Things You Probably Don’t Know About Tony Petrello

You may have probably not heard about Tony Petrello. He is the current CEO at Nabors Industries. His story is one of very humble beginnings. He was born in Newark where Tony Petrello had unique math abilities. After high school, Yale University recognized him and they offered him a scholarship to enroll at the institution.

He went on and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and later on he acquired a Masters of the same. He did not pursue a career in Mathematics, but instead, he went to Harvard Law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor.

Tony’s Career Life

He started off at Baker & McKenzie in 1979 which was a law firm whose primary specialization areas were taxation and corporate law. In 1986, he rose up the ranks to become managing partner. His resignation came in 1991 where he shifted to Nabors Industries which is a natural gas drilling company founded in 1968.

When he was hired, he became the Chief Operating Officer. The company recorded growth from the minute Tony Petrello was appointed. The stock price rose tremendously, and the company has been able to issue shares steadily. The company is involved in manufacturing rig instrumentation equipment.

So far, under Tony Petrello, Nabors has been involved in a series of acquisitions. On August 2017, the company was involved in the acquisition of Tesco Corporation as well as Robotic Drilling Systems. The company is involved in operating in around 25 countries across the world.

Inspiration Behind The Texas Children’s Hospital

Ever he and Cynthia, his wife, got a daughter (Carena); they discovered that she suffered from a neurological condition, periventricular leukomalacia since her early birth at 24 weeks. They searched tirelessly for cure for their daughter all over. Their breakthrough came just where they lived, Texas. It was at Texas Children’s Hospital that they found help.

After the discovery, they came into agreement with Cynthia that kids with similar conditions as their daughter needed a place with constant research. This brought them towards their contribution towards a research instituted that was constructed at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Petrello is a generous leader and has over the years developed relationships with other influential people who have joined in his philanthropic activities. He is naturally a giving person and his hard work has seen him have a successful career.

Tony observes strong work ethics which has contributed towards his rise in business. He has even topped the list for being one of the highly compensated CEOs in the U.S.

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Shafik Sachedina: Contribution With Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a renowned dentist and community leader who co-founded Sussex Healthcare. He is currently serving as one of the joint-chairman of the United Kingdom based health care facility, and under his leadership, he pointed out that the facility should focus their assistance on people who needs the most care. Aside from working with Sussex Healthcare, he is also practicing his profession as a dental surgeon for several years. He managed to receive his license to practice as a professional dental surgeon in 1975, after studying and performing his internship at the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in the University of London.

Born in Tanzania in 1950, he dreamed of becoming a successful businessman someday. His family moved into the United Kingdom because they have seen many opportunity, and they wanted to give Shafik Sachedina a batter and more comfortable life. After becoming a dental surgeon, Shafik Sachedina thought of creating a facility that will provide care to patients who are suffering from a variety of illness. He invited some of his colleagues to discuss his idea, and they decided to put up a facility and named it as Sussex Healthcare. The facility would be accommodating people suffering from brain injuries, physical and mental disabilities, and dementia. They also decided to accommodate elderly people, and give them the proper care that they need. Sussex Healthcare is the birth child of Shafik Sachedina’s idea, and they decided to build the facility at a location far away from the busy streets of the city. They wanted the facility to be built in a location that is full of trees and has a beautiful scenic view to assist with their patient’s recovery. People who have experienced the care from the Sussex Healthcare are stating that the facility is highly recommended, and the staff is providing them with excellent customer service. They also added that the services offered at the health care facility are enough to satisfy every patient.

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Aside from his stint working with Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina is also known as a community leader. He is considered as a high ranking official at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, and he is responsible for planning the activities and events hosted by the organization. The Institute of Ismaili Studies operates in France, and Shafik Sachedina serves as the spokesperson of the organization when people are trying to inquire about their upcoming activities and events. He is also a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, and his responsibility with the group includes the presentation of the programs that will help develop poor Central Asian communities.

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Omar Yunes Helping Sushi Itto Brand Become More Popular in Mexico

Being successful in the food and restaurant business is not a small feat as the competition is huge and it continues to increase with every passing day. However, Omar Yunes from Mexico has been able to make a name for himself in the fast food business at a very young age. He is the proprietor of 13 Sushi Itto Japanese fast food restaurants today but opened the first Sushi Itto franchise when he was just 21. Omar Yunes has been passionate about the restaurant business from the very young age and always wanted to venture into the food industry. It is his passion and determination to succeed and maintain the success he achieves has helped him become what he is today, one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the food business in Mexico and what Omar Yunes knows.

