Brian Bonar: Pioneer Of PEOs And Escondido Restaurateur

For those who might get a chance to visit Escondido, a relatively smaller town located just down the road from the greater San Diego metropolitan area, the city has benefited a lot from entrepreneur Brian Bonar’s work. Bonar is not originally from San Diego, he moved there from Scotland some years ago when he helped start the Dalrada Financial Group. Bonar’s work primarily has consisted of utilizing technology for business partnerships, including the work he did at Smart-tek Automated Services and Imaging Technologies.

But he’s also taken up an interest in local restaurants, purchasing several local bistros and turning them into magnificent cuisines. He also has brought his restaurant expertise to Bandy Canyon Ranch, a vacation resort just outside of town.

Brian Bonar originally was interested in mechanical engineering, and he first started at James Watt Technical College in the UK. He also became interested in business and economics, and he completed his degrees in those fields at Stratchclyde University and Staffordshire University.

Bonar served in many companies throughout his career, with a long tenure at IBM UK Ltd. He also served on the boards of other companies such as AMS Outsourcing, QMS, Rastek, Bezier Systems, Adaptec, and Allegiant. Bonar has been with the Dalrada Financial Corporation in San Diego since 1995.

Brian Bonar started up Trucept Inc, a professional employer organization (PEO) that would acquire Smart-Tek Automated Services as its primary software for keeping track of employee hours and payroll activities.

PEOs are companies that are hired by other companies to run the company’s human resource and accounting departments so the client company can focus on employee operations and business needs. PEOs often recruit the employees for the company and then manage their benefits package, and usually they become the employer of record on the employee’s W2 form. The client company still has the final say over whether the employee can be hired or terminated.

Brian Bonar has won awards and recognitions, including the 2010 Executive of the Year in Finance in Cambridge University’s Who’s Who ceremony.

Bonar also is a savvy investor and an expert in many big financial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and restructuring. Brian Bonar also has personal hobbies such as golf, boating and other outdoor recreations.