Yemen Cyber Terrorists May Not Be From Yemen

On April 14th a website known as Al Hayat- a pro-Saudi newsgroup was hacked. Their front page was replaced with one that threatened Saudi Arabia if they continued to become involved in Yemen’s unrest. reported that a group took credit calling themselves the Yemen Cyber Army.

The group continued to create problems, starting a Twitter hashtag called #OpSaudi. On May 20 they hacked the Saudi foreign ministry and began to leak information about different people onto the internet. The group seemed actually to be in Yemen since Saudi Arabia and Iran was involved in a bloody conflict with Yemen in the middle. Click here for full story.

That belief has begun to change. First when the group spoke with Buzzfeed News and other media groups they claimed to be from Yemen but refused to speak Arabic. They also declined to give details about where they were. Then came Boaz Dolev head of Clear Sky in Israeli Cyber security company.
He believes the Iranian government is at fault. They have identified a piece of malware that has been deployed at 550 targets. Almost one half was aimed at Saudi Arabia, 14% in Israel and 11% in Yemen. Several IP addresses have been traced back to Iran. Dolev believes that the Iranian government is behind the group and that its purpose is likely related to espionage.