Recently, Omar Yunes became the winner of the Best Franchise in the World Competition as well, where many participants from 34 countries participated. Even in such a highly competitive contest, Omar Yunes and his business stood out and won the Best Franchisee in the World Competition. He owns approximately about ten percent of the entire franchise units of Sushi Itto and has contributed majorly to the brand’s growth in Mexico. The Mexican people were more or less unaware about the Japanese fast food, but thanks to the Sushi Itto outlets of Omar Yunes, it is among the most popular cuisines in the country today. The award was given by how much effort he put into making his restaurants a success and the value he added to the brand as a whole. Moreover, the turnover of his restaurants was also taken into account and read full article.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, said that Omar Yunes winning the BFW Competition showcases the determination of Sushi Itto and its partners to continue to provide its valued customers with the best food, flavor, and service. Omar Yunes was profoundly humbled after receiving the award and said that it is only made possible by the efforts made by 400 employees that his business employs across the 13 Sushi Itto outlets. He plans to open many more franchise units across the country in the future and his Webstie.

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George Soros Brings His Fortne To Bear On The U.S. Political Scene

One of the world’s best-known investment specialists, George Soros brings his skills to many different areas of life, including a dedication to philanthropy as part of the Open Society Foundations. The hedge fund expert has recently made his way back to the U.S. political landscape as a leading figure within the Democratic Party, which George Soros believes shares many of the values he has treasured as a liberal and member of the 1960s counterculture; Politico reports Soros has been keen to play a role in important elections and political campaigns throughout the 21st-century, such as the 2004 and 2016 elections campaigns for The White House, according to Politico. Although he has been mentioned by many conservatives as a major force in the Democratic Party, Soros has largely remained independent of the political scene in 2008 and 2012.

The major areas of concern for George Soros are often seen as national politics where the more than $50 million spent by Soros on the Presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton in 2004 and 2016 have been seen as a sign of his willingness to become involved in national politics. However, George Soros is less well-known as a man who has played a major role in the development of a grassroots movement to assist local politicians from minority groups to achieve important offices across the U.S. Politico reports one of the main areas of concern for the founder of Soros Fund Management has been the issue of criminal justice reform across the U.S. and this area has prompted the decision to create a new PAC dedicated to campaigning on behalf of minority and female candidates for prosecutor and district attorney positions in local and state level elections; for many of those backed by the George Soros the first indication they had of the backing of the billionaire was seeing television ads backing their candidacy.

Many question just how a single person can have such a major effect on the U.S. political scene with such vast sums invested in Democratic candidates and campaigns. The answer is that George Soros has been an icon on Wall Street and across the global financial markets with a personal fortune estimated by Forbes to have reached $25.2 billion. What makes the rise to power and influence of George Soros even more impressive is the fact he survived the Holocaust of World War II when his native country of Hungary was invaded by Nazi forces; Soros later completed a refugee journey to London where he began a financial education and career taking him to New York as one of the most respected hedge fund managers in the world.

Equities First Holdings: Advancing in the European Stock-based Loans Market

Equities First Holdings has a track record of excellence coupled up with a reputation in the world of stock-based loans. Equities First Holdings is also recognized as the best source of alternative financial solutions in the event of an economic crisis. However, most of their clients don’t wait until the crisis is setting in to adopt their services. Equities First Holdings is an all-time source of financial solutions. When it comes to stock-based loans, Equities First Holdings has gone beyond major investment banking companies to secure a reputation in the industry. Because they have a transparent form of securing loans, the company has gained adoption by the people on a massive scale.

In 2002, Equities First Holdings was established to become a market leader in alternative financial solutions in the United States. However, the company saw that the international market needed their services. For this reason, their path towards growing was facilitated by their excellent customer services. Equities First Holdings has offices in all the continents of the world with principal offices situated in Bangkok, Hong Kong, South Africa, London, Singapore, Perth, and Sidney. One of the things facilitating a faster adoption of the stock-based loans in the world is because they are instant upon application and qualification and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Many people think that stock-based loans are similar to the with widely-traded margin loans. This is because stock-based loans and margin loans both use stocks as the main collateral to secure a loan. However,many differences are marked between the two loan types. For the margin loans, you must indicate the use of the money as a way of qualification. However, stock-based loans don’t require that statement. For the margin loans, there is a harder route to follow to qualify for the loans that are not in the stock-based loans. This is why stock-based loans are adopted over margin loans and more information click here.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Investment In Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Brand Of Snacks

At the 2017 Snacks and Sweets Expo this year in Chicago, Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Brands and its group was burning in excitement due to the brand’s fame in the retail. The group was all feeling excited due to Strand Equity Partners and Academy Award-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, declared to join Green Park Brands as an investor.

