Eric Pulier Executive Lead Under CSC Umbrella

Eric Pulier’s united with Computer Sciences Corporation(CSC) when his company, Service Mesh, but purchased by CSC. Pulier has accomplished a lot with Service Mesh. He made the company attractive enough to warrant attention from other IT companies. Service Mesh was purchased by CSC for $260 million, and Pulier became a top executive as a result of this.

In the technology world Computer Sciences Corporation is the company to beat. This is an organization that has won numerous awards for technology research and innovation in the world of information technology. On a global scale the CSC family covers 70 countries. This type of coverage would bring Pulier’s Service Mesh company to whole new levels. It was a perfect union because everything seems to be going to the cloud, and Service Mesh is ahead of the game with self-service IT solutions for the cloud. Computer Science Corporation gave this company a greater platform once Service Mesh was acquired. That may be one of the main reasons that a lot of people are waiting to see what further advancements in cloud technology this union will bring.

CSC is marketed as a next-generation leader in IT. Pulier pushed the envelope with Service Mesh to offer groundbreaking technology that created a new standard in the IT industry. Coincidentally, it was a standard that no one else had tapped into yet. This is why the company is so valuable for CSC.

As the very first organization that has been awarded 2 Level 5 SEI CMMI certifications Computer Sciences Corporation is far ahead of the rest when it comes to quality. The company also harnesses quite a bit of talent that is dedicated to innovative products. It may be in the form of transporting IT solutions or engaging in providing solutions to the mission-critical tasks that occur in IT.

With executives like Eric Pulier in place the company has a chance to grab the attention of customers that are looking for IT solutions in automotive, retail, banking, healthcare, energy companies and a host of other industries. CSC handles solutions for cloud-based computer and cyber security. This company also have the ability to provide aid for big data analytic and consulting on an array of different IT issues. This is an organization produces billions of dollars in revenues. Companies that have an IT operations department that is out of sync can connect with Computer Sciences Corporation and get everything functioning properly.

The connection with Eric Pulier marked a big step that CSC was taking in cloud management. CSC is trying to bridge the gap for customers that want to turn more of their physical hardware into cloud environments. Service Mesh was the perfect acquisition for handling this.