Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in for E-Learning

The dynamism in technology has seen the development and transfer of technology to different aspects of life. Today, emerging technologies have led to better treatment methods and thus enhancing the quality of life. Technology has been used to monitor traffic, built self-driven cars that continue to make our roads safer. As a matter of fact, advancement in technology has led to improved living standards, better health care, faster production of foods and market goods among others.


Today, an artificial intelligence system is set to get launched in a French school. The system will get used in the monitoring of the concentration levels in students. The system that goes by the name Nestor employs the use of facial expression to detect the degree of focus. Therefore, the system detects if a student is paying attention to an ongoing lecture. The system launch expects to improve the performance of online students and lecturers. Through the student’s webcams, the system analyzes the eye movements and facial expressions to determine the time the student concentrates on the video lecture.


The artificial intelligence software is set to improve the credibility of e-learning. A classroom system is yet to get developed, but according to Saucet, the progress in its development is on-going. The UN’s World Council of Peoples described its launch as the first AI led class. However, the system is incapable of teaching a course. The lecturer is still supposed to lecture in front of cameras that’s get streamed to students. The system employs the emotion recognition system to determine the levels of concentration.


People advocating for such systems say that the technology may find use when it comes to individual student needs. The system can adapt to specific needs and foster effective studying habits. As it is evident in a recent article about artificial intelligence, researchers envision the system becoming a lifelong companion for learners. However, AI’s rely on loads of personal data. It is therefore paramount to ensure that the students’ data is kept confidential and protected from hackers. The truth is, a system like this stands to improve the quality of education given to online learners.What’s more, this is just the beginning and a lot is expected in the coming years in the field of artificial intelligence.