NutriMost Takes Healthy Living To Federal Court Over Marketing Video

Weight loss company NutriMost has sued rival Healthy Living in Manhattan federal court claiming they stole a NutriMost promotional video and used it on their website. The stolen promotional video has since been removed. The weight loss company wants the court to award financial damages and ban Healthy Living from ever using the video again. NutriMost alleges Healthy Living doctored the video by removing references to NutriMost and replacing it with Can’t Lose Diet.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost is asking the court to require Healthy Living to pay several hundred thousand dollars in damages. The company is claiming Healthy Living’s actions is a brazen attempt to mislead consumers and steal customers from NutriMost. The court hasn’t ruled on the matter. NutriMost is hoping the court will force Healthy Living to stop its illegal practices. NutriMost has quickly gained a foothold in the lucrative weight loss market with its innovative, effective system that has helped a growing number of people to lose a dramatic amount of weight fast and keep it off.

The NutriMost weight loss system was created by Pittsburg native Dr. Ray Wisniewski. The system combines cutting edge science, a deep understanding of the body, and spiritual principles to help people get to and maintain their optimal weight. It works by helping people identify the imbalances in their body that led to their weight gain. The NutriMost system helps to return the body to its natural balance. This leads to the loss of excess weight, the elimination of dangerous toxins, and helps people improve users’ overall health.

The NutriMost Technology is transforming lives by providing the body with exactly what it needs to heal itself. That’s because the plan is tailored to meet the specific problems that led to each person’s weight gain. This enables them to be healthier than they have in years.

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NutriMost Sues Healthy Living for Stealing Its Video

The New York Daily News reported that NutriMost is suing Healthy Living for allegedly stealing a promotional video and putting it on its own website. The video, complete with the same testimonials used by Nutrimost, including testimonials by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, D.C., the founder of NutriMost, was placed on Healthy Living’s website “” with all references to “NutriMost” changed to “Can’t Lose Diet.”

A September cease-and-desist letter from NutriMost resulted in Healthy Living changing the video to a shortened version. It was finally removed in the face of NutriMost’s suit for $300,000 for theft and loss of reputation and goodwill.

Nutrimost Wellness & Weight Loss says it has “The Most Powerful Technology for a Better Life.” The program is the creation of Ray Wisniewski, D.C., a Pennsylvania chiropractor. The program works through a method of balancing hormones, and promises typical weight loss of 25 to 45 pounds of fat in 40 days.

The secret to NutriMost’s system is NutriMost Resonant Frequency technology through a device which relays low-voltage signals. The device is passed over the skin, and fluctuations in skin resistance indicate the body’s needs. The devide has FDA510(k) clearance for measuring glavanic skin response. A scan is created that addresses the body’s organ stressors and suggests the best products to address those stresses.

The program costs approximately $2,000 and includes the scan indicating which organs will affect weight loss, which weight loss/fat loss products balancers are recommended, indicators for the detoxification formula, hormonal formula resonant frequencies, vertebral stressors, a positive belief change affirmation, and preferred foods. Also included are a 96 page manual with explanations and a food plan. Customers attend weight loss consultations and those who see Dr. Wiesnewski receive pastoral counseling for weight loss.

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NutriMost: Cool Under Pressure

NutriMost is one of the most comprehensive weight loss and wellness programs on the market for consumers today. After many years and testimonials that showcase their success, it is only a matter of time before someone else tries to partake in receiving similar wealth and successes.

NurtiMost is suing the company Healthy Living for identity theft of their company. Healthy Living stole the promotional video that one will find when viewing NurtiMost’s home web page. They took the video out of context and replaced certain aspects of the video with their “Can’t Lose Diet” slogan. They also used the exact same testimonials found from users of NutriMost. The claims made by Healthy Living mimicked that of NutriMost and put NutriMost’s reputation under fire. The lawsuit totals over $300,000 for pirating, theft, and for additional damages.

NutriMost System has worked very hard to gain a solid reputation in the eyes of the media and consumers alike. Their products and programs can help individuals lose up to 20-40 pounds over the course of 40 days. These claims are strongly backed by research and trained physicians that specialize in these extreme weight loss measures. Their program is kept safe through vigorous regulations and testing to make sure that there are no threats to one’s health. The program is designed for those who really struggle with being overweight and provides them an answer of how to make it happen.
The “can do” attitude will remain a staple at NutriMost. Small setbacks will not stand in the way of their success. They are constantly developing new programs and tweaking old ones to ensure the absolute best results in the shortest amount of time. If you are looking to lose weight fast and in a safe manner, give NutriMost a shot and bring your “A-Game.”

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NutriMost Has The Best Menus For Everyone

Everyone who has tried to lose weight like me knows that the diet is hardest part. I saw this really great story about a doctor who lost a lot of weight on NutriMost, and then I thought I should give it a look. Anyone who takes a look at their program will see that the program has a simple list of foods that anyone can eat. These foods are easy to make into meals, and a lot of the meals are already put together.

I got inspired to finally lose all the weight I have wanted to lose when I saw how much the doctor lost, and then I remembered that if he can do it anyone can. I am not as busy as a doctor, and I am able to get to the gym when I need to. I started eating just from the menu that was on the NutriMost website, and I have been following it to feed my family. It is a lot cleaner than the food we used to eat. I cleaned up my diet, and my family still loves the food that I serve. I am in the best position to feel better about myself, and I am back into my old clothes.
I am finally losing the weight I wanted to lose, and I feel like I look better every time I walk in front of a mirror. I want to be able to make a change in my life that actually feels good, and I cannot do that unless I am on NutriMost. The plan has me on food that tastes really good, and it is really easy for me to prepare. Everyone who tries this will lose weight, and they can feel just as good as I do in my old clothes.