Seattle Genetics Expands its Services under Clay Siegall’s Leadership

Seattle Genetics is a well- known Biotechnology Company that has achieved a lot for individuals who have cancer. The institution is said to be on the brink of expansion. Not long ago, the organization, based in America increased in public stock to more than five million. Clay Siegall, the chief executive officer of the biotechnology company, says that the massive capital was raised successful due to the overwhelming support and interest from the investors. The institution is expected to expand its services and products too.

Seattle Genetics was founded by Clay Siegall and several other partners in the year 1998. Although the biotechnology company has not yet been profitable in its operations, reports say that it is doing very well. Under the leadership of their chairman and chief executive officer, Clay Siegall, the biotechnology company has already produced a cancer drug, known as Adcetris.

Adcetris has been sold in the market in the recent past, and it is doing very well. The cancer drug has been improved several times, and its last improvement was a great success. Since then, the drug has helped to cure over fifteen thousand individuals suffering from different types of cancers. The drug is also accepted in more than sixty nations of the world, and this is a sign that it is very effective in its treatments.

Clay Siegall is a cancer treatment specialist, and he is the guiding force in the biotechnology company. As the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors, Clay Siegall has been responsible for the capital raising activities in the enterprise. He is also in charge of the day to day operations in the company, and he has brought many positive changes in the industry.

Before starting the biotechnology company, Clay Siegall had worked in several organizations, and this gave him the expertise and skills needed to launch the institution. Clay has a particular focus on cancer therapies and treatments, and this is one of the reasons he has done so well. As a scientist, Clay has done his best to ensure that the healthcare industry develops the best practices and antibody therapies.

Clay Siegall: Shaping The Fight Against Cancer.

Dr. Clay Siegall, a leading scientist, is the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a company that specializes in scientific innovation, research and drug development. He boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in cancer research and therapeutic drug development.

Clay Siegall obtained a Bachelors in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. This, therefore, formed a solid foundation for him in the field of Biotechnology. His employment portfolio is as rich as it gets. He has worked at National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, and then Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Siegall, later on, co-founded Seattle Genetics after leaving Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. His primary drive for the establishment of Seattle Genetics was to fill the gap in the field of oncology. He has made several key improvements in that very field.

Dr. Siegall has over 70 publications to his name, holds 15 patents and is a board member for several pharmaceutical companies and cancer research enterprises that include but not limited to Washington Biotech, Alder Pharmaceuticals Inc, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.

Under his stewardship, Seattle Genetics developed an antibody-based anticancer drug Adcetris (Brentuximab Vedotin). The drug obtained FDA approval and it is used in the management of previously untreated or newly diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma. The drug is approved for use in over sixty countries. The drug was developed in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. Seattle Genetics didn’t stop there. Currently, they are working on other anti-cancer agents with one of them being called 33A used to treat acute myeloid leukemia.

As a result of his achievements and that of Seattle Genetics, it is imperative that media outlets talk about this great scientist. He talked about in Social Media, business and health care blogs. The list includes but not limited to Bloomberg, Business Insider,,, and CNBC.
A blog,, Dr. Siegall as innovative, experienced a good leader and an ideal role model to other biotechnological companies.
Additionally, describes the scientist as ambitious and one who is playing a pivotal role in cancer research.

To demonstrate his contribution to healthcare and cancer research, Siegall is an Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award finalist in the healthcare category.




Clay Siegall: A Pioneer In Cancer Research

Mirna Therapeutics?

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that studies microRNA (miRNA) and was interested in furthering their findings in oncology, by adding Dr. Siegall to their board of directors. Dr. Clay Seigal was elated to join and impressed by what Mirna had already developed.

Mirna Therapeutics was founded in 2007 in Austin, Texas, with a goal to push miRNA development and commercialization. This company had created a wonderful foundation, of miRNA therapeutics through hard work and dedication of their own scientist and other institutions.

Why MicroRNA?

MiRNA aids messenger RNA which is important to regulate gene expression. In a nutshell, miRNA works like a “master switch” to turn gene expressions on or off. MiRNAs are responsible for many processes’ including but not limited to the following: embryonic development, immunity, and cellular growth/proliferation. The malfunctioning of miRNA correlates with cancer growth and dissemination. So why miRNA? Well, when it comes to cancer, their “cell growth switch” has issues turning off. Research shows a positive response by replacing bad miRNAs with new healthy ones in tumor cells.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Who is Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D.

During the early years, Dr. Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he obtained his B.S. in Zoology. He then furthered his education by receiving a Ph.D. in Genetics at George Washington University. After graduation, he worked for the National Cancer Insitute from 1988 to 1981, and from 1991 to 1997 he worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Dr. Siegall seamlessly moved up the totem pole, by becoming the co-founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of Board of Directors of Seattle Genetics in 1998. This company leads in research for cancer and other autoimmune indicators it is also a leader in the development of antibody technologies, where they push for anti-drug conjugates (ADC).

In 2011, his first ADC was FDA approved and is now available in over sixty countries. In 2013, he joined Mirna as an outside director to their board of directors. Finally, in 2014 he became a board member to Ultragenyx, a company that studies rare genetic diseases. Dr. Siegall continues working in many ways to further study and push for cancer treatments.

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Seattle Genetics Develops Drugs That Target And Kill Cancer


UPDATE August 25th, 2016 — Seattle Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SGEN) surged +1.55% and closed the trade at $ 47.79. Clay Siegall, CEO, played vital role in increasing the value of Seattle Genetics

The Article summarized here was a conference call about the second quarter earnings of Seattle Genetics and its progress in the market. The call was started by Peggy Pinkston Executive director of Investor relations who announced the other top executives of the company including the President and CEO, Clay Siegall were also on the call. The conference call included forward-looking statements by Peggy regarding future company events and future financial and operating performance predictions. They were clear to say, however, that these statements were just predictions based on current company operating performance. They then reminded everyone on the call that from time to time Seattle Genetics filed updated documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission for correct and accurate numbers concerning the forward-looking statements made on the call. The mike was then turned over to CEO Clay Siegall Ph.D.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Clay Siegall announced that the company was building one of their main drugs into a major franchise. The drug in question has the trade name of ADCETRIS and the chemical name of Brentuximab Vedotin. It is extremely effective in treating Hodgkin lymphoma and is an antibody-drug conjugate that targets a defining marker of Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. The process used to produce this life-saving drug is completely proprietary to Seattle Genetics and the company has reported record sales of the drug. He then went on to describe the drugs phase 3 trial readouts which have been designed to transform the method in which CD30-expressing lymphomas, like Hodgkin disease, are treated. He then went on to talk about several clinical trials the company was conducting. He then explained that the Phase 3 Trial was being done to improve the overall survival rate of acute Myeloid Leukemia patients.

Seattle Genetics is a technology company who’s main focus is developing and commercializing new antibody therapies for the treatment of various types of cancers. They are a leader in the development of antibody-drug conjugates which is a technology that can actually target monoclonal antibodies that will then deliver cell-killing agents directly to cancer cells.

Clay Siegall, Ph.D. Is the co-founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics a company he built on the foundation of scientific innovation, research and his passion for helping patients. He has personally guided Seattle Genetics to its present position as the leader in developing antibody-drug conjugates and in securing the very first FDA approval of the targeted cancer drug ADCETRIS.

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