Lime Crime Cosmetics:Makeup For Fearless Colorful Unicorns

Looking for lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow, rouge and hair dye in loudly delicious colors like Wicked, Red Velvet, Riot, Cashmere, Pumpkin and Marshmallow? Then check out Lime Crime cosmetics. Created by the Unicorn Queen, fashion designer, model and rock & roll artist Doe Deere, this makeup line lets you make the loudest statement imaginable without ever opening your mouth. If you have the temerity to let your makeup do your talking, this brand’s for you. It offers the opportunity for a level of colorful, self-expression no other brand can match.


Doe Deere created the brand because she wanted to ensure she was seen at her rock & roll shows. Now millions of people from the four corners of the earth use it to make powerful statements of their own. Whether you’re going to a party, concert or to work, you too can wear makeup that makes you stand out in a crowd. Plus all the products in the makeup line are made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. It’s the kind of bold statement that let’s people know you’re confident in who you are and unafraid to show your inner unicorn.


While other cosmetics brands encourage you to try to blend in and please the fashion police, Lime Crime lets you be you in all your colorful glory. With the international success of the brand, Doe Deere has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams of owning their own companies and making their mark. Plus she’s always willing to give them the help, encouragement and guidance they need to make their unique brands a success. Doe Deere is now a role model for many women who believe their time has come. She’s a bold, brave modern woman that has dared to seek her fortune in the competitive world of cosmetics.


With her creation of the Lime Crime brand she’s creating a colorful future full of possibility for all women willing to defy the so-called ‘experts’ and dare to live their dreams. If you aren’t afraid to be seen, then this cosmetics line is made especially for you.



WEN Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean is the world famous hair specialist and Producer of WEN hair care products. He experienced first developments while working for the Beverly Hills salon. This is where he created the first salon’s conditioner commodity business.

Effects of Other Hair Care Products

Chaz realized the acute effects of commercial shampoo during the early years of experience with hair care. His discovery came about before other hair care industries could discern the harmful effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate found in most shampoos. He discovered that this market shampoo had unrelenting sulfates that resulted in tearing hair strength, fading hair color, and loss of hair moisture.

WEN Hair Care Products are made from Natural Ingredients

He identified novel means of treating hair without the use of these harmful shampoo products. He experimented with lavender, apples, rosemary, bananas, eucalyptus, and sage. He came to the realization of better natural hair cleansing alternatives. After trying out the ingredients, his hair seemed more hydrated and clean but not damaged and stripped. His original hair care products featured the sage conditioner, rosemary, and primrose conditioners. He later partnered with a hair lab for further developments on his product. He gained the confidence and trust of many companies that sought for his experience in developing the unique natural hair care products.

WEN Hair Care Products are Globally Accepted

The WEN has gained a global community of women eager to test out the incredible results of the WEN Hair Care products since its original establishment. The Sephora sold WEN brand now enables women to achieve the hair of desire. WEN products have made women experience a whole new experience of softer and perfectly manageable hair. Hearing how his product transforms the lives of many women seems to help Chaz Dean’s attitude and confidence. He looks to set out a WEN hair care brand expansion to help women look beautiful everywhere. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more details.

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Lime Crime Is A Great Place To Buy The Brightest Cosmetics

Lime Crime has become one of the best places for people to buy their cosmetics, and that is because they are going to be shopping in a place that thinks beyond normal colors offered by other brands. Doe Deere wanted to start the company to make sure she could cater to people who needed something brighter and more vibrant, and she was actually making all the products on her own before she expanded.

Her vision for her company is one that brings her company closer to the population with one website. People who like shopping for makeup are going to find out that they can get a larger range of products from Lime Crime, and they can do it all online. The products ship from Lime Crime, and the user gets them soon after placing their order.

Every order that is placed with Lime Crime is a new chance for women to look different because these are colors they usually cannot find at any other place. They have moved even farther than that by becoming a place where women can get their favorite hair colors. Doe Deere keeps her hair a bright color all the time, and she wants women to be able to wear the same colors if they want to. That means that the woman who is shopping with Lime Crime will be able to remake herself in the image of founder.

The shopper who has not been able to find the right hair color or makeup before can finally get it when she comes to the Lime Crime website. The whole purpose of the site was to make all the colors of the brand accessible, and the brand remains committed to its vegan label. Anyone who like color can come to Lime Crime without reservation as they shop for cosmetics.

Lime Crime: Beauty Products to Express Your Individuality

A variety of beauty product companies claim to sell some of the best makeup on the market, but Lime Crime truly sets itself apart from the rest. The company was started by Doe Deere, who has dedicated the company to producing quality products that help express the personality and unique spirit of each customer. The independent team is stationed in Los Angeles and they work together to create products that are authentic and cruelty-free. The products are verified vegan by PETA and contain no animal derived ingredients. Shoppers can buy with confidence knowing that no animals were tested during the making of the products.

Lime Crime sells makeup products for the lips, eyes, and nails. Just a few of the products they sell are matte lipsticks, sleek lip glosses, or glittery eye shadows. Fun, unique colors such as hot pink, burgundy, or lavender are what make these products diverse and distinctive. For pretty pastel nails, shop their line of nail polishes and choose from five different colors. They also sell hair color in vibrant, punchy shades such as pink, purple, blue, and green.

If you lack creativity, Lime Crime offers plenty of innovative and ingenious inspiration. On their Facebook website, you can “shop the look” of a variety of models to see exactly what products to use to get the look you desire. You can shop Lime Crime products in select stores, such as Urban Outfitters in the United States, as well as in other stores in Mexico, Brasil, Russia, and the United Kingdom. If you choose to shop online, a security team protects each customer and creates a secure and safe atmosphere. Lime Crime ships to almost all countries. For shoppers with further questions regarding security, Lime Crime offers an extensive and detailed privacy policy.

The founder of Lime Crime and the company itself is passionate about giving back through charities and has donated over 16,000 dollars to organizations that benefit woman, children, and animals.

Lime Crime also has a blog for fans and newcomers alike. For the free spirited personalities that love anything from wild rainbow colors to softer, flowery shades, the blog offers tutorials and makeup and hair inspiration. If hair and makeup isn’t the top priority at the moment, there are plenty of articles that talk about pop culture or give a behind the scenes look at an event.

Whether makeup is your hobby, passion, or something you simple dabble in, it is worth it to visit Lime Crime to find quality products in passionate colors. With convenient online shopping and reasonable prices, there is no excuse to not give Lime Crime a try.