Make North American Spine Your Choice for Spinal Health

The spine is the scaffolding that supports the body. It is also the message corridor from the brain to the rest of the body. The goal of North American Spine is to assist in maintaining good spinal health. It is the aim to see athletes and other sufferers functioning optimally when it comes to an active life.

Anyone can can suffer an injury to the spine. A wrong twist or an unexpected blow to the back can cause protruding and ruptured disks. The performance stress of athletes often results in spinal damage. Repairing those spinal injuries can be a complicated surgery, but it does not necessarily require an incision and six weeks of bed rest and recovery. North American Spine offers a variety of options including the AccuraScope analysis and treatment.

The AccuraScope is fed into the damaged area of the spine. It is effective in viewing injuries so that the doctors can make the decision of how best to treat the injuries discovered. Lasers are one tool used to remove the protruding, bulging discs and restore balance and alignment to the spine. This type of surgery has a shorter recovery time and is less invasive. It makes it quicker for an athlete to resume his normal life.

The surgical team will review CT scan or MRI and talk with the patient about relief options. The emphasis is to repair problems in the spine while causing as little damage to other tissue and muscle in the process. This is especially important for athletes.

Bulging and degenerated disks often press on nerves and limit grip and function. Athletes report restored feeling and the shortened recovery time after treatment from the spinal team. North American Spine can address grip issues created by pressure on the nerves in the spine. Athletes who have had issues walking or running are guided to a positive outcome by first having the pressure removed and then undergoing a rehabilitative course to regain core strength and stamina.

Whether a patient has a sports injury or wear and tear to the spine from heavy use North American Spine of Dallas can be relied upon to guide the patient to the best form of rehabilitation and relief. Athletes rely on the integrity of the treatment center to provide effective care with the least invasive options available. Spinal restoration is the ultimate goal of the doctors of North American Spine.

Dr. Mark J. Ahn, Business Executive, Entrepreneur & Author

Dr. Mark Ahn is a well known Biotechnology business executive. He is an innovative and accomplished leader in the industry and has taken up numerous leadership roles in his career spanning over 20 years. He is a PHD in philosophy and has been a part of many leading biotech companies. He is also known for his entrepreneurial genius.


Dr. Mark Ahn is a well rounded business executive with education from varied backgrounds. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Chaminade University of Honolulu. He later went on to acquire his MBA from the same university. With the urge to get going, Dr. Mark Ahn received his Masters degree in Arts from the Victoria University of Wellington.

He continued his education by getting his PHD from the University of South Australia as a Doctor of Philosophy. He was also a graduate fellow in Economics at Essex University, and a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

With quantum of knowledge under his belt and decades of experience in business consulting in the bio-sciences department, Dr. Mark Ahn is a very reputed name in the business circles!


Dr. Mark J. Ahn’s work in the bio-science and biotech field is a career spanning over 20 years. In these 20 years Dr. Ahn has taken up leadership roles and responsibilities in many biotech industries, big and small. He started career working for the industry leader Amgen, acting as a general manager for 6 years. He later moved to Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Jersey, as a Senior Director for Immunology department. His services lasted for over 4 years in this company. He even acted as a Vice President of Hematology department in Genentech, San Francisco for 2 years.

Between the years 2007-2014, Dr. Mark Ahn also acted as the President and CEO, Director of Galena Biopharma, a company focused on innovative medical therapies to address various unmet needs of the public.


After his services at Genentech, Dr. Mark Ahn shifted his focus towards Entrepreneurship. With the goal to start a biotech company he laid foundations to his own company and launched Hana Biosciences, where he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer until eventually selling the company to Spectrum Pharmaceuticals in 2007.

Later on in 2009, he launched his successful Biotechnology consulting company, Pukana Partner, which was aimed at providing business analytic solutions and strategies to accelerate value creation for biotechnology companies. Dr. Ahn is the Principal of the company.


Dr. Mark J. Ahn has authored over 50 journal articles and books. His two well known works include: “Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business” and “Strategic Risk Management: How Global Corporations Manage Financial Risk for Competitive Advantage”. Both of these were co-authored by Dr. Mark Ahn.


Dr. Mark J. Ahn is also an adjunct Professor at Portland State University and Caregie Mellon University and a strategy consultant in the biotechnology industry. He is a profound writer and his publications are known for their focus on Entrepreneurship, Life sciences, innovation and business analytics.

He is presently acting as the Principal for his biotechnology consulting company Pukana Partners and he spends his time helping bio-science companies to improve their business.