Status Labs Leaves Its Clients Feeling Great

Status Labs is a company that helps people to keep a good reputation online. It knows the importance of keeping its clients clean and safe online, since most people are getting online nowadays, and it has helped many people to keep from ruining themselves or their businesses. Status Labs is a company that is very knowledgeable about everything when it comes to online reputation management, and many people have come to be very grateful for the work that it has done for them. They are glad that there is a company out there that cares so greatly about keeping them safe from all of the harm that could come to them online.
When a business or individual has something bad said about them online it is hard to get it to disappear. People will see it and quickly form their opinions. And that is just not fair for the one who is having bad things said about them, especially if the things said are untrue. And that is where Status Labs comes in. This company is there to keep its clients safe from all of the harm that can come to them online. When someone chooses to hire Status Labs to protect them they will be able to know that their online image will be kept cleaner than it ever has been before. They will be able to feel more relaxed about what is going on online than they have been able to before because they can know that people will not be making a harsh judgement about them based off of what they see online.
Status Labs is a great company for every business or individual who cares about what is being said about them online to look into. Those who want to keep a good reputation in every way are going to want to go to Status Labs to get the protection that they need when it comes to all that is being said about them online. The company should be able to keep them clean, safe and secure. The company knows how to fix things that have gone wrong, and how to prevent bad things from happening online, and those facts should leave its clients feeling great.

Susan McGalla and the Businesswoman of Today

The past hundred years have seen a vast increase in the conversation about women in the workplace. Since the early 1900s, the number of women in the workforce has been increasing. Today an estimated 46.9% of the current workforce is made up women. You would think by this time good advise from experienced businesswomen would be abundant. However, it is unfortunately often difficult for many beginning businesswomen to find sound advice from experienced businesswomen about how to be a successful businesswoman. Enter Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Consulting, LLC, and extremely experienced and capable businesswoman.

She has been very passionate about sharing good advice with female business newbies. McGalla advises them to strive to be seen not as merely females but as professionals first and foremost. She said she was fortunate to have actually been raised to not base her actions and decisions by her womanhood. As a result of this upbringing, she has been fortunate in her adult business life to have the capability of working equally well with both men and women.

Her first work experience came in 1994 when she joined the executive team of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. McGalla’s upbringing came in handy as she became the first female executive in the company. She was so successful there that she ascended to become president and chief merchandising officer of the company. Although McGalla has moved on from American Eagle, she has through the years retained the work ethic of her youth. In fact, now as her own boss with her own consulting company, she has much more freedom to exercise her business beliefs. And her vast experience has helped her form other beliefs about how to be a successful businesswoman. In fact, she is a much sought after speaker on suc matters at conventions and meeting for businesswomen.

She believes it is incredibly important to get a good business education. She strongly believes that if the quality of the present female workforce is to remain, an emphasis on a quality university education must also remain. Fortunately, there is presently no need to worry about this because enrollment for females in business education programs continues to get higher and higher. However, this quality education is really only beneficial if these educated businesswomen maintain a steadfast confidence as they navigate the business world.

McGalla says that it can be very easy for new females to become overly intimidated upon first entering the business workforce. They may tend to start thinking that they don’t really belong in any of the top business positions because only men are suited for that. In this way, businesswoman might hold themselves back from their full potential.

Highly Effective Wikipedia Writing

When searching for information, people have come to rely on certain websites. They turn to such websites in order to gain access to information that they know will be accurate and correct. Search engines also tend to rank such websites highly in any search as the site’s owners knoe that users will find such sites ideal for their needs. Some sites of these kind have literally millions of pages that can be read easily via a simple search of the site. This can help users quickly find information about any given topic they have in mind.

One of the biggest of such sites is Wikipedia. Wikipedia has been in existence for over a decade. During this time, the website has continued to grow in order to meet the needs of users. People who write for the site will find that doing so is often quite pleasant and rewarding. A well written Wikipedia page may be read by thousands of readers in a single day. The writer has the satisfaction of knowing that their words are being seen by people all across the globe. They also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to provide people with access to information that is as accurate as possible.

GetYourWiki provides an easy sign up to write Wikipedia writing service initially. All that people need to do is provide the site with a valid email address. The user can then begin to write articles that are ideal for the needs of readers who may need to be able to access information easily. Many people sing up to write here because they have a highly specific passion for a given topic that they want to share with others such as the works of Shakespeare or collecting all kinds of colored depression glass.

Writing such articles must always be done in accordance with the agreed upon standards of the site that were initially established. These are intended to provide people with a means of creating articles that are easily recognizable to users. This means that all articles will usually include at least one or two photographs if possible. Most Wikipedia articles will also include information about subjects that are related to the subject of the main article. Many Wikipedia articles link to other Wikipedia articles, helping the reader learn information such as how the background of a specific place where the initial article is set.

