John Bancroft’s Badge Business And His Honorable Award

John Bancroft’s Wikipedia page provides a lot of useful information. It discusses how the businessman is based in Derbyshire, England and it mentions how he was given an award as part of Queen Elizabeth’s 2013 Birthday Honours. The award was because of the services he provides to business in Nottinghamshire.

The page provides info about Bancroft’s career, which includes working in the corporate clothing industry. That is where he started his career. His first venture into the corporate clothing industry was working as a National Sales Manager for Sketchley Services. He eventually moved on from their and he launched Badgemaster, after he realized the market had a gap in it, when it came to quality badges.

His badgecompany was co-founded with the help of his wife.

About John Bancroft
A few years ago, John Bancroft’s badge business expanded after taking over another badge business that was based in Scotland. The amount paid to acquire Akorn Badge Company was not made public, but Bancroft transferred operations to his headquarters in Newstead, Nottinghamshire.

As previously mentioned, Bancroft received an MBE for his services to business in the region his business operates in. As part of the award ceremony, he traveled to Buckingham Palace, which is where he received the honour.