The Competence of Betsy DeVos in Business and Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is an outstanding business leader who deserves credit due to her significant contribution in the philanthropy world. In 1989, she co-founded a charity organization that is called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and has been using it to reach many people who need her help. The nonprofit has been involved in different types of activities, and they include education, politics, and critical Christian missions. Betsy and her husband have been appreciated for their generosity, and they donated a total of $139 million in 2015. They were recognized among the United States’ top 30 do-gooders.The DeVos Family Foundation has helped various organizations, and the Success Academy Charter Schools are among its primary beneficiaries. In 2015, the couple gave more than $150,000 to facilitate the operation of the group of schools. They also donated $200,000 to the Potter’s House, which is a Christian-based school.

The DeVos family is devoted to assisting the community in every possible way. They have given a lot of money to schools, hospitals, Christian mission, art institutions, and many other organizations. Their generosity has assisted foundations such as Baptists for Life, Center for Individual Rights, and Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center.Apart from being a philanthropist, Betsy currently acts as cabinet secretary of education in President Donald Trump’s government. She managed to be offered to top position due to her tremendous contributions to the United States’ education sector. Mrs. DeVos has always advocated for the provision of equal educational opportunities for all American children despite their backgrounds. She spent about 15 years taking part in the operations of the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Her involvement in the learning institutions enabled her to know how much low-income families strive to ensure that their children have a decent education.

The information that she got motivated her to participate in education reforms in more than 25 states across the country.Before being hired by the Trump administration, Betsy acted as the head of the financial services at the Windquest Group. The firm is owned by her husband, Dick DeVos, who is a Michigan-based businessman and philanthropist. She also served various organizations that included the Mars Hill Bible Church, the Kids Hope USA, and Kendall College of Art and Design. Betsy has a degree in Art from the Calvin College, which is located in Grand Rapids.Mrs. DeVos formerly held different positions in the Republican Party. She joined politics in the 1970s when she was still in college. Betsy once served as a delegate for Michigan to the party. The DeVos family has also been offering resources to support election bids of various candidates who are nominated by the Republican Party. Her husband vied for Michigan governorship position in 2006.

The Amazing and Continued Success of ClassDojo

Technology is changing the way we live our lives and deal with everyday tasks. What used to be difficult tasks are now becoming things that we can complete with the mobile devices in our pockets. Mobile technology has been helping parents stay more connected with their children’s education as well. ClassDojo is a great example of a tech company that is putting the power into parents hands when it comes to interaction with their children’s scholastic progress. Now that daily updates can be sent straight to the parent’s phone with ClassDojo, it is easier for teachers to communicate overall progress to parents instead of only contacting them due to incidents that arise.

With the ClassDojo system, parents will be able to see the progress of their children scholastic and behaviorally. If a child has been dealing with any serious behavioral issues, it will be easy to monitor the daily behavior of this child with daily updates. Parents will also be able to stay on top of their children’s curriculum to better assist them with their homework.

ClassDojo has stood out in the world of education as a leader in parent-teacher technology. Instead of only having parent-teacher conferences every few months, communication between these two parties can be much more regular. It is easy to see why ClassDojo has recently raised $21 million in funding for the growth of their technology. It will be very exciting to see where ClassDojo is headed in the next few years.

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Greatness in Tech

Yesterday, Business Insider released its “Silicon Valley 100” list, a collection of the most powerful, collaborative forces featuring the largest and newest names in the industry. We all read this, but we often don’t talk about the kind of impact achievement and influence like this can have on motivating an entire generation of tech start ups and elementary schoolers taking coding and computer science classes for the first time.

It’s nice to be recognized for the work you do, but ending up on the Silicon Valley 100 list isn’t just about vanity. It’s a statement that what you’re doing is so special and so valuable to the interests of technology that the entire world needs to know who you are. These are people managing massive juggernauts and rapidly growing startups. This list means that you’re making it more than almost anyone you could possibly know.

For those of us who are passionate about the work we’re doing in tech, from investing to development and beyond, being recognized for our work makes us feel good, but it could also be the difference between thousands and thousands of dollars in valuation and profits, so getting on this list is a veritable golden ticket.

I know I want to make it easy for every child in America to have a computer, which is an obvious tech goal, but I also want to use tech to connect poor people to fresh food sources, a more complex goal.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on the Silicon Valley 100 someday.