Joseph Bismark Says We Are Spiritual Beings


“No way,” I thought to myself as I read about the visionary business leader Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog “End of an Earring.” “How could nine years as a monk in an Ashram in the Philippines possibly prepare someone for a corporate career?”

As I read on, I realized that Bismark’s great belief in every person’s potential, along with his advocacy of healthy living in body, soul, and spirit (which are all one), are exactly what makes him such a dynamic, empowering manager in the Qi conglomeration. This group works in several different sectors. It is also affiliated with the RYTHM (“Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”) Foundation, which serves various charities. Bismark is a founder and a leader in the Foundation, which helps him to inspire thousands through his corporate responsibility work. 

Wow! What a paradox. Joseph Bismark doesn’t believe that success is the be-all, end-all goal of life. Instead, we should nurture our inner qualities and be of service to the world using our unique strengths. These lessons have made the Qi group incredibly successful.

Another amazing seeming contradiction was that humility, ease of approach, and a simple lifestyle create a great leader. Staying grounded allows Bismark to listen to the ideas of his colleagues and employees and value them, unlike in companies where differing ideas are dismissed. What a great way to foster creativity in business! It’s no wonder that Bismark’s lifelong commitment to spiritual values has led to such great results in the Qi group.

The Leading Product in Technology

With the advancement of technology comes the ability to use a visual search. What image recognition is is the ability to identify a product from a picture. The benefit of using this new piece of technology is the ability to recognize products just from a picture which can then share information concerning the photo.

One of the most popular uses for this new piece of technology is for the purpose of buying products. By products through this method is effortless that only takes minutes to do. All you have to do is take a picture of the product you are interested in and plug the picture into your mobile app. The app will then connect the product to an online database that has been designed to not only find the same product but to also provide information of it. This Swedish designed product makes shopping and easy and better experience.

One of the best sites to use visual search is with Slyce. Slyce is a website that offers fast results when looking for a product to buy. What this website does is integrate the world’s leading retail brands with this site to provide shoppers with the best available information concerning a certain product. All one has to do to receive this topnotch help is to snap a photo and to download the photo on the mobile app. The app will then provide the user of where to find the desired product as well as any other piece of important information including the price.

The Slyce website and app offer countless services to the user. One service in particular is one of the most popular offered services which is the ability to snap photos for the purpose of purchasing products. Another great feature of this website is the website’s ability to use a visual relevancy engine. This shows the product’s attributes which are then used to provide relevant results.

One of the neatest features of Slyce is the ability to identify products through social media. When looking through Facebook, and noticing a nice pair of shoes or a nice dress, all you have to do is apply the photo to the mobile app. The app will register the product and provide information on where the product can be purchased. One last feature that Slyce has is the ability to digitally enable printing materials as well as billboards with just a mobile phone. Imagine all the possibilities that can be created with visual search.

Facebook Recognizes Users with Backs to Cameras

The social media phenomenon has managed to penetrate just about every level of technology imaginable. From computers to smartphones to tablets, just about everyone imaginable is using one of the different popular social networks. One of the biggest enhancements users take advantage of is tagging various pictures with the names of the people in the photo. Keith Mann has learned that Facebook even managed to work out a way to utilize facial recognition to have the system tag people automatically, and that ability has just gotten way more powerful.

According to International Business Times, Facebook has worked out a powerful facial recognition algorithm that takes users body type, posture, and other aspects into consideration, which gives Facebook an 83-percent certainty of recognizing friends in Facebook photos even if their back is turned to the camera. The company has not hinted at when this update would be made available to the public, but with a very high success rate it seems likely to happen soon.

Facial recognition technology is an amazingly complicated world that takes any number of measurements into consideration. For any company to manage to effectively unveil technology that does not actually need to the see the face is a fascinating accomplishment. Of course, Facebook users are going to want to make sure their privacy features are up to date to make sure they do not start popping up auto-tagged in several pictures, which could be the biggest hurdle facing the breakthrough.

The Power of Slyce Visual Search Makes Shopping Easier

The Growing Importance of Visual Search

As millions of people around the world go on line for the first time every year, the importance of search engine technology as a tool of global commerce has enjoyed rapid growth. For the first time in human history, people in large numbers now possess the ability to search for products that interest them using platforms that extend internationally. One impressive new trend in this field concerns a recent development which promises to enhance the power of consumers even more in the very near future: visual search.

This article will explore visual search and its roots in a bit more detail. It will demonstrate why this powerful tool will soon place more power than ever before in the hands of consumers.

