If You Read This, You Will Understand How White Shark Media Became a Premier SMB Google Partner

As any website owner or small business owner knows, PPC, which stands for Paid Per Click and is the process of getting ads shown in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is a difficult process. Pay Per Click means that you get paid only when someone clicks on your ad. However, setting up campaigns, finding keywords that will be profitable and for which the price for each click won’t be high, and managing campaigns and analytics is a very confusing and time consuming process. That’s where White Shark Media comes into play.



White Shark Media is a PPC management service that is a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner. This partner program includes only hand-picked businesses that deal with PPC management. It is a testament to their expertise and great value to their customers. It means that they have gone through Google’s very difficult and comprehensive training and certification process.



White Shark Media gives out free assessments to any small business that needs it. They will go through all of your needs and assess what types of growth you need and which are the best PPC strategies to make it happen. To their customers, they offer phone and email support. Each customer is assigned a special rep who is in charge of making sure that the company is doing well and is assured of its future progress. There’s no getting lost for its customers, because this special rep is always at their side. In addition, each customer gets their own special Adwords account so that they can understand what is going on more clearly.



If you visit their site, you will be greeted by a chat rep from customer support. You can immediately start chatting with the rep to help you understand what sort of service you can get. The reps are alway friendly and make everything seem simple and clear.



Thousands of customers say that they have benefited greatly from White Shark Media. You can read what their customers are saying about them on their testimonials page. For example, one customer said that their own sales increased by five times since they used White Shark Media. Another customer said that they made one and a half million dollars in sales since they started using them. You can also view, on the same page, case studies on any industry and service and see how White Shark Media has improved the business of their customers.

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White Shark Media: Providing Companies With Effective Marketing Help

White Shark Media is a digital marketing industry leader when it comes to providing small and medium-sized businesses with online marketing solutions uniquely tailored to fit their needs. Founded in 2011, White Shark Media is among North America’s fastest growing digital agencies. That’s because of their proprietary marketing tools, effective marketing tactics, cost-effective search marketing campaigns and the world-class customer experience they provide. They’ve helped thousands of American companies to attain their goals through their innovative marketing strategies.


Tracking Marketing Efforts


Another key to the success of White Shark Media is their commitment to track the marketing efforts of each client. Using tools like proprietary reporting and competitive intelligence software, Google Analytics integration and keyword-level call tracking, the company helps clients monitor the effectiveness of each facet of their marketing strategy monthly. This enables the client to see exactly what is or isn’t working. This level of accountability sets White Shark Media apart.


A World-Class Experience


Founded by three Danish entrepreneurs determined to provide each client with a world-class marketing experience, White Shark Media was build on years of experience with online and offline marketing. Their talented, fully bilingual staff, combined with their offshore and domestic presence and their delivery of outstanding service has enabled clients to benefit from the experience and creativity of the White Shark Media staff. As a result White Shark Media has conquered the growing Latin American and U.S. SMB market and been named among the 29 Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners.


Exponential Growth


In the years since its founding White Shark Media has grown tremendously. Today the company employs over 150 people in three countries. There first client remains with them to this day. That’s because the White Shark staff uses their mastery of Bing Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Display advertising to continue to ensure their clients continue to grow and do well. White Shark Media’s rapid growth led Google to invite the company to Google HQ, assign them a support team and collaborate closely with them to leverage their client needs and their growth.


According to Microsoft.com, White Shark Media is among the few strategic partners able to meet Google’s stringent training and eligibility requirements. Microsoft was so impressed, they have made White Shark Media part of their program for Bing Ads Authorized Resellers. White Shark Media remains committed to providing innovative, results-driven, cost-effective, fully-transparent, flat fee marketing solutions without any contracts.


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Darius Fisher is an Innovative Digital Marketer Says PRWeek

Darius Fisher may have done more for the world of digital marketing than many realize. The editorial staff at PRWeek do understand the trendsetting impact he is having on the industry. The publication named Fisher to its Innovation 50 list, a list that honors people who have made significant contributions to the digital marketing world. Specifically, these are people who have shown to have innovated something new and creative. Fisher’s work in the much-needed field of reputation management definitely falls under the category of innovative. PRWeek wants the whole world to know about it.

Fisher worked in the past as a copywriter, which entails the art of crafting psychologically and emotionally-appealing advertising text. In the modern digital marketing landscape, a great deal of copywriting is intended to support serious online marketing campaigns. With online marketing, branding is very important as good branding helps define a business or entrepreneur in the public’s eye.

Sadly, negative news can reach the search engines. A person’s arrest, financial troubles, personal matters, or embarrassing activities end up being listed in the search engines. Now, damage control is necessary. Reputation management is one way, an effective way, harmed reputations can be fixed.

In 2012, Darius Fisher co-founded the reputation management company Status Labs. From its main headquarters in Austin, TX, Status Labs has helped clients all over the world work on fixing the disastrous scenario of the first page of Google results displaying embarrassing info. A lot of deliberate effort is required to fix search engine woes. Skillful digital marketing strategies are among them and Darius Fisher and his staff know what to do.

Fisher has garnered a lot of press for his work and deservedly so. His approach to reputation management is thoughtful and viable. PRWeek knows this and the magazine has chosen to add his name to a very prestigious industry list. Clients also know this as reflected by the huge volume of revenue Status Labs is generating. 2015 revenue figures revealed massive growth. A company that has served 1,500 clients across the globe definitely is going to generate solid revenues. Darius Fisher’s vision and management skills, innovative skills, contributed greatly to these achievements.

PRWeek knows this and chose to honor him for his success.