DiCaprio, who as of late put resources into feasible seafood brand Love in the Wild, is additionally a well-known environmental activist. Livio Bisterzo said there is a possibility of a plant-based snack reverberated with the performing actor.

Livio Bisterzo commented and stated that he was truly excited that Leonardo and Strand Equity Partners have joined the HIPPEAS family. As the brand keeps on developing with such energy in both the UK and the US, it’s fantastic to expedite board partners who align with their company’s vision and values.

Co-founder and overseeing partner of Strand Equity Partners, Seth Rodsky, appreciated the deal by saying that HIPPEAS is a high-development and separated brand which was created within a very short time. Along with this statement, Rodsky added that the exceptional traction the brand has accomplished is proof to its unique and remarkable offering that joins nutrition with the creative flavor profile. He approved that they were anticipating on collaborating with DiCaprio and the talented management group at HIPPEAS.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is the founder of the Green Park Holdings and a famous entrepreneur in Italy. He is a father of 3 children, and lives in Los Angeles. In 1999, he lived in the UK and studied at London’s prestigious University of the Arts. Mr. Livio Bisterzo’s first entrepreneurial venture was in 2003 when he founded an events business. Bisterzo went ahead to make a business portfolio extending from hospitality and consumer brands to other lifestyle businesses.

In 2015 Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings, another sustenance innovation company in the quickly growing health and nutrition sector, with a mission to make imaginative multi-channel nourishment and drinks brands. The company’s objective is to create a portfolio with a clear focus on “Better for you” natural propositions, by producing brands which have a long lasting social impact and encourage behavioral and cultural change. The vision is to lead the agenda for positive change in the food and drink industry.

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Nine9 Helps Aspiring Stars

The mission at Nine9 is to help aspiring actors and models with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive career choice. Nine9 was created in 2003 and has grown to become a leader in castings across the nation. Nine9 was founded as an “UnAgency,” to represent the 99% of models and actors that are not being represented by a typical talent agency.Over the last 14 years, Nine9 has generated countless contacts in the modeling and entertainment industries. Their goal is to work tirelessly to ensure that all the talent they work with will have access to current casting opportunities from their extensive database of industry contacts. This database has valuable contacts that include casting professionals from television, movies, commercials, music videos, print ads and runway modeling.

The founder and CEO of Nine9, Anthony Toma, was asked in an interview recently what it takes to make it big as an actor or a model. His suggestions came down to a few basic tips. Work on building relationships through networking. Make sure to take acting or modeling classes to improve your skills. Get professional headshots or a composition card made, because this is the first thing casting professionals will see. Make sure to go to every addition, because you will learn from each one. We all have to start somewhere, so no job is too small.

The most important guidance he gave was to get help. Nobody can do it completely by themselves.Nine9 does not take commissions on any of the jobs it helps to facilitate. They operate in all major marketplaces nationwide. At Nine9 each client has the opportunity to meet and learn from industry leaders at monthly industry workshops. This is the opportunity to get your foot in the door of the industry of your dreams.

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Rick Smith Explains That Securus Offers Communication

Richard A. Smith (known as “Rick”) has been the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of Securus Technologies, Inc. since June 23, 2008.

Smith reports that Securus, a prison technology company, already provides, or is close to providing, the means for inmates to use the company’s device or their own device to communicate with approved individuals and to have access to databases that will deliver a wide variety of services.

The sole focus is the specialized needs of the law enforcement and corrections communities, and the main aim in inmate communication is to offer aid in the rehabilitation process while giving access to fundamental human rights by facilitating communications between prisoners and their outside contacts. Inmate communication is important in preparing inmates for life after they finish their sentences, it improves the quality of the inmates’ lives, and makes the correction centers safer.

The company has released over 104,000 safe communication gadgets that are used for secure inmate communications and necessary intelligence services. Additionally, it put in place about 85,000 inmate telephones, advanced inmate tablets, lobby kiosks, video visitation kiosks, and more. Smith confirmed that they expect to raise the number of gadgets supplied from 104,000 to 150,000.

