Finding a Assisted Living Home for Your Loved Ones

It is an unfortunate part of today’s life that we sometimes cannot take care of our older loved ones in our homes. It is rarely the result of lack of compassion, but most often because we cannot provide the skilled care they need. Yet, many of our senior citizens can often do the everyday things that they need to do in order to survive. An adult assisted living facility is a wonderful compromise combining the independence that seniors fear giving up with the skilled care and supervision they require.

A good assisted living facility has several things that need to be considered before placing a loved one. Some of these things are common sense things like whether or not the building is clean and well maintained, but some may not be so apparent.

When considering an assisted living facility look at the level of staffing and their qualifications. Ask questions about the ratio of skilled nurses and caregivers to patients and how often are the residents checked on. What are the capabilities for residents to call for a caregiver in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Another question to ask is about the housekeeping duties. Are the residents required to do most of their own bed-making, laundry, and trash removal? Some facilities gladly customize the level of service to the individual residents needs and desires while others may not be as accommodating.

What activities are planned for people to socialize and make new friends? The staff needs to be proactive in providing new residents with opportunities to meet and interact with other residents in a supportive environment. Does the facility offer classes in arts and crafts, physical fitness, or field trips as a way to get the residents active, engaged, and to be happy.

One company that offers excellent services to its residents is The Manse on Marsh, who can be contacted through their website. This assisted living facility is locally owned by Chris Skiff and is among one of the twenty facilities he has built and operated over the past fifteen years. Chris is devoted to shattering the stereotype “old-folks home”, and the positive reviews that keep flowing in seem to suggest he’s done as much. His communities provide a supportive and affordable solution many senior citizens and their families are desperate for. In fact, his own industry has honored him with numerous awards including builder of the year and Lifetime Director of the Home Builder’s Association.

Skiff began his involvement with senior housing after graduating with honors from the Univeristy of California’s Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. He has been a devoted Christian and works hard to have his work reflect his strong beliefs. Chris married his college girlfriend and has five children, two of which he and his wife adopted from the former Soviet Union.  The company Twitter also remains popular.  A reminder of what Manse on Marsh does differently, very well.

While not tending to his various business interest, Chris trains for marathons having completed eleven over the years. He also goes on mission trips both domestically and internationally.

Susan McGalla’s Take on Being a Successful Business Woman in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is a prominent businesswoman on wikinvest and executive consultant based in Pittsburgh, PA. She is one of the most influential women in the business world who have gone against the odd experiences and become as successful as she is. She has an excellent personality that has made her pummel the business world with full force. As a woman and a business executive, she has never fallen short of balancing family life and work. She simultaneously advanced through her career to climb the corporate ladder progressively during her childbearing years. McGalla, like all other successful businesswomen, has been confident in everything she undertook, and she learned this from her parents when she was still a small kid. She has maintained the notion that people will always view her as she portrays herself.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm that provides a range of advice to clients on matters regarding the fashion and retail industry. Her consulting firm serves a broad variety of high-profile personalities in the finance sectors even top names from Wall Street. She has incredibly vast knowledge about the retail and marketing industry where she outsources it to her consulting firm that offers insight into the complexities of the industry. The firm offers services such as but not limited to marketing, talent management, operational efficiencies and branding.

Susan McGalla lived in East Liverpool, Ohio with her parents and her two older brothers. Her father was a local football coach in the area, and he was adamant with his kids and never cut Susan any slack because of her gender. Her parents instilled very important teachings of pursuing anything with hard work and presenting her ideologies with confidence. She was also taught that gender was never a beneficial factor in achieving success. She has always lived according to these cords and has made her successful in the corporate world.

McGalla’s career kicked off in 1986 when she worked at Joseph Horne Company in different marketing and administrative posts until 1994. Currently, she is prominently known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Where she started working in various managerial and marketing positions. She was a hardworking and creative staff who implemented her decisions with utmost confidence. Her efforts were noticeable, and she became the president and chief merchandising officer for the flagship American Eagle brand and later the president and CEO of the whole company. Susan is also well-known as the former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc., a company that hails her for improving product quality and trends. After parting ways with Wet Seal Inc, McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm she had dreamt of establishing since she left American Eagle.

McGalla is an example of an outstanding role model to women who are still pursuing their dreams. She is always ready to share her stance to other women and has done so for various audiences such as at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.