Visual Search

What is visual search and what advantages does it offer over other search methods? Shortly after the Internet first arose, a consumer could access the Web and visit popular search engines to input terms, names or expressions called “keywords” that would produce a list of sites on line referenced around the same topic. In fact, word-based search technology has advanced significantly in a just a short space of time. Today, people all around the world can use this technology to hunt for goods and services of interest.

Keyword technology holds some drawbacks. First, it can prove difficult to search sites based in other languages, even with translation technology available to provide a rough translation of the content. The nuances of language sometimes cause unintended miscommunication during Internet search processes. Second, not all search engines “speak” every human language.

Yet one stunning new development occurred recently with the advent of extremely refined visual search technology promoted by Slyce. The company has devised a way to allow on line shoppers to trace the source and sales outlets of products they see in images on the Internet. Visual images cross language barriers in a way that words do not. The innovations developed by Slyce’s new search engine will likely revolutionize the process of shopping on line in the near future!

Furnishing More Power to Consumers

Some observers in the past have noted the democratizing powers of cyberspace during the Information Age. In the past, hierarchies and structures often controlled the free flow of information to a very great extent. But old models now undergo rapid change, as the explosion of interest in the Internet have opened a floodgate of information.

Companies that utilize the Slyce technology in marketing will likely enjoy many advantages in a growing consumer dominated market in which on line visitors expect instantaneous access to information. Being able to see who manufactures an attractive item of apparel at the click of a button (or at the tap on a pda screen) will likely please many people. They will also appreciate the power Slyce offers them to locate outlets for the products they notice instantly. Can enhanced on line sales revenues for retailers lag far behind in this process? Slyce will empower markets!

Many Wonder If Bruce Jenner is Serious About Trans Gender Declaration

Since Bruce Jenner has officially come out and stated that he is transitioning to becoming a woman. For the most part his family has been supportive but former spouse Kris Kardashian has not been as supportive as other family members. In addition, some members of the Hollywood community have questions if Jenner understands that becoming a woman is more than simply making a social statement. Movie actor Alice Eve posted on her social media accounts her feelings that Jenner has under estimated the issues that women actually have to deal with including not having the same job opportunities as well as the same pay that men receive. She also commented that a woman would not have even been able to compete in the decathlon event that Jenner competed in during the 1976 Olympics in which he won a much heralded gold medal.


Eve attempted to clarify her statement by stating that she was not diminishing the decision made by Jenner but was highlighting that women still face a number of equality based issues which have prevented them from gaining the same success as men. Many such as Brad have supported eve’s statement and noted that so much attention to a man trying to become a woman detracts from the original issues of woman simply trying to operate on the same professional plane as a woman. Jenner’s transitioning has been rumored for several months and has been highlighted on the cable network television show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”Jenner’s Coming Out Has Doubters

YouTube’s Beginning Roots

According to an article on, the YouTube may have gotten it’s roots from the television series America’s Funniest Home Videos which starred Bob Sagat.

From the late 1980s to the late 1990s America’s Funniest Home Videos certainly captured the attention of the country as we all got to laugh at the many stupid human and cute baby animal moments. And from those years of watching the series, Americans and people around the world got used to filming all these silly moments. Youtube lovers like Brad Reifler wonder: Who knew this show would launch an internet culture? And though it might be difficult to prove it was the beginning of YouTube, I am sure most people could link the two in concept.

As technology has continued to evolve, kids and adults of every age and in every country have phones, ipods and other devices that allow them to capture everything. And it all seems to end up on the internet, many things hosted at the well known YouTube website. So now instead of setting up the VHS to tape Americas Funniest Home Videos, we all turn to the internet and YouTube for our entertainment, watching stupid human clips and cute, heart warming baby animals videos.

Free Windows 10 Not So Free

Microsoft announced this week that anyone who wants to upgrade to its Windows 10 operating system can do so for free for a year from the release date. Essentially, users can have any version of the OS, including pirated copies, which are popular in foreign countries, and upgrade at no additional cost. Terry Myerson for Microsoft told Reuters that the goal is to “re-engage” with the millions of Microsoft users in China and elsewhere who have pirated copies.

People at Anastasia Date ( have found that, while many Windows users are jumping for joy, some are extremely worried about this decision. Enterprise users will pay licensing fees. Those who want to move their OS from one computer to another or work between multiple devices may also have to pay fees to do so. Microsoft revealed last year that multi-device usage would come with fees in light of the Internet of Things. The company then issued vague statements about whether it would or would not charge these fees and there have been no updates revealing what Microsoft plans in these areas. Third-party software may also be more difficult to use with Window 10 as Microsoft focuses on its own software offerings and the software offered by its business partners.

What experts do know is that Microsoft will charge upgrade fees to Windows 7/8 users who decide to not take advantage of this offer now and instead upgrade after the free year ends.