Yahoo Must Secure Its Data

Every time we log into a website, we trust that our data is basically secure and we are able to get the information that we need from the website without hassle. We also trust the website to keep our information safe and prevent us from having our information stolen. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Recently, Yahoo news reports that its data information was stolen by some criminals.
They found that these criminals had actually gone as far to offer to sell the data – the data of over 200 million accounts, to be exact. This sale was offered sometime around the summer and was kept fairly quiet until a recent development. This is in addition to the attack in 2014 where 500 million accounts were reported to be stolen.

The story gets even more interesting from there, with Yahoo stating that over 500 million accounts are compromised. This hack comes at a time when Yahoo is trying to sell all of its web stock to Verizon for a sale of approximately $4.8 billion. There are several steps that users will have to take to protect their account, all of which Yahoo is trying to streamline for its users. The hack was announced this week, however some people claim that Yahoo has known about this hack for up to two years.

Yahoo’s data is extremely vulnerable right now, and users are advised to take extra security precautions while they use their Yahoo accounts.

Perhaps Yahoo’s biggest mistake was that they didn’t inform Verizon – the company that they were selling the web shares too – about the attack. Though dates are sketchy, Yahoo states that 500 billion accounts were stolen in 2014 – accounts that they were just now able to start reclaiming and building more securely. They claim the attack was state sponsored although they have no evidence of such as of yet. This could potentially be the biggest data breech in history.

One thing is certain: Yahoo data is currently not secure.

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