Tidal Adds Chromecast Support to Its App

Tidal is a subscription-based music and streaming service. It’s a popular service, with millions of subscribers, but one thing has been missing since it was purchased and relaunched by rapper Jay-Z in 2015: Chromecast support in its Android and iOS apps. That has now changed with the latest update to the app, which adds support for Google’s popular dongle, joining the ranks of other music-streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

Chromecast support allows Tidal users to stream music and video to the device that connects to high-definition TVs through an HDMI port. This lets users watch videos on their big-screen TVs, rather than the smaller screens on their phones or tablets, in addition to listen to music through the TV’s sound system, whether it’s the TV’s speakers or a home-entertainment system hooked up to the television. This provides for a more-enjoyable experience, offering a more optimal experience for users rather than having to listen to music on a phone or tablet’s internal speakers or watch the videos on devices with smaller screens than TVs that are often the ideal way to experience entertainment in a person’s home.

In addition to adding Chromecast support, the latest app update — version 1.11.0 on Android and 1.14.0 for iOS — contains bug fixes and improvements to the playlist queue. You can find download links for all operating systems and platforms on Tidal’s website.