Skout: Heroes of Social Media


Recently PN Newswire released an insightful article that delved into how one worldwide app, known as skout is celebrating National Superhero Day in an enigmatic, inspirational way. Skout functions as a social network with an emphasis on community, and will be celebrating the larger than life holiday on April twenty-eighth by emboldening it’s users. In short, ‘skouter’s have the choice of gifting one another virtual, superhero-related presents through the app, which will used for a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The donations won’t cease until a wish has been fully financed. For one, they issued a survey asking people what they thought defined a superhero, if they, themselves – wanted to be a superhero, as well a general definition for what makes a superhero. The results were interesting and indicative of the American spirit.


It turns out that three out of four people describe superheroes as people who provide help to human beings in need, while over three-quarters of people polled stated that they, themselves had hopes of becoming a superhero. From looking at those results, it becomes plain to see that everyone, by the majority’s standard can be a superhero, the only qualifier being, that you reach out, help someone who could use a hand, and contribute to the betterment of society. Basically, if you’re a Skouter and you choose to send a virtual present to a friend, using a superhero theme, you will be helping people who can use it, and thus are a superhero, yourself, for making a difference. This is of course, according to nearly everyone. Christian Wiklund, the co-founder and CEO of Skout appears thrilled to be giving consumers this opportunity, and spreading an overall message through their social network that encourages charity and revels in the joy brought to one by simply helping others.


On another, nonetheless related note, Skout’s survey revealed that America’s favorite superhero is subjective and while men prefer Superman, women are voting for Batman. Also, Batman and Robin are people’s favorite superhero teams, people mostly hope for the superpower of immortality, having a mask is needed if you’re a superhero, and the Batmobile is the most stylish superhero automobile. At the end of the day Skout is a company who deserves recognition for truly using the powers of social media for good. For more information, read the feature at for more info on Skout and their real-life heroics

Get Back in the Game with Skout

So your boyfriend dumped you and you’ve been feeling down in the dumps ever since. You might have even invited the girlfriend over to have a Netflix, ice cream and chill evening (plus a few bottles of wine) just so you can dish on that pig. Probably made you feel a little better, right? Well, how do you take that the next step? To really get back at him? No, you probably shouldn’t release a bunch of crickets into his bedroom or spray paint his car. While you might get a kick out of it, the police might get a pretty nice kick out of it as well. You need a different plan. Have you ever heard of the saying “the best revenge is to live well?” So what does that mean? It means you need to have the best life possible and they will see just what they are missing. So, put that can of paint away and get back onto the dating game horse with Skout. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll really show up your ex as well.

Working Out at Your Finger Tips

So, one of the most common ways to get back at someone is to just get into the best shape of your life. Really show them they made a huge mistake. Maybe you want to do this after downing a few pints of ice cream and after downing a few liters of wine (spread out over time, naturally). Or maybe you’d rather just get out there. That’s up to you, but whatever you do, once your ex sees that you are out, having fun and not with him? Well, he’ll start to feel jealous. He might even come crawling back. Excellent! Best of all, you don’t need him any longer, because you have Skout on instagram, the mobile dating app made to help you find the perfect match. Or at least to just have fun while searching.

Use it and Love It

Have you ever seen so many incredible guys, all in one spot? It is pretty tough to beat. This app puts hundreds of thousands of guys right into the palm of your hand. And what do you need to do to get that? Post a few of your favorite pics into your profile, jazz it up with some blurb about yourself, and there you have it. You can almost sit back and watch the guys start coming to you to check you out. Not too bad. And, you can message them back to get to know them a bit. Way better than hanging out at the bar and hoping the one guy you bump into is worth your time. With Skout, you can have conversations with dozens of guys at once and determine which of the group is the best of the best and which one you are going to have a great time with.

It’s time to get back on the dating horse and show your ex just what a mistake he made.

Personal Touches Make Anastasia Date Stand Out in Online Dating

Online dating has never been more popular and has eliminated the boundaries that used to exist in meeting a man or woman from a different country. Anastasia Date has grown one of the most important reputations in the world of online dating for providing the best services available for those who are hoping to find love with a man or woman who live and work in a different country. This service is well known throughout the world for providing some of the best options available in terms of creating a long term relationship that begins on the Internet, but then moves into the physical world to give the couple the best possible chance of having a successful life together.

Anastasia Date is named after the fabled Russian Princess Anastasia and was established by a couple who formed a loving and successful marriage when he was from the US and she from Russia. The company is well known for primarily focusing its efforts on bringing together people from North America and the countries of Russia and the Ukraine. However, the number of men in the UK and other areas of Europe who are also joining the search for love in Eastern Europe are growing by the day and offer the women of Eastern Europe more options than ever before.

Anastasia Date offers a different service to those created by other Online dating Sites, particularly in the form of the different services offered to assist the couples in achieving a successful start to their relationship. Other services simply link couples to each other and do little else to help, but Anastasia Date is different and will be involved in every aspect of the courtship and future marriage of couples who find each other. For example, a couple struggling to understand each other because of language problems can use the available translation services to help them interact and build their relationship Online. Once a relationship is moving forward, Anastasia Date will assist by providing a romantic getaway to be enjoyed by the couple to see if the spark they feel Online transfers to the physical world.