The Charity Campaign of Majeed Ekbal

The earthquake that occurred in Nepal of 2015 occurred in May that devastated thousands. This earthquake had a magnitude of 7.3 and was on the border of two districts in Nepal. The earthquake was considered to be the aftershock of another earthquake that had occurred on April 25th of 2015. The shock of the earthquake was also felt in parts of India. This devastating earthquake led to at least 153 people dead and more than 3,200 people who were left injured after the events.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

With this devastation, Majeed Ekbal who is an entrepreneur has set up a GoFundMe account to help those who were injured during this tragic event. Mr. Ekbal has stated how important this cause is to him due to the fact that he has many friends who were in Nepal during this earthquake. The goal of his campaign is to raise $1 million that will go directly to the victims of Nepal. The money will specifically go to medical as well as disaster relief to help those who are sick, hungry, and homeless from the negative impact of this earthquake. Mr. Ekbal has the intent to show his friends in Nepal that they are being supported on behalf of his company and his partners.

Majeed Ekbal’s View from Here from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal is an entrepreneur that is knowledgeable of various industries. Currently he is interested in the grocery business with his business that is called Expresso. This business specializes in offering gourmet products that are normally not found to now be found on an online shopping database. Though this company is new, it is currently expanding as the popularity of this business is growing to new ends.

Majeed Ekbal has made himself even more accessible to the public by allowing people to follow and comment on his blog that ranges in all sorts of topics. One of his favorite topics as of recently is real estate due to the fact that he offers news advice on the subject and responds to questions and comments that are inquiring of the current events. Mr. Ekbal plans to grow both his company as well as his campaign to help others even further.

Business Leaders In Chicago

Businesses in Chicago have been improving from time to time. Did you know that Chicago is one of the most diversified economies? Chicago is also one of the largest, with the annual gross regional product or GRP of more than $575 billion dollars. Chicago is the home for around 400 major corporate headquarters. 31 of them are included in the Fortune 500. Chicago is one of the key players in numerous sectors like information technology to manufacturing, and other sectors. In this opportunity, we will discuss about business and marketing leaders in Chicago.
1. Majeed Ekbal
As one of the business leaders in Chicago, Majeed Ekbal has been a new business development and marketing professional for more than 15 years. He specializes branding, budget management, direct & digital marketing and partnership development. Ekbal has performed greatly in front of co-workers and the leaders. He was able to shape comprehensive marketing strategies as well as generating revenues. As an addition, Ekbal can work efficiently in diverse teams.
Ekbal has been the president of Expresso Inc. Expresso Inc offers services to their customers. They are focusing in the convenience of their services. They help the customers by picking their orders and delivering, and some other services. Ekbal was really ambitious about the business ever since he began entering this part of the business world. Ekbal is responsible for a lot of things, including the digital and social media marketing, marketing research, and some other things.
2. Carrie Lannon
Carrie Lannon is one of the business leaders who received the Magnificent Mile Association Member Awards in 2012. She is a public relations leader, and she is famous for her high sense of urgency in every work or project. Lannon is really skilled in integrating social media, content marketing, publicity and social events, which can successfully excite the customer, thus resulting in brand advocacy. Lannon has managed a public relations agency for 12 years.
3. Peter Simoncelli
The General Manager of The Westin Chicago River North, Peter Simoncelli was selected by the Magnificent Mile Association Chairman of the Board to get the Chairman’s Choice Award. This award is dedicated to leaders who have performed excellent leadership in the association. Peter has performed excellently in front of co-workers and leaders, awarding himself with praises from them. Simoncelli has years of experience in the business world too.
Those were three of many Chicagoan business and marketing leaders. Majeed Ekbal, Carrie Lannon and Petter Simoncelli are three of the many amazing leaders who have been causing the major improvement in the Chicagoan business and economy sector. They are amazing and they have great leadership; they are perfect leaders to look up to.