Securus connects the incarcerated with family and friends and is the largest inmate communications provider. It helps maintain relationships through inmate calling options and video visitations using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Voice, text, email or video messages are and will be recorded and secure. Virtual instant funding of the accounts is accomplished over a centralized platform having a low per minute rate. An Onsite Visit can be scheduled in advance using Onsite Video Visitation. An Anywhere Visit enables visiting remotely using a computer with a web camera connected to the internet. Read more on

The services of accessed databases will be education, jobs, medical attention, legal resources, bail bondsmen, healthcare, commissary, law libraries, visitation schedules, facility rules, forms, movies, songs, books, and more.

Securus announced in July 2016 that it had already invested over $600 million in patents, technologies, and acquisitions in the past three years.

Securus is one of the largest providers of innovative technical solutions, parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government information management solutions. It serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Mexico, and Canada; more than 3,400 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies; and more than 1.2 million inmates in North America.

Rick Smith earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo and his MBA at the University of Rochester. He also has Bachelor’s Degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology and Brockport State College. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net.

Don Ressler’s Role In Raising Funds For JustFab

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded JustFab in March 2010. The company, which was recently re-branded to TechStyle Fashion Group, is an online subscription fashion retailer that sells handbags, shoes, jewelry, and denim. The company focuses on offering its clients with personalized shopping experiences based on their unique preferences and tastes. The group owns FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle, which are renowned brands.

Don Ressler has helped the company to succeed in achieving its strategies and fundraising objectives. He helped the company to secure a capital of $33 million from Matrix Partners. The fund was used to enhance the company’s operation besides enhancing its distribution network in the United States. A year later, the retailer received an additional funding of $76 million from Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Technology Crossover Ventures. These companies were satisfied with the company’s strategies of expanding into Germany, Canada, and the UK.

Armed with adequate resources, Justfab embarked on a steady expansion drive. In 2013, the corporation acquired FabKids, a children’s fashion subscription company. Although the two companies have similar names, they do not have a prior business connection.

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Don Ressler encouraged the idea of working with celebrities to enhance the growth of JustFab. He noted that the purchases made by the renowned personalities would help the company to generate more revenues and continue with its expansion plans. Some of the notable celebrities who joined the company’s program are Avril Lavigne, and Elle and Blair Fowler. In the same year, the company expanded into Spain and France. It also acquired The Fab Shoes, which resulted in a stiff rivalry from ShoeDazzle. Don worked out a deal that saw JustFab acquire the rival company.

By 2013, the company had a high client base and had succeeded in expanding its operations to various countries. In their third round of funding, they raised over $40 million. The money was invested in various efforts aimed at accelerating the growth of the company besides developing innovative products for their clients. The final round of funding, which was organized in 2014, was the most successful as JustFab raised $85 million. To this end, their total capitalization rose to over $250 million.

About Don Ressler
Don Ressler is a successful American entrepreneur according to The businessman has engaged in the development of numerous start-ups. He is the brain behind Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, and Fabletics. He was also the owner of Ressler serves as the co-CEO of JustFab. He played a pivotal role in the acquisition of ShoeDazzle and FabKids.

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Tony Petrello Is Standing Strong With Texas Children’s Hospital In The Fight Against Children’s Neurological Disease

The struggle to find the answers to life’s great tragedies is an endless battle that can break the hearts of even the strongest among us. Too often for many, this question comes in the form of an unforeseen disease or other medical perplexity that befalls a loved one. For Anthony (Tony) and Cynthia Petrello this tragedy was realized when their daughter Carena was born early at 24 weeks and diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL).

PVL is a neurological disease affecting many children born prematurely. The disease is caused by an insufficient flow of oxygen or blood to the brain. These children must struggle every day for the developmental standards that other children achieve naturally and even the most basic functions, such as eating and drinking, can be a challenge.

This led Tony and Cynthia Petrello on a search for answers from leading pediatric research institutions all over the world. As it happens, this search eventually led them back to their own home state at the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The NRI is a ‘first of it’s kind’ research initiative that focuses on neurological disorders affecting children, rather than just adults.

Tony and Cynthia are very inspired by their daughter’s accomplishments and that “at the end of the tunnel, there is some light”.

Tony Petrello has been president, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries since 2011. He began his career at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie, serving as Managing Partner in New York. In 1991 Tony joined with Nabors and served as president and COO until his promotion. He was elected to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991 and has served as Deputy Chairman since 2003. Tony also serves as director of Stewart and Stevenson LLC, Hilcorp Energy Company and is a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony has earned a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School and B.S. and M.S. degrees from Yale University.

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