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If you’re a professional who is going to retire soon, you might want to reconsider your strategy. After all, you know your business, not finance. And the financial world can be confusing and too quick to keep up with. Even worse, if you hire a broker, they could just take fees and use their ego to make investments with your money. If you want to manage your money your way, you need a better solution and their Twitter.

One of the best ways to see who to trust in finance is to look to who others are following. That’s why Agora Financial is impressive with having 1 million readers that they have grown for over a decade. They keep coming back because Agora scours the earth and gives unbiased and well researched advice. They never accept any payment for the coverage in their news.

Agora has a number of publications in various markets. They have offline resources, online newsletter, and live events. This multimedia approach allows them to inform their readers. This lets them avoid the pitfalls of financial mistakes and also take full advantage of opportunities early on and resume their.

This is one of the keys of getting the most out of your money. If you wait until it’s too late, you could miss the boat. Once most outlets are reporting on something, the real investment chances are gone and read full article.

That’s why Agora spends a million a year to send their analysts around the world. They find real estate markets in Asia, oil in the U.S., and gold mines in Africa. This way, you get explosive income growth and what Agora Financial knows.

In today’s world, it can be difficult to find the right advice for investing. With so many publications and so much conflicting advice, you have to be smart with the choices you make. Don’t invest in companies or businesses when they are already in the mainstream. Instead, get reliable information from Agora. That way, you can grow your money, protect it from thieves, and enjoy it in the way you want to: whether it’s on a beach vacation, investing in your children’s education, or planning a big day with the whole family and

Omar Yunes’ Motivational and Inspirational Leadership Earns Him the 2015 BFW Prize

2015 and 2016 were presumably the best years in Omar Yunes’ career after he won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition in December 2015. The owner of 10 percent of Sushi Itto‘s total franchised units beat stiff competition to emerge top of the competition that went down to the Italian city of Florence. Still in 2015, Omar Yunes emerged top in the national BFW chapter in Mexico. Omar has been a franchisee with Sushi Itto since he was 21 and has since made a huge impact on the growth of the brand. His entrepreneurial roots are firmly established in Mexico City, but he has also a solid presence in Veracruz and Puebla cities.


Motivational and Inspirational Leadership

As a manager of his franchised units, Omar Yunes manages more than 400 innovative and highly professional employees. After winning the 2015 BFW award, he made it clear that the success was not his alone but of the entire staff that works under him. He noted that as much as he took the pride, he was a mere representative of a solid and hardworking team. Omar is recognized by many by his impeccable leadership prowess, with many of his employees praising him as the best team leader. His ability to motivate and inspire his employees played a key role in making him the BFW winner.


Executives Impressed by Omar Yunes

BFW Mexico organizers led by Diego Elizarrarras were also highly impressed by Omar Yunes’ performance in 2015. According to Diego, Omar had been excellent in managing his 13 franchised units. He noted that the franchisee had shown his relentless efforts in enhancing the franchising-franchisee relationships in Mexico. Diego also took pride in having a Mexican take home the most prestigious award in the franchising sector and contact him.

Sushi Itto also took credit for having one of its franchisees shine globally. Sushi’s CEO Mr. Benjamin Calcelmo noted that there was a joint effort by all franchising units to improve on customer service. He noted that this was the main reason Omar Yunes landed the coveted prize and learn more about Omar.


Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes was born in Mexico City 39 years ago in a business-minded family. After joining Sushi Itto as a franchisee in 1999, he has made many notable strides including the recent BFW win and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros’s Campaign Contributions

George Soros is a businessman of Hungarian and American heritage. Also a billionaire investor, he had greatly reduced his political contributions after trying unsuccessfully to defeat president George W. Bush back in 2004. He spent $27 million. dollars to try to make it happen. He has now spent over $25 million on both Hillary Clinton, as well as several different Democratic candidates. This has been determined by the Federal Election Commission. Soros is working with approximately $24.9 billion dollars he has accumulated through some risky ventures.

Soros was going to watch Clinton in the Democratic convention, although he has never attended one before. As he has a 25 year old relationship with Clinton, he wanted to see her accepting her nomination. An associate of his stated his trip was cancelled because Soros felt he needed to keep an eye on Europe’s economic situation. The people who are closest to Soros are saying he is more involved politically than he has been in quite some time. Their opinions are it is because he has a lot of faith in Clinton and fears Donald Trump on Politico. Soros has stated he believes Trump is involved with ISIS.

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Michael Vachon, who is his political advisor says that although Soros has often given to Democratic causes, this year the stakes are more pronounced. Now, for Clinton, Soros has given 8 million dollars. His choice to do everything he financially can to ensure Clinton’s win over Trump is being looked at as an excellent sign in regards to Clinton possible victory. It is believed Soros may be joined in his donations by other activists with cash to spare. This seems to be correct, as Tom Steyer of San Francisco gave $31 million in 2016, Don Sussman of New York $13.2 million and Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner have both given $11.1 million. These benefactors all giving to Clinton’s campaign has given her a major edge. This has also given Clinton the ability to put together a campaign far greater than Trump’s.

In addition to the $7 million George Soros gave Clinton in June, Democrats say he may add another $3 million. Soros has also given $700 thousand dollars to various Democratic committees and campaigns, including of course Clintons. The Immigrant Voters has benefited $5 million from Soros. This was to increase the Hispanic vote in certain states. Yet another $5 million is for a non-profit agency fighting the restriction of voting. This agency is in part run by Marc Elias, Clintons campaign lawyer. Soros’s donation will never be publicly recognized as it was registered under a specific tax code that does not ask any of their donors be disclosed.