Michel Terpin’s Resilience in Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship Paid Off

Michel Terpin is one of the best rally drivers to have graced the Brazilian scene. Terpin is one of the founding members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team that aids in organizing the annual Sertoes Rally. Alongside his brother Rodrigo Terpin, they have taken Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship to the next level with their dazzling results.

His Specialization

As a rally driver, he has specialized in the T1 prototype vehicle category that signifies the largest and the longest off-track competition gracing the Brazilian rally scene. With his impeccable performance at the Bull Sertoes Team’s Double Trophy events, Michel has managed to supplant his name in the Brazilian rally books by winning these editions back-to-back. Additionally, these victories added more confidence to the team, bearing in mind they had to encounter more depressions, winding roads, and a rugged terrain. Aboard the T-Rex, Michel Terpin received a Carbon Free Stamp (CFS) from the Green Initiative. The stamp ensured that he would participate in planting trees across the Atlantic forest as a compensatory means for the Carbon 1V Oxide produced during the entire rally championship.

His Achievements and Experience

With over ten time’s participation in the event, he is unarguably the most decorated rally driver across Brazil with an astounding rallying career. Michel Terpin began his career in 2002 as a motorcycle competitor, where he banked on his brother’s immense recognition in the car category to climb through the ropes. By 2004, he had already joined his brother in the car category and more astonishingly, he was already piloting the powerful T-Rex.

Winning Partnership

Alongside his navigator Maykel Justo, they represent a rallying duo with vast experiences in rallying in which they are the leaders in the championship ranking for Brazilian Championship. In the 2008 Bull Sertoes, he represented their team at the 25th edition of the event where they established a record in the 3300 kilometers stretch with a Grand Norte 1500. On his 11 appearances at the event, he was able to achieve excellent performance in two categories, namely the trucks and the car categories. In all these disciplines, he recorded victories that still affirmed his prowess in the competition.