Fabletics: The All Inclusive Brand

Fabletics has been such a force of social media energy, that it is likely you have seen their advertisements or their social media pages in the past from your friends liking their posts. Fabletics is a brand that sells athletic wear in a membership based method. They sell everything from tops, capris, shorts, pants, sweaters and other athletic accessories that athletic minded people use.

Fabletics shoppers on My Shopper’s Addiction website viewed the Fabletics company with a generally positive or so-so mentality. Each customer said Fabletics does have great prices and that they can get a full outfit for the same price as what one athletic wear piece of clothing typically costs from other retailers in the athletic wear business. Many of the customers observed they were pleased with the wonderful designs to the athletic wear available at Fabletics.

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Customers wrote many positive messages about the Fabletics brand directly on the Fabletics active wear website. One woman said she was so pleased with the company’s athletic wear that it is now her favorite brand. The quality was viewed positively. The shopping experience was viewed as easy and convenient. The customer service was said to be above and beyond helpful for women customers. They wrote that the experience of having to return items was a flawless and simple process for them.

Kate Hudson is a part founder of Fabletics. She has stated that when she went with the Fabletics company, she wanted it to be an all inclusive brand for women. She wanted every woman to be able to buy Fabletics wear. The Fabletics brand has put effort into making the sizes for their clothing wide ranging. They have put effort into making clothing exceptionally on fabletics.com well priced for Fabletics members. The company wanted this to happen so women of every price scale could purchase from their athletic wear line.

If you are looking for a positive shopping experience of excellent, all inclusive athletic wear, look no further then the Fabletics company.

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Lifestyle Blogger Teri Hutcheon Loves Fabletics

Teri Hutcheon of A Foodie Stays Fit has recently raved about Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand, Fabletics. As CEO and founder of Fabletics, Hudson has run the successful brand for three years, offering women a subscription-based service in which they receive a different workout outfit each month for $49.95. Lifestyle bloggers around the world have been praising the fashion brand’s unique and convenient method for providing athletic gear to enthused shoppers.


Teri was naturally drawn to Fabletics as she, herself, is a woman who likes to stay active. She signed up as a VIP member on the Fabletics website, allowing her to receive a monthly outfit for a monthly fee. Like all VIP members, Teri filled out the survey on the website which includes questions about her workout and style preferences, and then each month, she logs on to the website to see a small selection of athetlic outfits picked out for her based on her preferences. Then, she selects the one she wants, and it is sent directly to her door.


The first thing that impressed Teri about Fabletics was the quality of the products she had received. Despite the fact that the prices are incredibly reasonable compared to those of other athletic apparel brands, the high quality of materials used is instantly recognizable. She noted that the fit of the clothes is outstanding, and that the colors do not fade in the wash over time.


Teri was also very happy with the variety of styles she could choose from. While some athletic fashion brands only focus on one key item, like yoga pants or sports bras, Fabletics allows users to choose from a large array of different workout-related apparel items.


What perhaps impressed Teri most, however, is the overall value of Fabletics. For under $50 per month, users are given a full outfit containing top quality athletic apparel items. Teri noted that it is very likely she would spend the same amount for just one piece, let alone a whole outfit.


Ultimately, Teri highly recommends Fabletics to any woman out there who loves athletic apparel and is looking for a more convenient way to shop for her workout clothes. The selection is remarkably diverse, the quality of each piece is outstanding and the prices simply cannot be beat.

What Makes Fabletics Shine

Excelling in the fashion e-commerce industry is no mean feat, but that is what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing now. It has grown into a $250-million business empire in just three years. So what is their secret? The General Manager, Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, thinks it is by regularly creating a modern and reimagined version of the ‘high-value brand.’ These are the ways Fabletics run physical stores differently that have made it stand out.

Fabletics Application of “Reverse Show rooming” Strategy
Unlike their counterparts who are being overwhelmed by showrooms, where people window-shop but then buy the items cheaper somewhere else, Fabletics have reversed this strategy in a way. Instead of a focusing on negative, Fabletics have positively changed browsing. They could have followed the pop-up store way, but their unique strategy helps them to build connections, be relied on as well as understand the local markets better through various events. As a result, around 30% to 50% of the potential customers who enter their door are already members while another 25% are members in store.

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Success is not about Online Data Alone
Fabletics knows that showing the best content physically and in digital form is imperative so as not destroy the existing brand. Using online data about preferences implies that physical stores should only stock items that will likely to appeal to them. That can be tweaked as fashions and tastes change. Hence, they stock their stores based on various inputs such as membership preferences for local clients, social media euphoria, store heat-mapping data as well as real-time sales activity. The serendipity of shopping is imperative to them, but the brand is strengthened on combining international fashion trends with customer preference data to boost satisfaction.

Focus on Accessibility, Clientele, and Culture
Fabletics have also passed through challenges, but as the firm evolves and enters new territories the balance of lifestyle, client education, as well as customer experience, pays off a lot. Shawn Gold, the Corporate Marketing Officer for TechStyle Fashion Group, parent company says the growth rate of this brand is 35% annually. Growth is a factor related to a quality product, great price, authentic marketing, and fair in-house media together with creative teams.

It is impossible to create a formidable fashion brand on marieclaire.com currently without considering how to compete with dominant brands like Amazon, Fabletics, Warby Parker as well as Bonobos. Like Fabletics, these brands are defining themselves with their exclusive products, enterprise technology, data technology, and scaling their firms with ROI-based media.

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