Handy Experiences Explosive Growth

Do you think you have a million dollar business idea? Hold on to that idea and try to make it a reality but until then take some inspiration from the latest successful duo of Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Hanrahan and Dua were roommates and fast friends at the Harvard Business School back in 2012, when they concocted their latest business venture. Sitting among a house full of furniture that had yet to be assembled, Hanrahan had the golden idea that would eventually become the Handybook that know of today. Handybook is such a simple idea that you’ll almost be compelled to roll your eyes as you learn some more.

What Handybook offers, essentially, is a safe platform for people with job needs to connect with people willing to do the work. Handybook performs as a middleman that guarantees quality on both ends of the spectrum. The workers know that they are protected and will get paid and the customers know that they have a recourse to fall back on in case they are dissatisfied with the work. Right now Handybook is operating in 13 different cities and completing over 10,000 jobs every single month. The sheer volume of work going out of Handybook is staggering and this is considering the fact that there are still major expansion left to undertake.

You may not know this but the most important aspect to Handy is having a group of freelance workers that are dependable and qualified to do the work that they are offering. The company gets hit with hundreds of thousands of applications every year in order to work within the application but Hanrahan and Dua have to turn down almost 98% of them. Quality screening is placed at the forefront of their focus and this means that the majority of freelancers are turned down for jobs. The rest that make it through are the best of the best and consistent customer satisfaction really shows this fact. Right now Hanrahan and Dua are looking to expand Handybook to more cities across the country as they continue to breathe life into the genre of work.