that the smooth, manageable, thick, and refreshed feeling you get after using Wen hair by Chaz is completely deserved. It’s like having a personal stylist to guide your daily hair care routine. By simplifying your routine, you will find it much easier to be consistent with your hair so, you can achieve the hair of your dreams every day. Be a Wen Hair Facebook fan!

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Youtubers to Watch

YouTubers are making the circuit. These “how to” and “self-made” guru’s are experts in various industries. They range from beauty, cooking, comedy, fashion, gaming and entertainment. One well known YouTuber is Wengie who is Australian based. She is a beauty blogger turned YouTuber. Her channel has plenty of tutorials, reviews and trends for her viewers to follow and interact with.

Her claim to fame started when she was working at a digital marketing agency a few short years ago. She was helping clients with branding through social media and blogging. Her love of beauty and fashion turned into a booming business when she started blogging then videoing her advice. From then on her brand took off. She became a great success. She is Chinese but was raised and still resides in Australia.

Famous YouTubers don’t just stop at Wengie. PewDiePie is a gaming expert with over 41 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is comedic in his presentation and entertains his audience with commentary and gaming content. He is 25 years old and Swedish. His YouTube channel garnered him a network of over $7.4 million dollars.

Survival Lilly is another female YouTuber with a much smaller subscription list of 158,000, but nonetheless very popular. She takes on survival adventures and records them for her channel. Her expertise is solely on survival content and she posts every Wednesday and Saturday. She is very popular among those that homestead and love bushcraft.

Glozell is a comedienne best known for wearing green lipstick and green clothing. Her videos are often song parodies and comedy about her own personal life experiences. By 2014 she had over 500 million views and over 4 million subscribers. She is also best known for interviewing President Barack Obama at the White House via a live stream.

YouTube is here to say and it provides an incredible platform for those who want an unconventional line of work where they get to eat, sleep and breathe their passion. It takes hard work but many have paved the way and will continue to do so.