Real-Time Customer Service Feedback Is A Reality

Customer service means a lot for businesses. So does technology. Top-notch customer service and cutting-edge technology are necessary in order for a business to serve its clients best. And businesses do have to treat clients well or else they are going to head elsewhere. Cogito, a company spun from MIT Media Lab, wants to help businesses and customer service representatives do their very best. This way, the customers are treated better and remain in the fold. Businesses prosper when customer revenues keep flowing.

Cogito is not simply creating a new VoIP system for customer service representatives to utilize. A new app, while always appreciated, is not what the firm is presenting. Instead, Cogito is delivering an incredibly beneficial technological item to the market. Cogito has produced something capable of delivering real-time feedback to customer service reps.

The quicker a problem is corrected, the quicker the problem goes away. Inefficient, outdated systems make it incredibly difficult to set course corrections or help employees get back on the right track.

Having a supervisor randomly listen to a call is outdated. With a huge team of customer service representatives at a call center, supervisors would be spread thin handling a small percentage of employees much less all of them. With Cogito, 100% of all calls handled by all representatives are monitored automatically. The program that keeps tabs on the calls logs data related to pauses, tone of voice, volume, and more. A representative who talks too fast and too loud may be having a hard time dealing with customers. The logged data about this representative can be reviewed by supervisors who then are able to take appropriate coaching action.

Customer service calls positively must be handled well or else the customer is really not being served. Yes, there are unruly callers but their numbers are limited. No one can control how a caller is going to behave either. With customer service representatives, however, the story is completely different.

Cogito’s program has features that support analyzing inbound and outbound calls based on criteria unique to a specific industry. In short, the software is generous in terms of customizable capabilities.

Look for this program to become hugely popular in time. Those businesses current using the technology are experiencing excellent results.