Half of Americans Surveyed Had No Clue what Cloud Computing Actually Is

Technical terms are notoriously difficult to understand. Cloud computing isn’t just technical; the name is also a little misleading. A recent survey of over 1000 men and women showed just how much Americans actually know about cloud computing.

Nearly one third of respondents in the survey thought that cloud computing was a meteorological term. Only about one in seven actually knew that it had anything to do with computers at all. Many people who took the survey even admitted to pretending to know what cloud computing is.

Mark Ahn was shocked to find that the real kicker is that over half of the people taking the survey thought that a storm could have some impact on cloud computing. I suppose this would be true if lightning were to take out a major data center. Other than that cloud computing is safe from the weather.

The lack of knowledge about cloud computing certainly isn’t keeping anyone from using it. Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. Many companies including banks, social media sites and many other applications are already in the cloud. You could be using the cloud right now and not even be aware of it at all. How scary is that?